22 Book Tattoos For Those Who Love Reading

If you are looking for new ink inspiration, here are some book tattoo ideas to interest you. Do you have a passion for books? then these are a great inspiration to embrace and show off.

You will find book quote tattoos, symbols for reading, quotes, reading tattoo ideas, and more. Talking to some tattoo artists I have the pleasure of helping you with your passion for reading with beautiful book-inspired tattoos.

We have included whimsical ideas such as teacups, and flowers, for a cozy feeling and getting lost in books. Whether you’re drawn to classic novels like “Pride and Prejudice” or modern favorites, a book tattoo is a unique and personal way to showcase your literary devotion.

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1. Flowers Poking Out

book tattoos

This flower tattoo with the book is cute and feminine. The flowers have three different designs to keep the style interesting.

2. Deathly Hallows Harry Potter Book Tattoo

book tattoo movie

Those who are fans of Harry Potter will understand this book’s tattoo design. This is also a good way for you to express your passion for a book and a good story.

3. A Fantasy World

cute story book tattoo

When it comes to Tattoos it’s a good way to express ourselves. This book tattoo featured a lot of different elements that may come from books such as Dragon.

4. A feather pen

book tattoo

Image from the start.your.line

Sometimes a book may inspire you to write and this may be a good story you need to tell. If you want to remind yourself of this then this unique style tattoo could do that for you.


book tattoos


6. Book tattoo on Arm

book tattoo

source @jadehazetattoo

7. Magic Tea Cup on Books

8. Books that contain galaxies

Books that contain galaxies

9. Colorful Books and Flowers


This medium-sized tattoo can be placed on almost any part of the body and looks attractive. We love the bright colors of this tattoo art vibrant red flowers, and green leaves, and the books are also colored.

10. Symbolism Book Tattoo

book tattoo

This next tattoo design features a lovely idea that can be a great way to express your passion for literature.

11. Small Arm Book Tattoo

colorful flowers in the book tattoo

This next book tattoo is for those who love books and nature. This tattoo symbolizes not just one thing but wisdom, and knowledge, and the flower represents growth. This mini-size tattoo can be both elegant and meaningful to those seeking growth.

12. Flowers Run Through the Books

book tattoos


This book tattoo design has a flower growing through three books and emerging at an open one. The fantasy of this design is a good choice for women looking for something romantic.

13. A Magical World

unique book tattoo


Books can take you to another place and sometimes we need that escape from reality. This tattoo has a line outline of a woman reading a book and around her head, the galaxy symbols are there.

14. Pretty Shoulder Book Tattoos

book tattoos


This is one of my favorite tattoos on this list because. The design is so cute starting with an open book and then a slightly closed one as they continue to descend into smaller versions and look more like birds.

15. Dragon and Flowers

book tattoos


So for our next option, the combination suggests a deep love for literature and perhaps a touch of fantasy or mysticism.

If you’re considering getting this tattoo, make sure to work closely with a skilled tattoo artist who can bring your vision to life in a way that suits your style and preferences.

16. Book tattoo with Pages and petals

book tattoos

For this next design, it combines a lot of elements with the open book and petals. This design could symbolize the beauty and fragility of knowledge, the page representing the discovery of new ideas.

17. In a Jar

book tattoos

This tattoo idea could represent hidden memories, ideas, or stories. Also could symbolize books that should be cherished because you are just a nerd.

18. Matching book tattoos

matching book tattoos


For this next idea, we think the open books with stars represent. The love for literature and wanting to reach the stars. With the touch of magic, we could share a deep connection with an individual who has the same values.

19. Minimalist Line Tattoo

 book tattoos


In this simple line tattoo, three books are stacked on each other.

20. Water Color

book tattoos

This pretty watercolor book tattoo, with a popular trend. The swirly blue and pink flame slowly escaped from the book. If you want something that represents both passion for reading and magic this style could be the one.

21. Pride And Prejudice Tattoo

book tattoos


A design inspired by the book cover character.

22. With a Little Tee Cup

This next design of the books and coffee cup could symbolize coziness or a comforting feeling when reading.

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