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Have you tried any of the Euphoria makeup looks from the movie series Euphoria? This show is a teen drama and lots of people want to do this makeup-inspired look for Halloween. It’s pretty dark and that’s why it is an ideal makeup idea for Halloween.

Doniella Davy is the Makeup Artist behind the current popular look. The makeup has a unique touch as it reflects what the characters were going through.

Maddy’s Rhinestone Euphoria makeup looks

This look is quite glamorous and you can see why it’s one of our high-rank Euphoria makeup looks. This makeup can be worse for elegant parties this season.

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Euphoria Makeup Looks

To recreate this look you need :

Cherry Popsicle Lids

This vamp look would make a great Halloween makeup look, scary pretty. The flame look is not boring at all and quite fun. The bright and pale red creates a beautiful look.

Euphoria Makeup Looks

1 & 2: by

Euphoria Makeup Looks

Maryliascott recreated the iconic look and I love it.

Euphoria Makeup Looks

Another beautiful look from @maryliascott, butterfly with pearls around the wings. This fantasy makeup look is every girl’s fairytale desire look at least worth once trying.

Image 1 & 2

Maddy Euphoria’s makeup look

The rhinestones are placed over the eyelids, it’s pretty and fun. Maddy euphoric makeup looks is a crowd favorite and this representation did it justice.

Euphoria makeup rue

Rue’s glitter tears make eyes tears look good. This is a perfect place, it’s where tears would fall. The euphoria makeup rue is memorable.

euphoria makeup rue

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Spin-on Rue’s glitter tears

rue euphoria makeup

With blue eye shadows and silvery tears

Maddy Euphoria Inspired Eye Makeup look.

euphoria makeup rue

This euphoric makeup look is one of my favorites because I can see myself wearing it on normal occasions.

Image by:

Kat’s Seeing Green

euphoria makeup looks

Kat Euphoria makeup look with a spin

We love this Kat Euphoria makeup look, she made this look her own by adding green gems and green liner to the bottom lash line.

Kat Euphoria makeup look

Euphoria Makeup Palette

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