34 Cute Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfits Perfect For Summer 2024

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If you are looking for trendy aesthetic tennis skirt outfits. This post has over 30+ great best outfit ideas for you to copy. This post includes white tennis skirt outfits, and black tennis skirt outfits, with many more attractive looks.

There are so many fashion trends, it can be hard to keep up believe me! With that being said we love skirt outfits. These skirts are short and some are pleated, they are versatile and flirty. We have seen a lot of cute skirt outfits that caught our eyes and these short pleated mini are one of them.

Social media rave about these and they just keep coming back time after time. Some influencers even consider their staple pieces. These looks are amazing as baddie outfits and girly and sweet styles.

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Schoolgirl look

When it comes to this cute skirt here we have an athletic skirt outfit with a cropped white button shirt. The look is super cute and you can easily copy this look. Adding the ruffle sock, clear glasses, and high ponytail to create not an average schoolgirl look.

Tennis Skirt Outfits

Image from endzel_

Simple clean look, black sweater, and Nike white tennis skirt, Nike sneakers, and socks. White tennis skirt outfit that you can even wear to school.

white tennis skirt outfit

Image from Pinterest.com

Black tennis skirt outfits such as this one have a cool-girl vibe to them. You can buy yourself sweatshirts that look like this. The full black has a minimalist and neat style to it.

black tennis skirt outfits

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Tennis Skirt and Cropped Sweater

This next look is cool and cute, throw on a pair of sunglasses to top off the look. Cute tennis skirt outfit ideas with such a lovely cropped top and white sneakers.

Nike white tennis skirt outfit


Cute athletic skirt outfit

Summer-loving white tennis skirt with a plain tank top. You can choose something like this and pair them with your sketchers sneakers.

athletic skirt outfit

Shop this look

Choosing cropped knitted tops such as this to add a cute look. The look is easy to copy if you know you want to. Be a bold baddie and enjoy this summer look.

tennis Skirt Outfit ideas

Instagram franceskafournier

The light blue pleated skirt, simple white cropped tee, and sneakers. This is a classic look and it’s quite chic. The skirt being at this height is great for showing off the waist and body.

cute tennis Skirt Outfits

Credit instagram/wildesmarie

The sunshine yellow top would look great paired with your pleated white tennis skirt for summer. The oversized lightweight sweater looks great with this look.

spring Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfits


Winter looks

Winter tennis skirt outfits can still look cool like this one. Black stockings, white leg warmer, cream color fur hat, and coat with your mini pleated skirt. The look is just stunning, wear it on warmer winter days.

winter Tennis Skirt Outfits

Image from endzel_

You can wear your tennis skirt with knee-length socks and a basic black blouse fit for a casual look. The flat shoes are comfortable and you keep your leg warm with these height socks.

winter Tennis Skirt Outfit ideas

Cute winter outfit that doesn’t take much effort. Super cute white tennis skirt outfit with an oversized sweater for a chill day. The high-top sneakers and socks are a classic.

Tennis Skirt Outfits with sweatshirt

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Fall Inspired Looks

Tennis skirt outfit ideas are a popular one for the fall season. With an open black jacket, turtle neck sweater, boots, and handbag.

fall Tennis Skirt Outfits

Image from endzel_

Combat boots are popular footwear in the fall so why not pair them with your outfit? White combat boots outfit idea, green and white plaid tennis skirt, and beige top. You should look for some adorable tops online to go with your whole look.

Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfits

If you don’t have boots you can wear socks like this next look below. In my opinion, socks make the look even cuter if that is even possible.

Fall Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfits

Black tennis skirt outfits

They have tennis skirts in black also and this next look is fall-ready. White plain blouse underneath a light brown puffer jacket, black twirly skirt, and mid-calf boots.

black tennis skirt outfits

Image via Instagram @kerina.wang

Black tennis skirt outfits are in many Instagram posts and you can see why. You can pair these cute pleated skirts with a cute light color top to create a cool casual style. You can find many black pleated skirts online to match your budget and needs.

Aesthetic black Tennis Skirt Outfits


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A blazer and your black tennis skirt can look chic also. You can wear this look in fall, a black tennis skirt goes well with an all-black outfit look.

Black tennis Skirt Outfits


The vest is another cute piece you could add to your black tennis skirt outfits. The navy blue is stunning, you can also go with a pink or white vest instead.

Black Tennis Skirt Outfit with vest

Thinking of a leather jacket? here is how you can mix the hard and the soft together. The skirt and heels are cute and soft and the leather jacket and glasses give a cool style.

Black Tennis Skirt Outfits

The classic black cropped top with a black tennis skirt and black platform boots. The white sock adds a cute youthful charm to it as well.

At Princess Polly

Sweatshirt Looks

Pairing your white tennis skirt with a great sweatshirt can look so adorable. This is a cute spring outfit look for school. They go perfectly with flat or platform shoes.

The white collars give details to your look that also pull attention.

Sweatshirt Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfits


Pastel colors are great, and this light blue and white look is totally worth trying out. When choosing a blue tennis skirt do pay attention to the fabric thickness. The cropped sweatshirt and long sleeves place a lovely balance on the look.

Sweatshirt Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfits

This girl was smart in her overall spring look, mid-calf combat boots with lace-up, pleated skirt, and long-sleeve top for a cute look.

Sweatshirt Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfits

Image via @amberharrelsonn

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With sweater

The light blue cropped sweatshirt with Nike Tennis skirt. Paring it with a blue hair clip, and a handbag to top the look off. This cute sporty outfit will certainly pull compliments.

White Tennis skirt and sweater

Image via @kenziegoley

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If you pull the skirt up it helps your legs appear longer. The style is laid back but cute and perfect for a college girl. The high bun is cute and makes the look appear great.

Tennis skirt and sweater

Credit instagram/wildesmarie

Black Nike sweater and white tennis skirt with checkered flag shoes. This is a smart look especially if you will be doing some walking. Sweaters and skirts can be worn for any season depending on the thickness of the top.

Tennis skirt and sweater

Image via Instagram @keybykim

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Casual Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Style

Bershka’s tennis skirts are popular on social media such as Instagram and TikTok. The designs are perfect and they are affordable.

Their skirt has been popular for over a year now and we can see their continued trend. Their product is cute with beautiful space pleats.

white tennis skirt outfits


The blue button top gives a professional look. Bershka’s tennis skirts are cute with great fit as mentioned previously. This is how you can pair your white tennis skirt outfit with sandals for a chill summer look.

white tennis skirt outfit

Instagram @emstvk

Chocolate Brown Tennis Skirt

You can choose to have your skirt in chocolate brown like this one. It is cute and the white tee is a nice look for fall.

brown tennis skirt outfit

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Leather Pleated Skirt

A leather version could work for a more party style.

brown tennis skirt outfit

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Blue and White Color Combination

Choosing a blue-and-white color palette such as this can be cute. The style features a white cropped tee, blue tennis skirt, black bag, blue socks, and white sneakers.

blue tennis skirt outfit

Instagram: @laurenalialger

A black and brown combo is a lovely choice. I love the outfit below it’s an effortless look for hot weather. You could also wear a vest instead of this cropped top.

tennis skirt outfit

Instagram @natalia_zug

Plaid pleated Tennis Skirt, beret & heels for a cute grown-up look. Matching look for mommy and me fashion.

tennis skirt outfit

Cardi B

Pink Tennis Skirt Outfits

This lovely pastel color combo is so cute and perfect for spring and summer. For more spring and summer skirt outfit ideas enjoy this.

pink skirta nd sneakers

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