16 Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles To Try in 2024


Cute rubber band hairstyles are the perfect youthful and playful selection for girls wanting to add some pretty touch to their hair. You can add them to your ponytail, braids, and many other hairstyles. Today I will share some colorful ways to style your hair for spring, and summer making cute hairstyles with rubber bands.

These hairstyles are pulled into different sections and patterns with rubber bands. These can be small, large, or a blend of both. This style was popular in the ’90s and early 2000 but has made its way back again like most things in fashion. I love these looks because of how vibrant they look and all the creativity you can add to them. You can be bold with colorful hair and or more subtle with black or something matching your hair color.

1. Easy Hairstyles With Rubber Band Hairstyle

The first hairstyle is not only cute but trendy and easy to do. The hair is part right down the middle in a large zig-zag pattern to create two sleek buns with a rubber band design at the front. The bands are multicolor and the sections are made in a triangle parting.

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natural hair rubber band hairstyles

Source: @browngirlshair

2. High Ponytail Rubber Band Hairstyle

Cute hairstyles like this add a real vibrancy to the whole hair. I love this with box braids for long natural hair. If you have natural hair this style will look super cute on you. When it’s placed on long braids you will get that 90s touch we mentioned earlier. In this style the elastic bands are placed at different parts of the hair and at the front of the style there are bright color clips.

high ponytail rubber bands

3. Cute Elastic Half up Half Down

Rubber bands on curly hair, the black elastic is more modest than the colored ones. If you are looking for creative ways to make your style look pretty this is a nice half up half down hairstyle for black women.

4. Braids in a High Bun

Rubber band updo hair can be quite creative, freestyle the sections you want to put bands in. To make your edges look fabulous you may need an edge control gel, and edge brush. The style is super pretty and good for girls with any length of hair.

hairstyles with rubber bands

Image @kishacarib

4. Rubber Band Hairstyle for Medium Natural Hair

Next is an ideal hairstyle for medium-length hair women and girls. The girls are fluff in the back and the ununiform curl pattern looks amazing. You can do Bantu knout out to achieve this style if you don’t want to use heat. Alternatively, if you don’t mind some heat go ahead and use a curling iron but the style may not look as cute as a person with naturally curly hair.

natural hair rubber band hairstyles

5. Pretty Easy Curls and Natural Styling

You can do this style on a fresh wash-n-go with a little Eco-styler gel to keep the curls in place. The curls are not all the same pattern which makes them lovely. The elastic rubber band hairstyle pulls the hair in 8 small 4 sections and then creates a crisis cross look.

easy rubber band hairstyles for natural hair

6. 90s Aesthetic Hairstyle

Rubber band hairstyles suit all ages, so even if you are looking for a high school hairstyle this is a nice option. This style is so adorable it can be worn by both children and adults. The style is made up of two buns, and four sections of hair pulled by rubber bands that go into the buns.

The buns are decorated with sweet butterfly clips. You can recreate this look using the same pastel colors a more subtle look in black plastic and butterflies.

90s Aesthetic Hairstyle

Source: @kishacarib

7. Sleek Rubber Band Hairstyle on Straight Hair

The sleek ponytail is something to be admired and if you love them then you will enjoy this next style. This is taking your basic ponytail from one level to the next. This is a stylish crisis cross style that you can do yourself. The beauty of this style can be dressed up or casual depending on your mood.

rubber band hairstyles straight hair

Source: @mixedbeautybar

8. Rubber Band Straight Ponytail Hairstyle

The mix of the cornrow and the multi-pattern rubber band design. The colorful elastic bands help to create a bold style on these sleek and high ponytail hairstyles. This style is enjoying the best of both worlds with the braided side and the rubber bands. You may need to braid in extra -long extensions to create this ponytail.

Rubber Band Straight Ponytail Hairstyle

9. Criss Cross Rubber Band Style

The next hairstyle is pretty with a braided weave. The style is edgy and glam for girls who are bold and fashion-forward. The top ponytail is made into a long thick ponytail, the top part of the hair is braided and the side is done in a crisis cross rubber band design. The edges are laid and the style is elegant. This style is perfect for parties, clubs, and proms.

Criss Cross Rubber Band style with Long Braided Ponytail

Source: @melishouxx

10. Cute Rubber Band Pigtail Hair

This next hairstyle is so pretty, it makes me feel to get myself some pigtails right now. Girly and fun white rubber band for any age. The look is simple as its parts are down the middle and made of diagonal sections that are held with white rubber bands. The hair is then pulled into two pigtails and twisted down to the end. The Dutch braid effect without actually being such braids.

11. Simple Hairstyle Side Braids

This next style is another trendy look, where girls make cornrows at the side. Four braids are halfway done at the side and secured by black rubber bands. Letting the rest of the hair out in pretty loose curls. You can recreate this look easily if you already know how to make your own braids.

12. Accessorized Criss Cross Rubber Band with Cuffs

Next rubber band hairstyles, your hair can be even more accessorized with the help of hair cuffs and pink extensions. This style is mix-matched with cornrows and crisis-crossed hairbands style. The style looks neat and the messy bun is also a modern touch. To copy this style you will need a braided cuff and crochet hair.

cute rubber band hairstyles

13. Bold Updo

If you want to make a statement here is a bold way to go about it. This updo rubber band hairstyle is a bit complicated looking. With all that aside the look is amazing, the hair is split and sectioned into box parts. The sections are tied together to create a work of art. Stand out with this look as it’s not the easiest to do.

cute rubber band hairstyles

14. Curly hair for Short Hair

This next style is also ideal for short hair, and a pretty sleek rubber band look. The main feature of this style is to show off your hair’s natural curl pattern and define curls. The rubber band creates a well-uniform and defined pattern in the front.

Create the patterns in triangles and boxes then twist the hair together. Then you can choose to add beads to enhance the style or keep it minimal. Use finishing sprits or spray to hold your curls in place and add shine to the hair. This dream look is perfect for weddings, proms, and other special occasions.

Short hairstyle idea

15. High Knot Bun Half Up Half Down Rubber Band Hairstyle

Cute rubber band hairstyles are versatile, trendy, and sophisticated as well. The bun is a low-maintenance style and the half-up and half-down is elegant. The rubber band style is creative and easy to do. Perfect for the days you don’t have a lot of time. The style is flattering and cool enough for a lunch date, college, or other social outings among your peers.

High Knot Bun Half Up Half Down Rubber Band Hairstyle

16. Stunning Hairstyle

This charming hairstyle is adorable for girls who looking for a style for an elegant event. Additionally, the colorful rubber bands draw attention to your face and as well as the hairstyle. You will need colorful rubber bands and edge control.

Pretty rubber band hairstyle

I hope you were able to find a rubber band hairstyle to do this year!

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