Ombre nails are pretty trendy right now and fun. You achieve the ombre look by using multiple colors. While ombre hair colors are popular, this trend has gone over to nails. This post consists of 20 photos to help you look wonderful. 

Getting your nails done in Ombre can evolve a basic style into something brilliant. When you are a fashionable woman you know every detail matters, so you don’t neglect your fingers.

Pink ombre nails are my favorite because I get to have my favorite color mix with something just as stunning. Choosing two colors that are stunning to recreate the perfect design.

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1. Ombre nails with glitter

Having a touch of sparkle and shine to your nails, here is a gorgeous glitter ombre idea. This nail design is perfect for a special occasion. The gold against the white adds a special elegant touch.

ombre nails with glitter

2. Almond Shape Ombre Nails

The next design is quite unique, the colors are blended in a nice colorful Ombre done on almond-shaped nails. Two nails being silver adds a nice touch to the design.

Almond Shape Ombre Nails

Source : anastasiya.kalesnik via Instagram

3. Grey Ombre Nails

Grey nails are great and can go with pretty much any outfit.

Grey Ombre Nails

4. Grey French Tips

Grey elegant nails, with the tip with a white tone. I love how the rhinestones make the nails more interesting.

Ombre Nails Design

Source : infinitynailshelena

5. Blue Ombre Nails Design

Blue mixed with black, giving a night blue effect. This is quite simple and beautiful.

Blue Ombre Nails Design

6. Light blue nails

Bright baby blue ombre nails design, this is quite beautiful and would also look great in a matte finish. Icy blue that goes deeper blue at the top is gorgeous.

Long ombre nails

7. Pastel Matte ombre nails

Up next is a design that you can enjoy in spring and summer. Light color design that should be on your mind during your next salon visit.

Matte ombre nails

8. Purple Shades Ombre

This purple ombre color looks great on almond-shaped nails. The royal color stars from darker shades to lighter, showing off your fun bold personality. The purple hue has three different shades of purple. Purple nails say a lot about your personality, they represent both smartness and glamorous. This nail looks good in a glossy finish and would also look good in matte colors.

Purple Shades Ombre

Source: amur_nails via Instagram

9. Light Purple Coffin nails

A more soft shade of purple, beautiful and delicate for an easy-going person.

Ombre nails

10. Ombre Manicure Design For Almond Nails

This is probably the easiest ombre design, with a light pink base that fades into the gold tip.

11. Pearly nails

Almond nails are very good for various occasions.

12. Burgundy Ombre Nails

This red design is suited for a romantic night or Christmas. The beautiful ombre effect says romantic night and is quite popular on the European runway. The ombre trend is the most popular during autumn and winter. Burgandy nails have always had a look of richness to them.

Burgundy Ombre Nails
Ombre nails

Source: anastasiya.kalesnik via Instagram

13. Black Ombre Nails Design 

The next design is an Ombre black nail design this is an interesting idea. However, these are not boring basic black nails they are quite captivating. Black Ombre nails are a stunner when paired with white or grey. This design is classy and the effect is enchanting with the touch of gray creating a glam look.

 Black Ombre Nails Design

14. Dark and Lovely Nails

Black nails are gorgeous, and elegant, and short black nails are just great for every day without looking over the top—eye-catching designs with simplicity.

15. White and Pink Ombre Nails

Pink will always be my favorite choice of colors and this pink and white ombre are stunning.

pink and white ombre nails

16. Nude French Ombre Nails Pink

Nude-tone nails always draw attention to your hands in terms of how natural they look. The next nail design goes above that, with features such as rhinestones and glitters.

The design is suitable for weddings, and formal events because of how elegant they look. Natural nails continue to be a tone all season long, so it’s a manicure you can count on. These nails are chic and modern for the stylish woman.

ombre nails

17. Pink And White Ombre Nails

pink And White Ombre Nails

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18. Ombre nails pink

ombre nails pink

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19. Beautiful Ombre Floral Tips

ombre nails pink

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20. Glitter Tip Nails

pink and white ombre nails

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