If you are looking for a pretty cloud aesthetic wallpaper for your phone to take you into another world? Well, then you are reading the right post. Whether you’re are looking, blue aesthetic wallpaper, dark aesthetic wallpaper, pink cloud wallpaper, something for everyone.

Here I have gathered 20+ stunning wallpaper to bring inspiration to your day. These will get you in a good mood whenever you look on your phone. The best thing is they are all free to download.

Be sure to save as many as you want, switch them out as you please.

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Quick tips to save these:

Mobile: Hold down on picture and save image or screenshot it.

Desktop PC: Right click and save images to any folder on your pc.

So let’s get straight into the list of the best iPhone wallpaper background that is stunning. Note* the first two wallpaper is not cloud but aesthetic.

Best Aesthetic Cloud Wallpaper Backgrounds For iPhone

1 . Not Today

Not cloud but it is pretty and would look great on your screen

cloud aesthetic wallpaper


2 . Pink aesthetic wallpaper

Take it easy we all need to do that sometimes

Girl boss

3 . Pink cloud aesthetic wallpaper

Cute pink for your phone

cloud aesthetic wallpaper

Pink clouds

4. Cloud aesthetic wallpaper above the Water

Glitter sky and water

cloud aesthetic wallpaper

5 . Galaxy Cloud

Aesthetic wallpaper of the galaxy

cloud aesthetic wallpaper

Galaxy Cloud

6 . Vintage

A super chill wallpaper for your iPhone

cloud aesthetic wallpaper

Vintage view

7 . Beach View

Enjoy the view of the beach on your phone, when you cant irl.

cloud aesthetic background

Beach view

8 . Shades Of Pink cloud aesthetic background

cloud aesthetic background

A Shades of pink

9 . Hello Pink Cloud Aesthetic Wallpaper

cloud aesthetic background

Hello Pink Cloud Aesthetic Wallpaper

10 . Vibrant Pink cloud aesthetic background

cloud aesthetic background

Vibrant pink Ombre

11 . Pink & Blue Skies

blue aesthetic wallpaper

Pink & Blue skies

12 . Rainbow blue aesthetic wallpaper

blue aesthetic wallpaper


13 . Rising Sun blue aesthetic wallpaper

blue aesthetic wallpaper

Rising sun

14 . Dark Clouds

Dark clouds

15 . Sunset

blue aesthetic wallpaper


16 . Dreamy Dark Stars

blue aesthetic wallpaper

Dreamy Dark Stars

17 . Purple aesthetic wallpaper

purple aesthetic wallpaper

Purple aesthetic wallpaper

18 . Magical Beach

Magical Beach

19 . Pink Dream Cloud

Pink dream

20 . Moon light

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Moonlight dream

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cloud aesthetic wallpaper

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