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28 Casual Shredded Mini Denim Ideas

28 Casual Shredded Mini Denim Ideas

I dont know about you but demin is my favorite almost everyday clothes. I wear demin pants, shorts , dress everything you could imagine. Its one of the most chill laid-back piece in my wardrobe. For summer and spring I love mini demin because its great feeling the sun on your skin. Also I live most the year in tropical climate these days.

Demin is great for all body type and so here are 28+ casual ideas to hang out with friends or your boyfriend.

High waisted denim shorts with Crop Top

High waisted shorts flattered all body type. You can wear these if you dont like the lower waist ones so much. Also another thing about these is that if you have stretch mark on the lower part of your belly it covers it. Just showing a small part of your tummy makes it ideal for most places, while still being young and happy. 

Casual Shredded Mini Denim Ideas
Casual Shredded Mini Denim Ideas

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Overall Demin Shorts 

Street style for a casual day out. 

Adidas sneakers and you are good to go

Casual denim Outfit

Short white t-shirt under your overall denim 

Denim Shredded with Comfortable top

One of the key is to show off your legs with comfortable top/blouse with nice contrasting tone. Simple outfit but at the same time stylish and easy on the eyes. 

Denim Shorts with Dress top

Denim with stilettos heels

To go out with Friends for a walk

Casual Shredded Mini Denim Ideas


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