30+ Stunning Pink and White Nail Designs 2024

Looking for pink and white nails are as popular as French nail design but we are long past those and added more creativity. You can have these done in gel or acrylic powder, either way, they will look beautiful.

Ombre pink and white nails are very popular they are like fusing two colors into each other. These are my personal picks that I think you will love to try.

pink and white nails with design

Amazing Pink and White Nail Designs

We won’t just be looking at the classic white French tip. In this post, we will be sharing beautiful stunning nail art with two popular colors. Creating ombre pink and white nails with glitter is one of my favorite looks.

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There are many occasions to wear this charming color combination such as weddings, prom, and other events. Depending on your nail art designs these nails can look neutral and can wear all year round.

1. Minimalist Idea

Choosing a simple minimalist nail design is the way to go for most modern and mature women. The styles are clean and chic and fit in almost any situation.

2. Matte Finish Nail Art

Image via manasb.nails

This next nail design has lovely matte pink nails and the others have beautiful art designs. Some of the art designs on the nails include flowers, polka dots, and rhinestones. This is a cute and elegant way to rock These lovely color nail combinations.

3. Gel Pink and White nails

Gel pink and white nails

Gel pink and white nails like this one will leave an impression. Two nails are painted in soft pink, one white with rhinestones going vertically and the other in full chunky silver glitter.

4. Elegant Pink and White Wedding Nails

formal classy design

Image via @alejandracastillonails

If you are still trying to get the right wedding nail designs this is a lovely one to recreate. Each nail features its own unique design that looks bold and beautiful. The finish is glossy and has rhinestones on two fingers, others have a different shape French tip.

5. Ombre Pink and White Nails

ombre pink and white nails

Coffin pink and white nails have a beautiful light shimmer and the accent nail features two white stars. I love how simple this design is but also super effective. Also, the ombre nail art technique is trendy right now.

6. Festive French Pink and White Nails

Pink and white nails

Image nailsbykatrins

This next design has multiple designs for the woman that feel stylish. On one of the fingers, it has a matte base with a white star and small dots, next nail features a pink and white candy cane with a little silver lining. The ring finger has a soft ombre French nail and the small finger is full of silver glitter.

7. Pink and White Glitter Ombre Nails

Pink and White Glitter Ombre Nails

Glitter nails are glam and nothing feels fancier at times. All design features ombre nails, glitter ombre, and white and soft pink nails. All the design combo is beginner-friendly and the glitter brings the spark to the design.

8. LV Pink and White Matte Nail Art

Charming LV decal nail pattern

Nails with brand decals seem to be getting more popular lately. Here is a lovely one to recreate or save until later.

9. Sweater Nail art Design

Image via @_mejzi

Sweater nails are quite trendy around the colder season. This is a lovely way to make your nails feel as cozy as you do during this season.

10. Pretty Almond Pink and White Ombre Nails

Pretty Almond Pink and White ombre Nails

Another beautiful idea to recreate is this lovely long almond-shaped nail. The design has beautiful ombre colors starting with hot pink and going into light pink and white nails. The twirl lines of white on the nails make the design even more interesting.

11. Cow Print

Do you remember cow print nails? these are lovely twists to add pink. This shade of pink is so pretty, white on the other nails with the creative cow print.

Cow Print

12. Minnie Mouse Pink and White Nails

Disney Inspired Manicure

Image Via @ellaylosgatoschile

This is so cute and age-appropriate as well with teens and younger fashionistas. I love how special each design is, one finger has pink and white polka dots, a pink base with silver glitter, a white base with Minnie’s head, a white base, a pink bow, and plain pink on one finger.

13. Cute Light Pink and White Heart Nails

Source: @ana0m

The next idea is pretty light pink and white nails with hearts. This design is a sweet Valentine’s nail idea it is so cute. The pearls are perfectly placed on a horizontal silver line which is attractive.

14. Long Girly Coffin Pink and White Nail Art

coffin pink and white nails

Image via @pnpthebrand

Coffin’s pink and white nails are bold and beautiful. This nail art has lovely pink polka dots on the nude polish finger. The two accent nails have a lovely cream white with an unfinished heart drawing on them.

15. Pretty Pastel Cow Print Nails

white and pink cow print fake nails

Buy these on Etsy

These next nails are fake you can easily purchase them to save time. These are good to keep around for student events that you may need to do some home manicures. The colors are so pretty two that you will look stunning.

16. Lovey Dope Idea

pink adn white nails

If you are familiar with the “dope nail” trend then you may like this one. The design features a lot of diamond rhinestones in a variety of sizes. The base of the nail has an ombre pink and white color with a sugary coating.

17. Orea Delight

ombre white and neon pink nails

Image via _mejzi

Ombre Pink and white nails with the fade of Orea. I love how all the colors and this particular design work together so I am happy to share it.

18. Girly Stiletto Nails

Romance inspired

Source: @nailsbymztina

Creating nail art designs in stilettos shape is popular for celebs right about now. Every finger has a unique design and is special and eye-catching. The design features glitter, rhinestones, and a heart shape of pink and white. It is incredible all ten fingers can have a different design that is not common. Hot pink nails full of glitter you can get whichever shade you like.

19. Beautiful Icy Nail Art

This design is so elegant and beautiful with diamonds. Stunning coffin nails with diamonds that are sophisticated and tasteful. The pink is soft and the silver lines around the white are pretty. The crystals make it a top choice for weddings and other events.

20. French Tip Pink and White Nails

V shape french tip

Image nailsbynanette

Modern Fench tip nail art designs are gaining more popularity. These are trendy nail designs you can have your nail technician do.

21. Simple but Dope Design

pink and white gel finish

Image credit @chellys_nails

These nails are long and not the most practical for everyone however I love these. I used to get my manicure long and I still do it for special occasions.

22. Festive Design

Festive designs with pink and white

Image credit @emily__meraki

When it comes to the festive season there is never a better time to get such a manicure.

23. With Rose Gold Swirl Line

Elegant Options

I love how these short nails are designed, the cute little heart detail, and the rose glitter swirl.

24. Soft Pink and White Nails with Heart

soft tone pink and white nail with heart

Image @nailproff.ru

Heart nails are a lovely choice for Valentine’s Day. This is something that will turn heads in a complimenting style.

25. Pink and White Winter Nail Inspired

white and pink inspired manicure

26. A Little Spooky

Image credit @nails.by.indi

27. Barbie Look

nails with oyster pearls

Nails with pearl oyster inspiration are trendy right now and these are stunning and classy.

28. Neon Pink and White

Elegant White and Pink Mani

Image credit @mary._nails

29. Bright Color Smile and Love Design

neon pink coffin design

Hot pink and white nails such as these will stand out during any season at any event. The style is modern and it is not boring, bold, and beautiful.

30. Charming Nail For The Holiday

soft pretty design

Image credit @paznokciewkolorzemarzen

These pink and white nails with design stand out perfectly for a holiday mani. The colors feature soft ombre pink going to white tips, snowflakes, a Polar bear, and glitter crowns.

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