20 Best Designer Sandals


With some of the most comfortable shoes being sandals, this list of best designer sandals will have you walking on air and looking fabulous.

Sandals are known to be comfortable, easy to wear, and fit with almost every outfit, but that’s why sandals have remained the most popular shoes to wear.

Summer is coming, but I wanted to list some of the best designer sandals, the super comfortable ones and everyone likes to wear that match and fits with most if not every outfit.

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Best Designer Sandals

There are many excellent, gorgeous designer sandals, but some are more comfortable than others here are a few top designer Sandals in flats and heels that will keep you on your toes and look fantastic.

These are the type of sandals that goes with everything, from a skirt, and dress to pants and they are from brands like Gucci, Dior, Saint Laurent, and more these sandals are all cute and luxurious, perfect for everyone.

1. Gucci Sandals

Gucci Sandals

Shop Gucci Blondie heeled sandals

Gucci is known for its luxury brands, so you know these cute Gucci designer sandals with heels will keep you standing out for summer.

2. Women’s Gucci Blondie Black Flats sandal

Women's Gucci Blondie Black Flats sandal

Shop Gucci Black Flats Sandals

The new Gucci Blondie line debuted. The collection features flat black sandals, which come in three colors and boast a classic, flexible, and comfortable design.

3. Saint Laurent – Cassandre sandals in smooth leather

Saint Laurent - Cassandre sandals in smooth leather

Shop Saint Laurent Cassandre sandals

Saint Laurent’s classic designer sandals in smooth black leather, are cute and perfect for summer.

4. Burberry Flat Sandals

Burberry Flat Sandals

Shop Monogram Motif Leather Slides Sandals

Burberry has a few gorgeous sets of sandals this one comes in 3 colors but my favorite is the Dusky Pink, but there is also Chestnut Beige, and black.

5. Dolce & Gabbana sandal

Dolce & Gabbana sandal

Shop soft calfskin D&G Sandals

Slider sandals will be one of the go-to summer wear, so get the brand that you like and try one of these Dolce & Gabbana sandals.

6. Hermes Sandals

Hermes Sandals

Shop Hermes Sandals

If your looking for a wide selection of summer sandals that is comfortable and unique in design then check out this selected list of gorgeous Hermes sandals.

7. Hermes Suede Goatskin Crystal Powder Oran Sandals

Hermes Suede Goatskin Crystal Powder Oran Sandals

Shop Hermes Crystal Powder Sandals

Hermes has a large set of stunning comfortable sandals that would be fun to wear this summer, these are most comfortable and very practical, but they all have a different design to them.

8. Chanel Slingback Sandals

Chanel Slingback Sandals

Shop Chanel Sandals

Chanel is known for its top-designer fashion and Jewelry, This is a brand that puts on luxury designer bags and shoes as you can see from these gorgeous silver and black sandals.

9. Chanel Heeled Sandals

Chanel Heeled Sandals

Shop Chanel Heeled Sandals

If you’re not looking to wear flats then try out these beautiful light pink designer Chanel sandals.

Designed with a stunning slingback design heeled, and comes in two colors black and light pink.

10. Prada Padded Nappa leather sandals

Prada Padded Nappa leather sandals

Shop Prada Leather Sandals

Gorgeous black leather, padded and comfortable design with straps, these black sandals from Prada are one of the best sandals designed for summer.

11. Prada Shearling slides Sandals

Prada Shearling slides Sandals

Shop Prada Slides sandals

Feel like you walking on air in these beautiful white Prada slides sandals perfect and one of the most comfortable designer sandals to try.

12. Dior sandals

Dior sandals

Shop Dior Sandals

Dior has a lot of great designer slide sandals, from heeled to flats depending on what you want.

Slides sandals are great they are easy to slide your foot in but the heeled sandals have a designer quality to them that I like.

13. Dior Montaigne Heeled Slide

Dior Montaigne Heeled Slide

Shop Dior slides sandals

Luxury Brands come up with some great designs and this design looks like something that Dior would do.

Slides sandals have a simplicity to them this is the reason why I think everyone loves wearing slides.

14. Dway Heeled Dior Sandal

Dway Heeled Dior Sandal

Shop Dior Heeled Sandal

If your looking for luxury sandals with a little height to the heel then these heeled sandals might be one of the best from Dior.

These designer sandals fit great and it is well designed for comfort and style.

15. Chanel summer sandals

Chanel summer sandals

Shop Chanel summer sandals

Chanel has come up with a lot of creative designs but pink rubber sandals might seem a little off.

This rubber sandal might be seen as simple but for beach and summer purposes these are the perfect sandals to wear.

16. Brushed leather-heeled slides from Chanel

Brushed leather-heeled slides Sandals from Chanel

Shop leather-heeled Sandals from Chanel

These white-heeled slides have the Iconic Prada logo, These sandals are well design comfortable, and cute in every way.


LOUIS VUITTON Suede Goat Rhinestone Sandals

Shop LV Suede Goat Rhinestone Sandals

Louis Vuitton has a wide selection of sandals, These are a great choice when you want a designer look.

This is a gorgeous black and silver rhinestone-heeled sandal, it looks very refined and cute matching the LV Logo and Brand.

18. LOUIS VUITTON Calfskin Sandal

LOUIS VUITTON Calfskin Sandal

Shop LV Calfskin Sandal

Calfskin LV is another cute heeled sandal, gorgeous black color with a nice heeled slide design.

19. Louis Vuitton Rubber Monogram Embossed Sunbath Flat Sandals

Louis Vuitton Rubber Monogram Embossed Sunbath Flat Sandals

Shop Louis Vuitton Rubber Sandals

I wanted to add flat LV sandals to the list and these white rubber sandals are both cute and simple and also unisex.

Rubber is a great choice for summer and will be great for the beach are just summer.

20. Saint Laurent Glitter LouLou 70 Mule Sandals

Saint Laurent Glitter LouLou 70 Mule Sandals

Shop Saint Laurent Sandals

Saint Laurent has a lot of great sandals design to try and but when shopping for sandals are shoes in general knowing what you’re looking for is the key to finding what you want.

These are all great designer sandals and they are most comfortable and cute. With all these top-designer luxury brands you will defiantly find what you want.

Best Designer Luxury Summer Sandals

The best designer sandals must be comfortable, cute, and have everything that a designer brand has to offer.

This is my list of designer sandals for 2023 with some of the top names like Gucci, Dior, Hermes, and more.

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