28 Eye Makeup Looks To Try Now


If you’re in need of some simple eyeshadow looks you found the right post. In this post, we have looked for all season-long such as spring, summer, and beyond. In eye makeup looks, we have simple sunset eyeshadow look, red eyeshadow looks and pink eyeshadow look, and many more. Creative eye shadow looks for the girl on the go.

You will find makeup looks for almost any mood you are in. 

1. Yellow Eyeshadow makeup look

For spring or summer this yellow eyeshadow lookt. Creative unique eye makeup to stand out. Style this with your summer dress and you will look like a fairy. We sometimes want that little magical look we don’t see every day. I love NYX palettes always highly recommended on my lists.

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yellow eyeshadow look
Eye makeup looks with a tribal feel

2. Simple Brats Eyeshadow Looks

For a bold look then up next you will like this. This look has enough drama and the right amount of creativity to be a bomb look. Check out these Bratz makeup looks compilation.

colorful eyeshadow looks

3 . Sunset Eyeshadow Look

You can wear this look at a wedding, it’s a beautiful wedding makeup look. Burnt orange would make it bolder and would be perfect for a fall wedding. The eye makeup look that we can deny is gorgeous with hazel or brown eyes.

sunset eyeshadow look
Glitter eye makeup looks

4 . Rainbow creative eye shadow looks

This look has a rainbow color design and we love it. Sometimes we all just want a makeup look that brings joy. This colorful eyeshadow look is perfect for a festival and some seasonal events.

creative eye shadow looks

5 . Simple Makeup looks with grey and orange

This is sunset eyeshadow look is a stunner, it has a blend of two colors that don’t normally work well together.

sunset eyeshadow look

6 . Fun Eyeshadow Looks

For a fun style, this Sharp liner with a mix of colors and vibrancy. The blend of purple into the copper red.

simple eyeshadow looks

7 . Pink eye makeup looks

Wanting a look that is pink soft and pretty? Then you will like this markup idea, it is a romantic look for valentine’s day. The pink really stands out, it has a mix of pastel and hot pink look.

pink eye makeup looks

8. Heart Pink creative eye shadow looks

Here is another type of creative look for valentines. This beautiful makeup has two hearts at the top side of the eyes. Pink shadow with light glitter, you can wear this to the prom also.

Pink eye makeup looks

9. Red Heart Shape Eyes Makeup Looks

This next makeup has the shape of a heart like an eye shadow with a gold outline. There is something playful about this art.

red eye makeup looks

10 . Stunning Everyday Makeup Look

This next makeup is suitable for all occasions, it is a really stunning look. This is a dark red and brown look, that really goes well with blue eyes. If you have green or blue eyes this makeup look could be worth trying.

beautiful eye makeup

11. Colorful eyeshadow looks

If you want something bold and bright this next look is perfect. This look would suit your carnival needs.

colorful eyeshadow looks

12. Long lashes soft glam touch

This next eye makeup look is glamorous and I can see this being popular among many women. Be sure to have your brows done neatly as hers and you will be set.

Eye Makeup Looks

13 . Nude Makeup Eyeshadow Looks

To get this look shop the cover shot eye palettes here. If you are about minimalism this look will be perfect for you. Its basically look like your skin with brows and wing enhanced.

Eye Makeup Looks

14 . Blu Glitz Eye shadow Makeup

Wanting a look with glitter? Here is how you can slay your next Smokey blue makeup look. The palette I recommend comes with many different colors some glittery with UV glow.

15. Neutral eye makeup looks

I love this look and it gives me an Ariana Grande vibe too. If you are looking for a beautiful effortless look this should inspire you. If you recreate this look share it with us.

16 . Pink Water drop glitter makeup

This eye makeup is pretty and it will stand out at any party. I think it is appropriate for almost any event. So go ahead and give it a try today.

17 . White creative eye shadow looks

Shape white wings with rhinestones making a line. This makeup looks to match her finger and that is pretty cool.

creative eye shadow looks

18 . Full Glitter Makeup Look

This next look may seem a bit over the top for some but it is surely memorable. The look has 4 dominant colors, burnt orange, baby pink, hot pink, and blue in the eye corners.

19 . Bronze makeup for the eyes

This next look is paired with soft brows that look natural. The look is innocent but not boring. Simple eyeshadow looks with bold burgundy red color lipstick. The eyes have a bronze glitter shadow that goes well with her skin.

beautiful eye makeup

20. Sunset eyeshadow look

I love this next look so much, the sunset eyeshadow look can go well with any eye color. Get your brows groom

beautiful eye makeup

21. Beautiful Springtime eye makeup look

To embrace a season we sometimes change our makeup to look like it. If you are feeling like a fairy princess in spring here is eye makeup to match that mood.

22 . Lovely Yellow Glow Simple Eyeshadow Looks

I love how this next makeup powder blends into her skin. The look is highly pigmented and looks great and would look good on any type of skin. Simple eyeshadow looks such as this one is a perfect example that it doesn’t take much to look great. This makeup uses a simple color with a gold line crease in between the yellow.

23. Spring creative eye shadow looks

If you are ever curious you could use bold color under your eyes. The next eye makeup look has a peach color over the eye lid and yellow underneath. The little dots add a creative touch as well.

beautiful eye makeup

24 . Glitter Liner Makeup

For creative makeup looks this next one should be considered. I love how the glitter is used to form a wing above the eyes. The single rhinestone underneath the eye is also a pretty touch to complete this look.

eye makeup looks
Eye makeup looks

25 . Sunshine yellow Eye Makeup Looks

This is a favorite among my friends, sunset eyeshadow looks with a tribal touch.

sunset eyeshadow look

26. Emoji creative eye shadow looks

If you are feeling creative check out the video below.

27. Pearl white and Burnt Orange

The next eye makeup look is pretty and doll up. I love how the pearl white is on the inner crease, and orange and gold on the outer. I also love the underneath orange it reminds me of fall. The shadow I recommend lays on the eye easily and has a lot of positive reviews from the customers.

creative makeup looks

28. Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes without being super dark, the look is stunning. The colors bring out the eye color and the long lashes enhance the whole look.

simple eyeshadow looks

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simple eyeshadow looks

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