20 Slimming Haircuts for Chubby Faces


Looking for new short haircuts for chubby faces women. Being overweight makes some women even more self-conscious. Beauty standards are changing each day the old ways will soon be gone. Lots of plus-size women dominate the beauty industry, making a name for themselves.

These short hairstyles for round face shape will make you absolutely beautiful but you have to already believe that you are. Haircut for chubby face is stylish and no one says you can’t rock these styles we have gathered.

Here are twenty short haircuts for chubby face girls. Also, check out short haircuts for round face

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Side Swept Bang Short Hair for Chubby Face

This hairstyle is cute and it gives the appearance of a slimmer face. A side-swept bang on a pixie cut covers a portion of a round face. This idea may seem basic but it is effective when styling short hair. Choosing the right elegant hairstyle for mature women.

short haircuts for chubby faces

Thinking of Where to Part Your Hair?

The center or a light side part is good for a round face. Part the hair and create a casual look. You can deeper side part it also creates the illusion of a slender face and carved jawline.

short hair for chubby face

Short hair for a chubby face can look elegant and beautiful. This gorgeous hairstyle is with a nice long choppy bang.

round face shape

Chubby girl haircuts with Bang

Bob is a popular choice for everyone and looks great either way. A bob with a side bang will take away the focus of your chubby cheeks and create a slime-looking face.

haircut for chubby face

Short hair for a chubby face blonde with dark roots

This short haircut for chubby faces is for women with ashy blonde hair and dark roots. This hairstyle will look great under the summer sun, longer in the front and short in the back.

haircut for chubby face

Pixie Haircut On Round Face

Straighten your hair and add hair products to keep it straighter and longer. If you want more voluminous hair you can use a moos like this one here.

chubby girls with short hair

Platinum blonde haircuts for fat faces

Choosing a low crop is always a good option, and everyone is loving the white hair dye now.

chubby girls with short hair

Vibrant Red Low cut with bang

I love these short haircuts for chubby faces on her, the color also makes her eye pop. These hairstyles are also good for women overweight and over 50 years old.

short haircuts for chubby faces

Short hair for a Chubby Round Face

Haircuts for chubby faces with beautiful curls at the end with a side part.

short hair for chubby round face
short hair for chubby round face

Celebrities With Round Faces : Top Knot bun hair

This hairstyle is a nice easy short hairstyle for school girls. The morning can be busy so having the right style in your head is good to save time.

celebrities with round faces

Shaggy Short Haircut

Shaggy hair is quite popular now, flipping the tip of the hair to create a shaggy look.

overweight hairstyles for round face

Chubby face short bob hairstyles

Adding beautiful waves and highlights to the hair will make your face appear slimmer. Wavy and curly hair is always the most flattering on a round chubby face woman. Bob cuts are one of the most go 2 hairstyles for women with any shape face.

hairstyles for round faces for women
short haircuts for chubby faces

Add some layers to your haircut

Giving your awesome hair a layered look could be mesmerizing. Round face is more difficult to style but look how flattering these haircuts are.

short haircuts for chubby faces
short haircuts for chubby faces

Big Swoop Bang Short Haircuts for Round Faces

short hairstyles round faces

Close-cropped short haircuts for Straight Hair

If you feel comfortable wearing a close-cropped hairstyle go for it. The hair covers a lot of the face, giving the appearance that the face width is a lot thinner. celebrities with chubby faces also rocking these styles and they inspire us.

short haircuts for chubby faces

Fun short Curls haircut for a Chubby face

Curls can add more dimension to haircuts for chubby faces. When you are unsure of how to style your hair get your curling iron and start creating curls if you dont have natural curls.

short haircuts for chubby faces
hairstyles for round faces for women

One of the best things about short hair on round or chubby faces is it lets it appear slimmer. They are easier to maintain and easy to style daily with water moose and bobby pins. They look great in spring and summertime, good reason to go out and get that haircut.

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