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Social media gives us lots of viral challenges, such as #10yearchallenege, #kikichallenge among many more. People would share videos and photos online doing these. The Bratz makeup inspired Challenge is one of the recent Instagram fads. 

These styles are cute and take us somewhere else. If you ever felt like a living doll maybe you could try out one of these looks.

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If you are thinking of making unrealistic makeup look these are great fantasy makeup.  

bratz makeup inspired

Pretty Bratz Makeup inspired

bratz makeup inspired

Image from: delia.maite

Curly Bratz

bratz makeup inspired

Glam Bratz

Brats are the opposite of Barbie , more rebellious.

bratz makeup inspired

Makeup artist is showcasing their beauty and talent. These Instagram makeup artists posting pictures of them replicating looks of the Bratz Doll. These dolls were popular in the 2000s and you know millennials have this cover. 

Soft Bratz Look

Freckles and Wild Red Hair

Grunge Bratz Makeup Idea


Bold Red

Cloud Makeup Bratz Look

Bubble gum Pink

Lovely green shades

bratz makeup inspired


bratz makeup inspired

Bratz makeup inspired purple eye shadow

This is believed to be one of the biggest trends of 2019. Has any of these looks inspired you to dust out your makeup and try out one of these looks? We love this and we can wait to recreate it.

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