42 Bright Summer Nails Stylish and Fun 2024

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When it comes to summer bright summer nails and colors are just more fun. Having eye-catching manicures is something we want all season but summer is just a bit more fun and bold.

Whether is trying out new summer nail colors, fresh texture, or different techniques. Also showing off summer is officially here with our mani.

Bright Summer Nails Long

To get your summer started nothing is more exciting than looking up new manicure ideas. You can’t beat the bold peach color and a touch of yellow.

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Bright summer nails peach color

Image: instagram/vinanailshouston

Pink Flowers Summer Acrylic Nails

Our next look is one of the hottest summer nail trends of the year. This is one of our favorite bright nail art on short nails. Some of us appreciate the flowers in summer as a transition from springtime.

summer acrylic nails

Bright Summer Nails

Ombre nails in a mix of pink, purple, blue, and pink are so pretty. The gel nail designs are breathtaking and not really hard to execute.

The long nail design is done in a coffin nail shape which is beautiful. You can choose to mix it with whichever bright color nail polish you like.

Bright summer nail designs

Bright Summer Nails with Rainbow French Tips

Bright color on all the tips of your finger done in matte finish polish.

This design will get you totally notice this summer but not really a DIY type of nail.

French Tip, cute summer nails

Credit: instagram/tonysnail

Coffin Cloud Bright Summer Nails

Cloud nails are still one of the hottest trends today.

bright summer nails long

Rainbow Bright Summer Nails

with long nails come more possibilities and summer is the best time to show that off. This is another gradient nail art design but in ultra-bright colors.

If you want more rainbow nail manicure ideas check these out here.

bright summer nails long

Image: instagram/nadiaa_o

Simple Summer Nails in Neon Green

These bright green hue colors are just perfect for summer. Bright summer nail designs done on medium-length nails. The color reminds me of citrus fruits quite lovely.

The color is vibrant and will make a great summer manicure plus totally DIY doable.

bright summer nails long

Credit: instagram/nail_swag

Blue Short Nails

Don’t these turquoise nails remind you of the ocean or pool? I think it is done on short nails and is also a compliment to the design. Beach summer nails sure stand out when they have a beautiful palm tree like this one.

With the center finger being accented with leaf it’s a pretty and breezy design.

cute summer nails

Photo: instagram/ajl.nails

90’s Aesthetic Bright Summer Nails

If you are looking to add some 80s and 90s lava lamp vibe to your nails. These are bright and colorful summer nail ideas to try.

You get these nails at Etsy

Bright Fruity Summer Nail Designs

If you love fruity short gel nails you will love our next pick. The design is quite interesting, with simple white lines painted on the nails. Yellow lemons hand-drawn on two fingers help the design stand out.

This design has a fresh pretty look to it and is worth trying out.

bright summer nail designs

Photo: instagram/ajl.nails

Cute Bright Summer Nails

Do you want another way to make multi-color nails? Well, here we found a design that is perfect for your desire.

These bright summer nails are done in yellow, green, red, and pink on a clear color base in a glossy finish. The design is lovely and yes another one for short nails.

Bright Summer Nails

Credit : instagram/drozdova_nail_stylist

Bright Summer Nails Designs neon

Our next design has a color combination of matte and glossy and yes they look great together. This nail design has a color block on the two middle fingers of neon yellow and green.

Short matte nails for summer


Fun Bright Summer Nails

Bold, pretty matte finish nails will really get you to notice. If you are looking for the right manicure you may like this next one.

They are pretty and will certainly get noticed when done right. The color combinations work well together.

Matte Nails

Colorful Pattern Nails

The next designs are instantly pretty and fun manicures. Orange and yellow with a touch of pink is a great summer color combination. Stylish design for women who just want something new and pretty.

Bright Summer Nails

Cat Eye Nails

If you are looking looking for stunning bright Summer Nails in coffin shape why not get these? The crystals and the accent beach nail art with palm trees are cute too.

bright color nails

Colorful Matte Nails for Summer

Bright summer nails in matte polish. You can have some fun with these colorful stiletto nails. One hand has pink and red shades with rhinestones. The other hand has yellow, blue, and green shades.

All fingers have a different color and one finger with lots of rhinestones fully covering it. This rainbow look makes bright summer nails long great.

colorful matte nails

Smiley Bright Summer Nails

These nails bring so much joy that reflects summer

Rainbow Jelly

These jelly summer nails got me speechless and so pretty. These pretty summer nail ideas will have you feeling and looking confident.

Cute Drip Summer Nail Ideas

Drip nails have a stunning appeal that everyone wants. The design is elegant but also fresh and bold. Two accent nails with different designs and appeal that work together.

bright summer nail designs

Retro Lava Lamp Bright Color Nails

Bright summer nails for a vibrant appearance. These nails will give you a cute retro look from the 70s.

bright color nails

Cute bright summer nail designs

Long Lovely Cute Summer Nails

This next design is nice and I am loving it. The colors are so cute and the butterfly print is so cute.

Bright Summer Nails

Image via nailsby_gam

Pastel Cute Summer Nails

Pastel nails will look good no matter the season. These nails are stunning for spring as well as summer. Modern french tip nail design is worth trying out. These bright summer nails’ long coffin shapes are cute and fun.

bright summer nail colors

Swirly tip nails

Summer swirl nails have been trendy for a while now. The cool retro look they give you with a modern twist. If you are looking for nails with bright colors that are going to stand out these are a nice option.


Image via Instagram

Unicorn Nails Bright Summer Nails

This next design is super cute, I love the bright rainbow swirl colors, the pastel pink unicorn, and the gold studs on one finger.

bright color nails


Bold Neon Green and Pink

These pink and green bright summer acrylic nails will stand out. Choosing to get these for your next manicure is modern and cute. These remind me a bit of celebrity’ design and influencers.

pretty stiletto neon green and pink nails

Butterfly Design Bright Color Nails

Have you ever wanted to try one of the most trendy manicure designs with a twist? Here these cute nail features butterflies, a swirly line tip, a French tip, and solid nail polish.

The color is vibrant and captures the summer feel. While these look like a work of art you don’t need to be the most skilled nail tech to copy these. Gather your nail polish and butterfly decals.

butterfly nail deisgn

Trendy Summer Nail Ideas

Short acrylic nail designs can be just as pretty as longer lengths. The design is quite colorful and has bright color nails with a soft color mix.

The nails feature a small french tip and an accent nail in a white base, black polka dots, and a flower.

Rainbow Bright

Rainbow nails are just perfect for summer. The color and the design are truly bright summer nail designs. The large swirls are giving old-school retro lava lamps but modern swirly nail art as well.

swirl nails, retro nail art

Bright Pink Floral

These pink nails are outstanding with small details. Solid pink nails, soft pink and hot pink French tip, and on the ring finger the drip of three roses with rhinestones.

The color combination is amazing soft pink and hot pink. The design is done on square shape nails but I think it would also look great on almond shapes as well.

bright pink

Colorful dotted edges summer nail art

This next design is very unique, they look pretty and the colors are all interesting. If you are new to nail design and want to do it at home.

For this, all you need to do is gather all your favorite bright polish to recreate this color. Apply a solid color design on each nail and then use a small dotting nail tool to create the dots around the edges.

summer nail art

Image source the_gelbottle_inc

Pretty Bright Summer Blue

Blue navy color acrylic nails are fun for everyone. I love the simplicity of these nails but striking. I can’t stop admiring how amazing these nails are, everyone will stare.

They are not fussy and they are quite easy to replicate, just be clean and tidy up around your nails making them look neat afterward. There is not much I need to say as these nails speak for themselves which makes them a must-try this summer.

blue striking ail art for summer

Mustard Yellow and Glitter

This nail design is eye-catching and every finger has a unique design to make you gosh. One nail features chunky glitters of different sizes, solid gold with shimmer, a sweater tip nail with beautiful patterns, and the small finger has a modern design French tip.

bright yellow nail art

Yellow and Rainbow

If you are looking for a bling nail idea these can do that. The nails are quite colorful but may not be too easy to copy for a beginner. The rhinestones are large in the middle and the ones around the edges are small.

The design also gives a festival look that we can all get behind.

Image credit Instagram/creactivenuninails

Glitter Yellow gorgeous nails

Up next another shade of yellow and gold nail combination. The colors are the design are flattering and could be a good choice for a destination wedding in the Caribbean.

gorgeous nails

Purple Summer Mani Vibe

Another stunning nail design in vibrant shade of wine red and velvet pattern which is a classic choice for elegance. This design is simple but effective, it has a regal feel to it and is worth trying.

The color is not just summer, color it is a trendy must-have nail at the moment.

Hot Pink Nail Art Design

These are not only beautiful but these sassy nails will stand out. If you ever thought pink could not be fierce? here let these change your mind, pink can be bold, strong, and yet delicate as well.

Soft Ombre Color Summer Nail Ideas

These are just stunning, they can’t speak for themselves. The colors work well together and the glossy glitter finish. Show your creative side with the lovely nail design.

I can’t stop admiring them, blending the vertical ombre, and the glossy chunky glitters for an extra touch of glam.

bright pretty nails for summer

Image via nailsholick

Soft Girl Almond Nails

If you are looking for a softer color combination, be sure to enjoy our next summer nail ideas. These nail features soft pink ombre with gold foils, and neutral color nail to add even more elegance.

Sometimes you need a beautiful classy design for formal events. Another plus this is an ageless design so appropriate for everyday wear, any event, and for women of any age.

summer nail ideas

Credits: @matuszewsk.a

Start, Soft and Bright Pink Nails

This next summer manicure is captivating, there is so much to look at. These are youthful and fun nail art ideas for teenage girls. The nail design is somewhat extra with stars, gold lines, open eyes, and glitter.

There is nothing missing from this charming manicure.

Pastel Flame Nails

Up next are these flaming hot nail ideas for summer. These are on trend, a lot of influencers are going to get these nail art designs and colors. These have a wonderful place in the heart and will look good all year round.

pastel nails

Ombre Square French Tips

I love these short French tips and the vibrant ombre colors.

The square shape makes the practical, and absolutely pretty with a neon green that catches the eye. The vibes of this relaxed and fun manicure scream summer.

Ombre French Tips

Save for Later

Bright Summer Nails

Which of these bold and bright hues summer manicures are you adding to your next appointment? The best part is summer is long which gives you a lot of opportunities to try multiple nail art designs.

So many shades to choose from, and you will find something for the destination, mood, and event.

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