18th Birthday Ideas For a Special Day | 36 Fun Things

It may be a little hard coming up with 18th Birthday Ideas because there are so many options and it is such a special birthday. You are still too young to do other events and you are too old for kid-like celebrations. This post has also 18th birthday gift ideas and things to do on your 18th birthday.

Turning 18 is a rite of passage to becoming an adult. This is something we all imagine, how it will be, and what we should do. At this point in your life, you may want to have new adventures, visit new places, maybe get your first tattoo, trying fun new and interesting things.

Planning a big party, a spa day, a shopping spree, gift ideas, maybe a trip with close friends. This is an exciting moment in your life as you get ready for a new chapter. With this list, we have compiled a few fun things you can do, activities, themes, and decorations.

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18th Birthday Ideas, Gift Ideas, Party Decoration

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18th Birthday Ideas


1. Rose Gold Big Giant Jumbo Number

A large balloon is good for all occasions and this has a beautiful rose color.

This is one decoration you can’t go wrong with when it comes to a birthday celebration, this is a safe decoration for girls.

balloon 18th Birthday Ideas

2. Sash and Tiara for Girls

If you are feeling yourself go all out as the princess you are.

It is the perfect idea for any birthday girl! You will have a cute look that won’t cost much and leave you feeling extra special.

18th Birthday Ideas

3. Banner 18th Birthday Ideas

Birthday banners are a big trend these days for parties. Keeping a classic decoration as a part of your birthday celebration without doing too much. 18th-birthday ideas such as this one are a good way of staying current and classic at the same time.

18th Birthday Ideas

4. Balloon Arch

The balloon arch is an easy 18th birthday party decoration that you can totally DIY. When you create these you make a simple party look professional. I recommend this and I am sure you won’t regret it!

18th Birthday Ideas

5. Set Up A Birthday Party Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth for your party doesn’t have to be over the top but it is a nice essential idea for any 18th birthday party. This is where you can bring your balloon arch into play. This arch kit makes it good for all those people who want to DIY. This is a perfect backdrop for your photos and making memories with your friends.

18th Birthday Ideas

6. 18th Birthday Ideas Donut Grow Up Display

If you have been looking for decoration ideas you will come across Donuts are quite in. I have seen donuts at parties, especially for adults some are even all donut-themed.

Getting a light-color display such as this one can make the birthday girl feel a little more special.

7. 18th birthday cake topper

A cake topper can make a cake look and says so much. Getting a nice glitz cake topper that suits your personality is best. If you are creative and have a likenes for crafting you can easily DIY or just purchase it from Amazon.

8. 18th Birthday Ideas Hanging photos of memory

This decoration is appropriate for any event or occasion, they are all the rage. When it comes to 18th birthday party ideas there are plenty of ideas to choose from. These I love so much because you get to share your memories of old photos and look how fun it looks also.

You should think of incorporating this in such an event that will be memorable for you and your guests.

9. Pretty cake topper silhouette lady

10. “Time to Adult Banner”

This birthday decoration has some humor to it and it’s true. Reaching this stage in life is worth celebrating and this banner helps showcase just that.

12. Wish Jar 18th birthday ideas

After becoming an adult, I think you will need all the good wishes you could get :). I love what this adds to the birthday and it is also a nice activity. I am sure you will get a nice smile reading what your friends and family have to say.



13. Stunning Jewelry

A meaningful birthday gift to celebrate a big milestone. Every girl loves jewelry and the thought behind this one is powerful.

These can make you feel fancy and cool every time you wear them. This is an awesome gift to consider for such a day.

14. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Wireless Earbuds

These are cute and the birthday girl will appreciate them. These are so useful, I use mine all the time. This one is great if you don’t have a deep pocket but want a started air pod. These look stylish, and cute, and won’t break the bank.

With over 10k ratings, I think it is worth giving a try.

15. Workout Fits

Getting a new workout set is always welcome, especially for an active girl. For a 18 year old who is thinking of getting fit this is a nice gesture as well. This set comes in 3 pieces so you can feel as comfortable as possible in different weather.

This is a nice Amazon workout outfit, they sell some cute pieces and are inexpensive. I love these sometimes I wear them even when I am not working out, just comfortable attire.

So if you are looking for an 18th birthday gift idea, this is with it.

18th Birthday Ideas

16 . Designer Bag and Wallet

Getting a designer bag or wallet may not be something the birthday girl can afford. This is why this would make a great gift, she will feel super special. Coming up with 18th birthday gift ideas may not seem easy but this is perfect.

This is one of the most trendy designer bags at the moment.

17. Apple AirPods Pro

Here is another Airpod that has over 248k ratings, amazing right? I think for an 18th birthday gift idea, it will be appreciated. I gave one of these to my cousin as her high school graduation gift and she loves it.

This Apple Airpods Pro is more on the expensive end compared to the one listed earlier but it’s worth it.

Apple AirPods Pro

18. Tartelette Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup is a nice gift idea for beauty lovers, so consider this when buying. This gift is not only cute but it is affordable and you didn’t have to break the bank to treat yourself.

This is a neural palette makeup that looks glam on all skin. The fact that it is matte I love it and matte makeup is trending right now.


19. Coffee Latte Aesthetic Collage Kit

This is a cool decoration post for a college girl dorm wall idea.

20. Perfume

What is a complete outfit without a signature scent?

To your 18th birthday ideas list, this is a great gift for any girl. Perfume is one of my favorite gifts to receive and give. The Daisy Love has made the popular perfume list among Gucci and Chanel brands.

21. A Fancy Princess-Style Jewelry Box

This is a sweet gift for teenage girls and 18th birthday ideas. This is something that can last you for a long time beyond 18 years old. The design is very pretty and this color is flattering in light pink.

A Fancy Princess Style Jewelry Box gift idea

22. Getting a tattoo

Now that you are 18, you may feel it’s time to get inked!

This will be a tattoo the birthday girl will remember. If you are not sure what to get, simple minimalist tattoo ideas are the perfect first choice. This is one of the popular choices by teens to get together sometimes sisters.

23. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

This Revlon brush is the perfect 18th birthday gift for girls who look doing their hair. This is popular with over 300k ratings on Amazon and it does live up to the hype.

I got one of these when they first came out and it gives my hair volume I couldn’t complain and it is budget-friendly.

24. Fluff UGG Slippers 18th Birthday Ideas

This gift idea is not only cute but something she will use. These are cozy and especially useful in colder climates. The Ugg slippers are trending again and will make the birthday girl happy if she doesn’t already have a pair.

I recommend these because they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They have a nice strap at the back to keep your foot secure inside them. So if you want to keep in the trend Ugg Fluff Yeah Sandal slippers are perfect.

18th Birthday Ideas


25. Go To The Club

Now that you are 18 you may feel it’s time to hit up the club. Going clubbing is an adult thing and now that you are officially 18 you are free to. You have your club outfit ready and your squad to embrace this new thing with you.

You and your friends can hit the dance floor and dance the night away. If you are looking for something more maybe even hit the strip club.

26. Go On a Trip

Going on a trip with friends or family is a perfect way to create lasting memories. A simple road trip to another state, go somewhere tropical like the Caribbean, maybe Europe is more your thing. Road trips are cheaper compared to traveling outside the country. So this depends on your pocket but whichever is good.

You will be creating memories either way.

27. Go Camping

Do you love outdoor adventures or maybe just feel like trying something new for your 18th birthday? Some first-timers just want to take their celebration outdoors with nature. Also if you are on a budget this is a cheap way to spend your special day.

Get your tent-building skills up, light a fire, and tell stories while enjoying cocoa.

28. Dinner and a Movie

Although this may seem like something you would do on the 16th it’s still fun on the 18th. If you are a chill person maybe a dinner and a movie is a great option. There are plenty of good movies for you to choose from.

You can see a movie you always wanted to see and then have dinner after. This is a perfect bonding time to spend with your family and friends.

29. Beach or Pool Party

Depending on the time of the year your birthday is, consider a Pool or beach party. If your birthday is in the warmer months such as the summer months then this is highly recommended. There are plenty of beaches that offer a great seafood menu for you and your guests to enjoy.

A pool party can be an elegant or a casual celebration. You can have a swim party with some delicious mocktails. For food, hot dogs, hamburgers, and barbeque are recommended. You can’t go wrong with a pool party.

If you decide on the beach you can light a bonfire and play music and enjoy your moment under the stars.

30. Shopping Spree

This is the ultimate dream for most girls, your 18th birthday is your chance to go over the top. So maybe there is a store you have been eyeing to get your favorite birthday dress, maybe designer bags. If you are a teen on a budget look out for sales so you can get more value for your money. Buy yourself a nice new outfit, with complimentary shoes, purses, and jewelry to match.

31. 18th Birthday Mocktails Party Ideas

The legal age to drink alcohol is 21, so that is another three years. So a mocktail party is just as cool, you can still have a good time. Create a unique mix with sodas and juices or follow some classic recipes. Pinterest has some of the best drink ideas for the 18th birthday or any other occasion.

32. A birthday Party

This may seem cliche but it is still a popular choice to go with a simple birthday party. This allows you to have all your family and friends in your house and backyard to celebrate with you. This can be a nice mix of people you know and new ones.

If you are thinking of going up a notch, maybe get an upscale theme and dinner. Your birthday should be special and something you want to do. You can choose to have a big party but a small intimate one is perfect with the closest people to you. Although I am sure there are plenty of party themes to consider the main thing is to have fun and make wonderful memories.

33. Amusement Park

Going to an Amusement park is still a nice idea especially if you have a group of friends to celebrate with. The amusement park makes you feel like a kid on your adult day. You will make some great memories with your friends going on fun rides.

34. Spa Day

Things to do on your 18th birthday such as going to the spa for a day of relaxation. Sometimes becoming an adult can feel stressful, but this can be a way to soothe the stress away. Treat yourself to a fresh mani, hot stone massage, and facial.

If you are looking to save money you can gather your friends and have the spa day at your house instead. Get some home DIY recipes such as Aloe Vera hair mask, home facials, and mani.

35. Go To A Concert

This is also a good idea but it may not be as planned as others on the list could be. Be sure to get tickets way ahead to make sure you get good seats. If the concert is out of state don’t forget to book a hotel or Airbnb a few days ahead.

35. Go Sightseeing

If there were places in your town or city you may have wanted to see but never gotten the chance. This is another great thing to do on your 18th birthday sightsee. Look up some famous landmarks using google. You can choose to go on a tour bus, get a guide, or want to be more adventurous and DIY.

This post showed you 36 of the best 18th-birthday ideas

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