14 Gorgeous Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes


If you have brown eyes then you know it’s pretty like pure honey. Here are stunning makeup ideas for brown eyes that will complement you.

You are lucky to be able to pull off so many different colors, shades mean there is no wrong color for your eyes. These brown eye makeup ideas will enhance your beautiful eye color.

1 . Matte Lips and Sharpe Eyes

Makeup ideas for brown eyes like this one is a light matching the natural skin tone. The eye shadow is a little darker tone of brown and the matte lips. Matte lips have been quite popular lately and this look is flawless.

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Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

2 Monochromatic Natural brown Makeup Looks

To pull this look off it’s good to match your skin tone with makeup. If you are feeling this look it’s easy to copy and it’s just like highlights.

Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Image source fentybeauty

3. Brown Eyeshadow and Natural Lip

If you are looking for the perfect fall makeup looks then consider this one. Dark brown eye polish in the crease of the eyes and a lighter shade at the center. The look is finished with a natural pink matte finish lipstick.

4. Super Model Look

This look is subtle with brown-toned makeup. Using darker brown below the eyelids and Lighter in the crease and above. The face contours naturally and finishes with brown matte lipstick.

Source patrickta

5. Nude Lipstick Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

This next makeup has nude lips with dark lip liner to create beauty. To have natural-looking makeup that you can wear every day.

source: makeupshayla

6. Pretty Purple Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

If you’re looking for a certified Autumn makeup look, you can keep your summer color a little longer. Purple eye shadow is a wonderful color you can enjoy all year round. The style is made with matte purple on the lower eyelids and shimmer purple on the upper color.

7 . Bold Red

There is absolutely nothing that can look bad on Zendaya but this is a flawless m Ideas for brown eyes girls. Beautiful coral shimmer, soft blush makeup with red lips.

Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Image Via Zendaya

8. Touch of Sun and Freckles

Who used to think freckles were ugly? A lot of women are now creating fake freckles and they look stunning. If you dont have freckles simply draw them on using a freckle pen over your foundation. The look is adorable and if you are already blessed with freckles enjoy it.

Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

9. Rainbow Eyeshadow Ideas for brown eyes

If you want to go with all your favorite colors why not, your brown eyes will pop.

eyeshadow ideas for brown eyes

10. Colorful Bold Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Wanting your makeup to stand out with vibrant bold colors? Then give this eye shadow a try.

Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

mage Via niniluvsmakeup

11. Bronze Smokey Eye

Use bronze eyeshadow shades to create a smokey eye look. Bronze colors complement brown eyes well and bring out the dark honey in them.

Bronze Smokey Eye

12. Gold and Brown

When you use Gold and Brown shadows together to create a warm, earthy look that complements brown eyes. Gold adds a brightening effect while brown adds depth and definition.

Gold and Brown

13. Smudge eyeliner

Try the smudge eyeliner technique to create a smoky effect that enhances the natural shape of your eyes. This is a lovely idea for classy or formal events.

smudge eyeliner

14. Subtle Gold and Matte Pink

Gold and matte pink are beautiful color combinations that can create a subtle yet sophisticated look.

Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Which of these makeup ideas for brown eyes are you going to try? A quick note, these are just my suggestions, and you should feel free to experiment with different colors and techniques to find what works best for you!

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