26 Amazing Swirl Nails You Should Try

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The swirl nails manicure trend is becoming more popular. So this is the perfect time to hop on this trend if you haven’t already. I have gathered some of the coolest nail ideas for you to copy.

I think there is a chance you have seen these sweet nails around such as on Pinterest or TikTok. This pretty nail art was one of last year’s biggest nail trends. These abstract nails are so groovy and perfect for those 70s costumes.

Swirl nails give you the feeling of joy, they are super retro which is great if you want to take a step back in the past. You can style your abstract swirl nail designs with almost any dress from your closet.

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Swirly nails are not to recreate because all you need is a thin brush and some steady hands. Also, I have gathered pre-made ones from Etsy to save you time as well. These press-on nails are affordable price but you can also save a design you like and try creating it.

We are featuring various nail art on this trend. As I have said earlier you can go to the retailer to purchase these nail designs or save the ones you like for future reference.

1. Purple and Gold Abstract Nails

Swirl Nails

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Here we have a super pretty nail design for you to look at. The design features a beige matte finish with a purple and gold swirl design.

2. Purple and butterfly Swirly Nails

Swirl Nails

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If you are not a fan of pink nails then purple is the mature version to some. This particular swirl nail design has a small stunning butterfly on three nails, bright solid purple on one and pastel purple on another.

3. Modest Clear Design

nude Swirl Nails

When it comes to nail art we all have a unique taste some of us like the modest look. These nails are simple which is what makes them special.

4. Glitter Pink Nail Art

glitter swirl nails, swirly glitter nails, acrylic swirl nails

Glitter swirl nail ideas that have elegance, style, and sophistication.

5. Blue Nail Design

blue Swirl Nails

Swirl nail designs such as this one will have you feeling great this season. You can smile with the pretty pastel blue and white line nails. I love everything about this design and you can have fun with them.

6. Transparent Brown Swirl Nail Designs

brown swirly nails

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Brown nails have a sophisticated look to them. This color becomes more popular in the fall season. Brown swirl nails have the perfect shades of clear and dark shade of brown.

7. Orange swirl nail art

orange swirl nails

Orange nails are such an underrated color in the nail community. Althought you see these more popular around a particular season they are great all year round.

8. Pink Nails With Unique Design

pink swirl nails

Image via Instagram/pressedbycharlotte_

This next design is sure to give you some inspiration. All you need for this swirl nail art are two shades of pink and a white polish to create the wave.

9. Brown Hue

brown swirl nails

I love brown nail art and these just give me all that charm and elegance. If you are looking for a professional design but still trendy you may like this one.

10. Pink and Pretty Nails

pink swirl nails

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These swirl nail designs look amazing and you and everyone will admire them. They have a feminine appeal that stands out. This will look good with almost any outfit from your wardrobe.

11. Black Swirl Nail Designs

Black swirl nails

Black is just a classy color in anything. Choosing a trendy design such as this one will look great on anyone. The black abstract nails are cool and perfect for the minimalist look.

12. Teal Green

green swirl nails

Green nails are so pretty, For this next design, you can’t really go wrong with this. I love that the design is done on almond-shaped nails.

13. Blue wave Nails

blue swirl nails

These swirl nails are stunning and worth giving copy. If you are looking for inspiration this design is great. These nails are groovy but not goofy at all.

14. Retro Pink Pastel Style

pink swirl nails

These retro nails are another blast from the past with a touch of the modern mix. The 70s were great these can take you right back to the past. To celebrate this swirl of pink and white at any event.

15. Pastel Dream

pastel swirl nails

No matter the season these lovely nails will give you a mood booster. Choosing the right length is also an important part of the result you are looking for. For example, if you have to do a lot of house chores these are practical choices.

16. 70s Swirl Aesthetic Nail

pastel swirl nails

If you love the 70s aesthetic these are a good option. These oval press-on nails look good and mesh well with that old-school look.

17. Bright Groovy Swirl Nail Designs

cute colorful bling nails

Image via instagram/chaunlegend

This gives you that 80s vibe, to recreate this design you will need to be precise. Choose a lot of colors that you can get from various online or local retailers.

18. Festive Green Nails

Christmas green swirl nails

Image via Instagram/pressedbycharlotte_

You can enjoy this trend no matter the season or occasion. Christmas nails with a swirly design. This next look is just so pretty, features clear nails, dark green, and silver they all complement each other well.

19. Coffin Neon colors

pink coffin nails, acrylic swirl nails, coffin swirl nails

Beautiful coffin swirl nail art design with bright neon colors that stand out. These also remind me of a fun summer day, worth recopying right?

20. Cute as a Daisy

pastel swirl nails

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This next swirl of nails gives a joyous feeling, so pretty and vibrant mixed with flowers. These nail arts are perfect for the spring and summer seasons. I love when you can get the most out of your nail art.

21. Pretty Pastel Swirly Nails

pastel swirl nails, swirl nail art design

The patterns created are large and bold in beautiful colors. Choosing to create your nail art with so many colors but still being able to make it elegant. The nails are done with gel polish and feature a slightly sheer nude pink base with pastel lilac, yellow, orange, pink, green, and blue abstract shapes.

22. Trendy Swirl Nail

pastel swirl nails, acrylic swirl nails, short swirl nails

If you think you can’t get on this trend because you don’t like bolder colors. Well here is an example of how cute the pastel colors are with this theme.

23. Pretty Purple Pointy Tip nails

Purple and black swirl nails, pointy swirl nails

There have been a lot of purple nails, so we want to throw this one in. The color combination and variation really make this design unique.

24. Groovy 80s Vibe

long swirl nails, muti color swirly nail art, coffin swirl nails

This next design has those disco colors that you would see in old movies. It’s fun to see these colors are back and for some of us, this is our first time experiencing them.

25. Swirl Nail Art

pretty nail art

These vibrant colors are so pretty and will look good for festivals and other summer activities. If you want square nail inspiration with this trendy design here you go.

26. Pastel stars and dots

pastel swirl nails

The pink and purple look magical together and if you want something in unicorn colors, this is it. The soft brown base colors complement the lighter colors and the little stars. A pretty way to do brown swirl nails.

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