How to Style Shag Haircut Best Tips and Ideas

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How to Style Shag Haircut, These are a few of the best ways and products that will give you an idea of how to style your hair in a shaggy style.

The shag haircut has been a fan favorite since the 70s, This haircut was so popular among rockstars.

Shaggy haircuts come in different textures and shades, like wavy hairstyles for women, short shag haircuts, and even long shag hair.

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Shag haircuts as been making a comeback, especially among older women, so this might be your chance to try the haircut and see if it’s for you.

There is a list of shag cuts for everyone and every hair type, from curly hair to straight hair even long and short hair.

This list will give you a few shag haircut ideas and a list of the best products that will help you style your natural texture hair for a gorgeous finish.

How to Style Shaggy Hair Cut

Let’s put a twist to modern shag haircuts with the right products to give us that classic shag look.

Crazy cute shag hairstyle idea with beautiful blonde hair color that looks stunning with the haircut.

This is a stunning long-shag haircut idea and looks perfect with blonde hair.

There are a few ways to style shaggy hair cuts but one of the best and quickest ways to style shag hair long are short is to use a hair product.

How to Style Shag Haircut

When styling shaggy hair long, short, or medium length, the best thing to use is hair-textured agents like the ones I am about to list.

But you can also use a hot comb, flat iron, other hair tools, and even hair gel to get the shag hairstyle that you have been wanting.

Flat iron Example

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Products to Style Shag Hair

Hair texturizing agents -These are the top 3 texturing agents that will give your hair the best chance to stay and look shaggy.

Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13

Products to style Shaggy Hair Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13

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TRESemmé 5 in 1 Texture Spray

Tresemmé has a lot of great hair products but this texturizing spray has many benefits we all need.

TRESemmé 5 in 1 Texture Spray

First of all, this is an amazing texturizing agent, but it does more than set your hair. It gives heat protection, it delivers grip and strength to the hair.

It transforms flat hair, softens, and makes hair easier to style.

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Dry Wax Spray

The Dry wax spray is great for Controlling and separating hair, this makes it easier to style the hair so you can add waves are other hairstyles to your haircut.

Dry Wax Spray

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How to style

Pick the hair product you choose, wash it, and dry it. This will help when styling and will always keep your hair healthy and happy.

Apply Hair Texturizer, this should dampen your hair a little, Now twist, flat iron, curl, or add waves.

The choice is yours and when done to your liking just dry with a dryer and let the hair set.

I would recommend using a finishing spray are setting spray after you achieve the look you want. TRI Aerogel Hair Spray Extra Hold – Firm Finishing

Short Shag Haircut

Shaggy hairstyles will bring out your facial features wild maintaining a Modern shag style, most time shorter hairstyles will give a simpler shag spiky look but shag hair will work on any hair and texture.

thick hair is great for styling shag because of the volume it has but thin hair can also have a gorgeous shag cut so use your best products and get the hairstyle that you want.

short shaggy haircut

Medium-length shag haircut with bang

Choppy layers, with choppy ends, and dry hair, look amazing when cut in the right hairstyle.

Some people think that hair only comes in two lengths long and short but medium or shoulder-length hair can keep up with the other two when showcased in the right way.

Medium length shag haircut with bang

Textured shaggy cut with curtain bangs

It’s always great to see healthy natural hair texture, curly shaggy cute medium hair.

Textured shaggy cut with curtain bangs

Long Wavy Hair

Styling shaggy curly wavy hair isn’t that hard it just takes know-how and these are beautiful examples of how to style long shaggy hair

Long Wavy Hair

Pixie with Bang Blonde Shag

Gorgeous Shorter Layers Shaggy Hair Cut, This is your surefire way to get a stunning Taylor Swift haircut with minimal effort.

Stunning blond pixie-cut, short spikey hair.

Pixie cut with bang Blonde shag

Shorter Layers Shaggy Hair Cut

Short hairstyles have always been an easy way to showcase your facial features, It is the same with wet hair, you can use wet hair to show off your hair texture.

When combining both wet and short you get the advantage of both.

Using simple methods like this is not only a great way to show new hairstyles it’s a good way to put a modern twist to your hair.

Shaggy Hair Cut

Wavy hair Choppy Bangs

Blonde wavy choppy bangs aren’t a new hairstyle, in fact, it is something that the old rockstars used to do.

But the classic is always a good place to start and this shag cut is one of my favorites.

Wavy bang hairstyle

Side Bangs Long Shag hair

Most of the new shag gives off a vintage hairstyle look even the extra texture of hair.

Let’s check out this side bang long hair, this is an easy style to duplicate using damp hair.

Focus on the smaller things, use a curling iron, and the products listed to get hairstyles like this.

Side bang Long Shag hair

Shag Edgy Blonde

Hair trend in an edgy look for any hair color is something we all try to achieve.

You do not need to be a hairstylist with years of experience to create cool creative hairstyles like this.

Shag Edgy Blonde

Short Shaggy Bob

Every Great hairstyle comes with a big change and this is a well-cut shag hairstyle.

Not everyone will want to cut their medium-to-long hair but short can be a versatile cut.

short shaggy bob

Brown Hair Shag Haircut women

Natural colors loose waves and long layered hairstyle are different ways to cut and care for different hair textures of different lengths and create style.

Some of the best features of your hair are the natural look and feel of your hair, its always a great idea to keep hair in the natural state for a healthier look and feel.

Long Shag Hair

Short Shag Haircut Ideas

Wolf cut, Short shag, choppy bang, and bob cut are all different short hair looks that can give and create something new with short hair.

These are all fairly fun hairstyles and will look great with most face shapes, so give them a try.


Puffy Shag wavy with Bang

Create natural curls when you wet and curl your natural waves into the shag waves /curls that are just stunning.

Medium or long hair is best to create side-swept bangs. Take into account that side swept doesn’t go great with fine hair.

Puffy Shag with Bang

Shag haircut cropped blonde

Blonde cropped bob short and cute haircut idea. This is a cute short-cropped bob blonde and simple but cute in every way.

Shag haircut cropped blonde

Shoulder-length haircut with purple-pink tips Shaggy Bob

Short shoulder-length cut with pink and brown colored tips.

Spring and summer are about to turn up, but one of the best ways to get an early start is to start coloring your hair tips.

Shoulder-length haircut with purple-pink tips Shaggy Bob

Create the perfect color-shag look with some of the most amazing hair colors for spring/ summer.

Spikey Short Shag

Every pixie cut starts with a vision and this short pixie cut was made to fit and look wonderful.

Spikey shag short

Everyone has their own idea of what a pixie cut should look like, but even though they are all different hairstyles they all have the pixie cut idea behind the hairstyle.

inverted bob Short Shag

Bob cut will always be a haircut that even the movie starts with, this is a very professional haircut that also gives a unique boho mature look.

inverted bob Short Shag

Inverted bob has become very popular among older businesswomen but this is a combination of both inverted bob and shag shorts.

Long Curly haircuts

Long wavy haircut for black women cut in a messy shag, that shows off all the curls and waves of the hair.

Long Curly haircuts

Shaggy Hair Cut comes in many different textures and looks this is a beautiful hair texture with a curly shag haircut.

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