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how to maintain platinum blonde hair

So after you have put your hair through all that process you need to upkeep your new looks. Here are some platinum blonde hair products and tips how to maintain platinum blonde hair for bleached white hair that I couldn’t live without seriously. 

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Platinum blonde hair products:

L’anza Purple Shampoo

platinum blonde hair products

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This shampoo will help to cancel out yellow tones, was your hair with this until clean you don’t need a purple conditioner. This is one of the most hydrated purple shampoos.. 

Platinum blonde hair products Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3

platinum blonde hair products

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After bleaching your hair it can be very damaging to your locks. This amazing treatment will combat breakage and it has a nice fragrance so that’s always a plus in my eyes. This is amazing it not only filling your cuticle like the keratin treatment it actually rebuild the broken bonds in your hair. 

Kim Kardashian also uses this product. 

Pro Tip: Lots of people pay the salon to get 1-2 treatment done but if you want to go ahead you could do those treatment at home as well. 

Olaplex no.1 , no2

You can get all these on amazon if you want to do it all yourself. 

Overtone Vibrant Silver Daily Conditioner

This color enriching conditioners is meant to keep dyed hair looking fresh. Dont let it sit on the hair too long, rinse out after 2 minutes or less.

T3 Shower Filter

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This is a must-have how to maintain platinum blonde hair product in my book, where I live the water is not the best. Some waters are filled with chlorine and other toxins that dry the hair out. This price is not the cheapest but totally worth it if you want quality. This will help your hair be softer, shinier, and healthier. 

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

how to maintain platinum blonde hair

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Why I love this tool is how fast it dries the hair, we dont have extra time everyday. This is a bit pricey but its good and most hair stylist will have one of these. A little tip blow the hair in the direction of the cuticle growth  to keep the hair from tangle and keep it smooth. You dont want to have frizzy hair.  

Key Features:

• Prevents extreme heat damage
• Ultra-fast drying
• Magnetic attachments
• Dyson smoothing nozzle
• Dyson styling concentrator
• Dyson diffuser
• Cool to touch
• Lightweight and balanced
• Acoustically tuned
• 3 precise speed settings


Minimize washing your hair

Keep coconut oil around, will help with keeping your hair soft and healthy 

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