16 Bright Summer Nails Stylish and Fun 2020

Bright Summer Nails

When it comes to summer bright summer nails and colors is just more fun. Having eye-catching manicure is something we want all season but summer is just a bit more fun and bold.

Whether is trying out new colors, fresh texture, different techniques. Also showing off summer is officially here with our mani.

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Bright Summer Nails Long

To get your summer started nothing is more excited than looking up new manicure ideas. You can’t beat the bold peach color and a touch of yellow.

Bright summer nails peach color

Image: instagram/vinanailshouston

Abstract Nails

Our next look is one of the hottest summer nail trend of 2020. This is one of our favorite bright nail art on short nails.

Bright Summer Nails

Ombre nails in mix of pink, purple,blue and pink is so pretty. The gel nail designs is breathtaking and not really hard to execute.

The long nail design is done in coffin nail shape which is beautiful. You can choose to mix with whichever bright color nail polish you like.

Bright summer nail designs

Rainbow French Tips

Bright color on all the tips of your finger on done in matte finish polish.

This design will get you totally notice this summer but not really a DIY type of nails.

French Tip, cute summer nails

Credit: instagram/tonysnail

Coffin Cloud Nail

Cloud nails are still one of the hottest trends today.

bright summer nails long

Rainbow Bright Summer Nails

with long nails come more possibility and summer is the best time to show that off. This is another gradient nail design but in ultra bright colors.

If you want more rainbow nail design idea check these out here.

bright summer nails long

Image: instagram/nadiaa_o

Neon Green

These bright green hue colors is just perfect for summer. Bright summer nail designs done on medium length nails. The color reminds me of citrus fruits quite lovely.

The color is vibrant and will make a great summer manicure plus totally DIY doable.

bright summer nails long

Credit: instagram/nail_swag

Blue short Nails

Dont these turquoise nails remind you of the ocean or pool? I think it being done on short nails is also a compliment to the design.

With the center finger being accent with leaf its pretty and breezy design.

cute summer nails

Photo: instagram/ajl.nails

Bright Fruity Summer Nail Designs

If you love fruity nails you will love our next pick. The design is quite interesting , simple white lines painted on the nails. Yellow lemons hand drawn on two fingers that help the design stands out.

This design has a fresh pretty look to it and worth trying out.

bright summer nail designs

Photo: instagram/ajl.nails

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Stiletto Nails Designs

Cute summer nails

Do you want another way to make multi-color nails? Well, here we found a design that is perfect for your desire.

These bright summer nails are done in yellow, green, red, pink on clear color base in a glossy finish. The design is lovely and yes another one for short nails.

Bright Summer Nails

Credit : instagram/drozdova_nail_stylist

Bright Summer Nails Designs neon

Our next design has color combination of matte and glossy and yes they look great together. This nail design has color block on the two middle fingers of neon yellow and green.

Short matte nails for summer


Fun Bright Summer Nails

Bold, pretty matte finish nails they will really get you notice. If you are looking for the right manicure you may like this next one.

They are pretty and will certainly get notice when done right. The color combinations work well together.

Matte Nails

Colorful Nails

The next designs are instantly pretty and fun manicure. Orange and yellow with a touch of pink is a great summer color combination. Stylish design for women who just want something new and pretty.

Bright Summer Nails

Colorful Matte Nails for Summer

Bright summer nails in matte polish. You can have some fun with these colorful stiletto nails. One hand has pink and red shades with rhinestones. The other hand has yellow, blue, and green shades.

All fingers have a different color and one finger with lots of rhinestones fully covering it. This rainbow look makes bright summer nails long great.

colorful matte nails

Smiley Nails

This nails bring so many joy that reflect summer

Rainbow Jelly

These jelly summer nails got me speechless so pretty.

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