17 Western Cowgirl Outfit Ideas 2024

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Are you looking for fresh modern cowgirl outfit inspiration? You can continue to read for the best ideas for you. Here we have gathered 17 best cowgirl outfit ideas, you can buy some of the items by clicking on the links.

In fashion, the cowgirl outfit has been around for a long time but has recently gained more popularity. You can see a lot of influencers and fashion blogs showcasing many different ways to style these looks.

We could choose from a modern cowgirl outfit, a space cowgirl outfit, a western cowgirl outfit, and even a disco cowgirl outfit. Also, you can choose these for many occasions because of their neutral feel.

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Women choose to wear cowgirl clothing for events such as Halloween, photoshoots birthday ideas, parties, weddings, and even vacations. We also have some classy cowgirl outfits that you are looking for.

This post will be a cool way for you to get different ideas to style your look. We have also added some outfits from famous fashion stores and brands online.

Modern Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

1. Party Flare

Modern ways how to dress like a cute cowgirl by combining items from your regular closet. This black butterfly top with black skort and purple boots for a pop of color.

How to Dress Like a Cute Cowgirl

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2. Beach Beige Loose Knit Midi Dress

If you are feeling the beach vibe but still keeping the Western girl style. These next looks are for you and the neutral color makes it chic.

Modern cowgirl outfit

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3. What does a cowgirl wear? check out this Burgundy Red Mixed Print Dress

Simple ways you can use your midi dress to look flawless.

Modern cowgirl outfit

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4. Spirit Silver Rhinestone Pointed Toe Ankle Booties

Here is a white ankle boot you can get with rhinestones for your next rodeo. You can wear these with any color of clothes.

Spirit Silver Rhinestone Pointed Toe Ankle Booties

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5. Chic Modern cowgirl outfits with Dad Shirt

This is a cool chic way for a professional woman who wants to incorporate some country in her style. The neutral and white combination makes a rich look.

chic cowgirl outfits

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6. Texas Motto Belt Cowgirl Modern Outfit

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7. Cowgirl Shorts

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8. Plaid Shacket

The plaid shirt is an easy choice when you ask yourself, how to dress like a cowgirl. Grab a hat or any jeans pants and combine them with a plaid shirt or scarf.

How To Dress Like A Cowgirl

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9. Cute Ladies Western Style Boots

This is how you can recreate this simple style by using a white romper and your favorite western boots.

Modern cowgirl outfit

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Image source thevintageemmie

10. Western Style with Leather Pants

Cowgirl outfits for women with leather and boots. These tops used to be popular back in the 2000s and they are making a comeback in fashion.

Modern cowgirl outfit


11. Cowgirl Outfits for Woman with Flair

If you are looking for Nashville outfit ideas for your next southern trip.

cowgirl outfits for woman

12. Embroidered Waist Pants + Hat

Next is this western party outfit for ladies that are not over the top, wide-leg pants and a turtle neck. This is how you can rock your wide-leg jeans with boots this year.

cowgirl outfits for woman

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13. White Graphic Tee Modern Cowgirl Outfit with Skirt

Modern cowgirl outfit with graphics tee, long skirt, and sun hat.

long skirt and graphics tee Modern cowgirl outfit

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14. Bandana, and Plaid

This is one of the modern ways to enjoy the Western style without diving into much. These outfits with jeans will look good for any Western party you are planning to attend.

Modern cowgirl outfit with jeans and a plaid shirt

15. Fringe Sweatshirt

Oversize fringe with long sleeves and this will give the Western aesthetic.

cowgirl outfit for plus size

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16. space cowgirl outfit

Althought Halloween is far from now but choosing a space cowgirl outfit for a costume party. Get something neon to help you achieve this space cowgirl style.

space cowgirl outfit

17. Western Shirt

This next look is a classy cowgirl fashion and it is easy to copy with the modern look.

cowgirl fashion with shirt

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So which of these cowgirl outfit ideas are you going to get? There are plenty of ideas

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