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13 Cartoon Nail Art

13 Cartoon Nail Art

cartoon nail arts

A cartoon is like a little treasure of our childhood, that even as an adult we don’t just stop loving them. With these cartoon nail art designs, you can still feel like a kid and get the mood you want. We all remember that feeling when you get to watch cartoon early morning on the weekend snuggle up to see whats the latest episode going to bring. That time we were free without a care in the world.

Designs such as sailor moon, spongbob, powerpuff girls, and more. We like to bring those feeling back to our lives again and express them on our nail art. Doesn’t matter if your childhood was just around the corner or a few years ago our fond memories make us want to bring them back.

1 . Sailor Moon Nails

If you like a delicate colors, you will love this pink and gold decal.

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cartoon nails

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2 . Coffin Shape Cartoon Nails

Adorable design, character on one finger other two design with flowers and rhinestone.

Image @nailaddictsllc

3 . Blue and Pink

Hugging bears, flowers and poko dots and the pink and blue base complimenting each other well.

Shop blue polish:

4 . Spongebob nails

The best friends from under the sea, popular cartoon duos that make us wish we had a friendship like these two even as adult.

cartoon nails

5 . Powerpuff Buttercup

Is this your mood, Monday mood for most people.

Cartoon nails power puff girls


6 . Cartoon nail art

Christmas and cartoon goes good together, school is out Christmas gift. This is the ultimate kid holiday and fun time into one.

Cartoon nail art for Christmas

7 . Adorable Cartoon nail art

Pink and blue in light colors, with cartoon design on both hands.

Cartoon nail art

8 . Bubbles nail design

Fan of powerpuff girls? if so you know bubbles her personality is full of laughter, joy and kindness.

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9 . Barbie Pink and black

Who can resist a good manicure with barbie nail design. Barbie pink, barbie and Chanel logo design.

Cartoon Nails Barbie nails

10 . Tiger

His bright smile and positive thinking can really get you in that mood even as adult.

Cartoon Nail Art tiger

11 . Cartoon nail art designs

Feeling like a rebel, try out this green long nails bring back those rebellious memories.

cartoon nail art designs

12 . Blossom Cartoon Nails

Pink and sweet like blossom, actually my favorite powerpuff girl.

easy Cartoon nail art

13 . Winnie the Pooh

Cartoon nail art of Winnie the Pooh can give a nice punch, honey, hearts and pooh big smile and happy face.

Cartoon Nail Art

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cartoon nail arts

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