20 Cute Beach Outfits 2024: What to Wear to the Beach Without a Bathing Suit?


Summer is packed with swimming activities! Whether you’re vacationing or planning ahead, having a swimsuit ready is a must. However, summer’s spontaneity can lead to impromptu swims, catching you without your swimsuit.

While spontaneous activities are thrilling, they can leave you unprepared, especially for swimming. Whether you forgot your swimsuit or didn’t plan for a swim, there are options available for you to still enjoy the water.

So, what should you wear if you find yourself in need of a swimsuit? What are your options in this scenario? In case you are looking for the best swimsuit for belly bulge, you may be interested in those as well. We don’t have to miss out on the fun no matter the case.

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Cute Beach Outfit with Basic White Top and Long Slit Skirt

Looking flawless can be as simple as our first outfit. The idea is to help you look classy but beachy at the same time.

Cute Beach Outfit with Basic White Top and Long Slit Skirt

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What to wear to the beach if you don’t have a bathing suit

If you don’t like a baiting suit or just not feeling up to that. Here I selected one of my favorite beaches to go 2 looks. It is a casual off-the-shoulder top with short denim jeans.

What to Wear to the Beach if You Don't Have a Swimsuit
summer beach clothes

Summer Beach Clothes

The white summer beach outfits pants set, is comfy and elegant. This is an outfit that you can wear your swim-under if you change your mind at any point. Summer beach clothes should look classy and this color works for everyone.

beach clothes

Image @kateehutchins

Influence Crochet midi beach dress

If you feel like taking a little swim, choose similar beach outfits. White bikini dress cover-up that looks amazing and they cover up your body well.

summer beach clothes

Summer Beach Outfits With Jeans

Relax and have fun, shorts are always welcome for summer clothes. Style with your favorite accessories such as sunglasses and a head scarf.

cute beach outfit

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Beach Cover-up Dress Outfit Idea

This outfit idea is ideal for women looking for sophistication while enjoying their beach vacation. You can cover up your bikini as some people are body-conscious sometimes and this is a fun way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

beach outfit idea

Cute Free-Fitting Beach Outfit

Go for a light-colored, free-fitting outfit for a relaxing day at the beach. Accessorize with unique jewelry for a stylish touch.

Choose something flattering and the light color makes it perfect for a beach fun day spice it up with some cool and unique jewelry – feel free to check out this site for some inspiration and ideas.

Cute Free-Fitting Beach Outfit

Beach Floral Tie Bandeau

The color is lovely and the material is lightweight which makes it the perfect beach outfit idea.

cute beach outfits

Stand Out in Red Cute Beach Outfit

You want to make an entrance and be noticed. Light colors are awesome, but red is dramatic and bold and can help you stand out. 

Stand Out in Red Cute Beach Outfit

2 Piece Maxi Chiffon Dress Crop Top Skirt Set Beachwear Cover-Up

With over 2000+ ratings on Amazon, we can clearly say this outfit is promising. I love the color and the fact it looks effortless and sexy is a plus in my opinion.

black beach outfit ideas

White beach outfit

Looking chic at the beach? Yes possible and you will see it in the next image. You can look effortless and comfortable. White beach outfit that can be worn to party at night or day.

white beach outfit

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Split Maxi Dress Set Bikini Cover-Up

Stay stylish with a split maxi dress that doubles as a bikini cover-up.

beach outfit ideas

Off-the-Shoulder Blouse, Cute Beach Outfit

If you want to look ready for the beach, but a bikini is not your thing. This is perfect for girls are moms who still want to look amazing. 

Off-the-Shoulder Blouse, Cute Beach Outfit

Beach Outfit Ideas Maxi Dress in White

Stay elegant with a white maxi dress, perfect for a formal beach party.

Beach Outfit Ideas Maxi Dress in White

Cute Pants Beach Outfit Idea

Cover up while staying beach-ready with flattering pants and stylish accessories. Get this for your next vacation outfit will be sure to leave an impression.

Swimsuit Cover-up Idea

Opt for a shaped-fitting cover-up dress for a chic beach look.

Overall Over a Lacy Tube Top

The fun part about this is you can wear your bikini underneath. This I cool if you think you may change your mind afterward. You can pull the top down and turn it into shorts and a tube top if hot. 

Overall Over a Lacy Tube Top

Jersey Dress

Achieve a comfortable yet stylish look with a jersey dress that fits like a glove.

shorts cute beach outfit

Cute beach casual outfit

If you are looking for a casual effortless look, then you will love the next look. The price is good and the fit is superb.

Beach Outfits Idea with Skirt

Pair a skirt with a stylish top for a beach-ready look perfect for a nice walk or a day at the beach

Perfect not all the time your plan includes all day at the beach. Just a nice walk is something we all need at times.

cute beach outfits

Matching top and shorts beach outfit ideas

Your date to the beach doesn’t have to include a bikini, you could wear something as fun as this for your beach date.

beach date outfit

Cute Beach Outfits

If you are still looking for summer beach family photo outfits this could be added.

cute summer outfits

Cute Beach Outfits Maxi Short Dress

You will look bomb in this cute beach outfit idea.

Sexy summer clothes

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Cute Beach Outfits Kimono Cover-up

This is so cute for your summer vacation or spring break. This is another nice beach date outfit idea. Not too covered up but not totally small as a bikini.

cute summer outfits

Tie-Front Top and White Shorts

This outfit is cute and the polka dots add personality, the hat is optional.

Tie-Front Top and White Shorts

Which of these summer beach clothes are you thinking of shopping for? These beach outfit ideas are interesting and you can make them your own.

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