Magical Dye Hair and Some Tips

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Hair Dye color
Inspired Beauty Hair Dye color

White Icy Hair Color


What is the difference between Platinum Blonde and Icy / Snow White Hair?

Icy Blonde hair can be varied from platinum blonde or snow white hair. Platinum blonde is different from snow white, platinum blonde is a little more on the blonde side and snow white hair is white as possible with some hint of silver at most. While these hair colors are trending its not always easy to achieve. 

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This hair color is not easy to achieve but if you are a natural blonde that will save you a few appointments compare to someone with dark hair. Dark hair may take up to 6-10 appoint to get to this level. Also this hair color takes a lot to maintain. 

Note: If you go to your stylist be sure to let them know you only want cool tone, NO WARM TONE. Be sure to communicate with your stylist

Supplies You Need to DIY

  • Powder bleach such as L’Oreal Bleach
  • 20 or 30 volume developer ( Its a good idea to have both 20 for toning, 30 for bleaching) 
  • Gloves ( obviously ) 
  • Plastic bowl, plastic measuring spoons, and plastic mixing tool of some sort do not use metal containers with bleach
  • Brush and Clips
  • Toner ( T18 Lightest Ash Blonde Color Charm Toner )

Maintaining your new Perfect Icy Blonde: THE PRODUCTS EVERY ICY BLONDE MUST HAVE


Snow white hair
White as Snow Hair Trend



White Hair
White hair + Braided Hairstyle


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Pink Hair Dye Color

Pastel Pink also kawaii and trending on Instagram. Pink hair color can vary also from light, deep and pastel all is amazing. Pick a shade that will match your skin tone is the first step. Try experimenting with different hue of colors until you decide on which pastel pink you want. 


Now do you want  temporary or permanent color? 


Kawaii pink Hair for girls




Other Beautiful Dye hair color to try out






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