12 Best 70s Halloween Costume Ideas That Are So Groovy


If you are still not sure what costume to wear this Halloween. If you ever desire to do something retro why not try these 70s Halloween Costumes you can’t go wrong. That decade is popular for its wonder colorful, flowers, hippy style, and can’t forget the flashy disco outfits.

If you are feeling the love we’ve included some couple Halloween costume ideas that you can match with your partner. So feeling groovy this Halloween? We have pulled together some of the best costumes you can purchase.

1 . Groovy Disco 70s Halloween Costume

70s Halloween Costumes

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Bright multi-color dresses were a big deal in the 70s. Let us live in the current time but party like we are in the past.

2. Hippie Costume Set

Hippie Costume Set

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Here is another look with a brown fringe design.

3. Gold 70’S Glitz N Glamour

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A jumpsuit is a good choice no matter the year. Everyone at this party will be dazzled by your golden look.

4. 70s Girls’ Disco Costume

70s Girls' Disco Costume

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Even the younger ones can get in on these groovy 70s costume ideas. This is a fun colorful dress that represents them perfectly.

5. Dreamgirl Women’s Disco Doll Costume

70s Halloween Costume

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You can get behind this one no matter which party you will stand out in this. 70s costume ideas that will brighten up any room and lighten the mood.

6. World Women’s Hippie Poncho Costume

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7. 70s Halloween costume Boho Solid Hippie Wide Leg Flared Bell Bottom Pants

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Flared pants have made their way back even in our current year as a fashion statement. So why not get this versatile piece for your next Halloween outfit.

8. Halloween Dazzler 70s costume ideas

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Here is a dazzling look for the girl who wants to make a statement at the party. Match this look with some cool glasses and you have yourself a fashionable piece.

9. Fringe Vest Faux Suede Tassels 70s Hippie Costume

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10. 70s Halloween Costumes Women’s Retro Hippie

Costumes Women's Retro Hippie Costume

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Retro hippie look with white boots is pretty right?

11. Women’s Authentic 70’s Chic Costume

70s Halloween Costumes

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12. Women’s Disco ’70s Costume

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