What To Wear With Sequin Pants

Are you thinking of what to wear with sequin pants? you are at the right place we can help with that. Black sequin pants outfit ideas are some of our favorite especially for formal events.

Sequin pants outfits are a great way to get all eyes on you as they can elevate your style. They can glam up your look and the work for every occasion, either dressed up for special events or dressed down for a more casual look.

There are many types of sequin styles to wear and everyone loves them. You can choose to rank sequin skirts, sequin dresses, and sequin jackets but for this style guide, we will focus on sequin pants.

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Sequin outfits are quite popular for dressy looks and we love them as Christmas party outfit ideas and for a New Year’s Eve party. This option will look great if you want to turn your head while you are at it.

You already know you want to wear sequin pants now, what should you wear with them? Check out our style guide below for some ideas!
Here are a few ideas on

What to wear with sequin pants:

For a Dressy Look:

Rose Gold Sequin Pants with a Silk Camisole and Heels:

This is an elegant look that’s perfect for a night out or celebration drink. A silk camisole will add a touch of elegance to any outfit, and heels will elongate your legs.

gold sequin pants with a silk camisole

Black Sequin Pants with a Red Blazer

This is a sophisticated and bold look that is perfect for a formal party. The red blazer will help to dress up the sequins, and the pumps or boot will add a touch of polish. The black sequin pants look great for a great glam New Year’s Eve party outfit.

Black Sequin Pants with a Red blazer

Rock gold sequin pants with a bodysuit

This is a sexy and chic look that’s perfect for almost any event. The bodysuit will accentuate your curves, and the strappy sandals will add a touch of glamour. So if you were ever asking yourself what to wear with wide-leg sequin pants now you know.

For a Casual Look

Black sequin pants with a shirt and sneakers:

Adding sneakers to any outfit can immediately make it more casual. T-shirts and sneakers are a cool choice as you can see in our previous article on graphic tee outfit ideas.  Sequin pants with your sneakers will look great. 

Black sequin pants with a black top and boots:

If you want to make your sequin pants outfit look cool try this next lookout.  This is a chic and edgy style for a casual day and fun for winter too. The boots will add a touch of toughness.

Black sequin pants with a black top and boots

For Clubbing and Rave Looks

For a rave

Pair your sequin pants with a tanked top or cropped top for a flirty look. If you were looking for your next rave outfit inspo this may just do it for you.

cute silver outfit diea

All blue

This look is structured, flirty, and still ready to party. If you want an outfit to rock with your friends at the club give this a try. With a look like this, you can go to a pool party as well.

blue sequin pants with a blue bikini top

Pink glitter barbie

Are you in your Barbie era? then you will love this next outfit. This pink outfit is so pretty with a lovely sequin jacket suit and bikini top.

barbie pink sequin pants suit

Casual Work Looks

Blazer and Gold Pants

Gold sequin pants with black top and black blazer. This look is clean, and the blazer helps tone down the pants and you can choose to wear pumps with this look. If you want something for an interview don’t be afraid to try out this look.

casual work outfit with sequin

Black sequin pants with a white button-down shirt

This is a cool office work outfit idea that is appropriate for women of all ages. The jogger’s type is dressed up with strappy sandals and a button-down shirt. Black sequin pants outfit ideas

Black sequin pants with a white button-down shirt

Silver sequin pants with a black turtleneck and loafers:

 A Turtleneck never gets old so for a timeless look add it to your style book with sequin pants for a modern business look. You will get a balanced look when you wear a turtleneck with shiny pants and the loafers will add charm.

Stylish Look For Special Occasion

Gold & Black Sequin Pants with a Plunging Neckline Blouse:

This next look is something special for a woman who is confident and modern. The look features high-waisted black and gold stripe wide-leg sequin pants, a black flattering top, a gold necklace, and gold hoop earrings.

Gold & Black Sequin Pants with a Plunging Neckline Blouse

Silver Sequin Suit

This next style, we really love because if you ever needed proof that a full suit of sequin can look great you got it. This look is not only sexy and chic but versatile, it can be worn for a night out in the town or something more social like a wedding.

Silver sequin pants

White Blouse with Gold Sequin Pants

This pants outfit idea featured a sleek top the pants have a stretchy waist which is fun. We love how this will fit a variety of size women. This outfit with gold sequin pants looks sophisticated and timeless.

White Blouse with Gold Sequin Pants

More Sequin Pants Outfit Ideas

green pants, black blazer and black heels

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black blouse and silver glitter pants

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silver sequin pants suit outfit

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peachy color outfit

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black sequin pants outfit ideas

White tank top black sequin pants outfit ideas

What To Wear With Sequin Pants

Button-down silver joggers shop this look here

So for some additional tips to make your sequin pants look good:

  • Sometimes sequin pants shed or you may be worried about that. If that is the case you can try spraying them with a little bit of hairspray before you put them on. This will help to keep sequin in place.
  • When it comes to formal events, you want to choose sequin pants made of high material. Sequin can look bad, you don’t want to choose a pair that looks cheap or flimsy.
  • Choose a color that compliments your look well and for casual events feel free to dress down with flats or sneakers.

Sequin pants are great for adding some glamour to your style. With a few styling tips and experiments, you can get a sophisticated and stylish result.

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