16 Trendy Ways How to Wear Sweater Vests

How to wear a sweater vest even if you are not looking for a preppy style. This is an iconic 90s fashion trend and it is back alongside y2k styles. You may be new to this trend or just looking for fresh sweater vest outfits and Ideas.

We have rounded up some of the best ways how to style a sweater vests outfit this fall. This trend has been a cute look to go back in time for 90s-themed outfits. This season is the perfect time to get an inspired fall look with these vest outfit trends.

Chic Sweater Vest Outfit Ideas

This awesome sweater vest trend guide for an effortless elegance that you can enjoy all year round. There are many different ways to style these and we have collected some for you.

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1. Oversized sweater vest T-Shirt Dress

sweater vest outfits

Image credit @pink_store_eg

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One of our favorite ways to rock sweater vests is as a dress. The white shirt dress is a classic outfit idea for underneath the vest. The look is perfect for those cooler fall days as you finish the look off with boots, sunglasses, and a handbag.

2. With a Blue Shirt and Plaid Mini Skirt

Blue sweater shirt, skirt and beige sweater vest

Image from Tumblr.com

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This is a stunning outfit you can wear a beige sweater with a light blue shirt. is a good contrast We love neutral colors because they are easy to style with anything else.

3. How to Style with Pants

sweater vest with pants and boots

Image credit @thecoolhour

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If you are looking for a classic look with a modern take dress up with pants and a sweater vest trend. This style features calf-height combat boots, pants tucked in the boots, and a vest over a shirt with balloon sleeves.

4. White Tennis Skirt

how to wear with white tennis skirt and grey vest

Image source Girl-Outfits.com

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White tennis skirts they look great with almost any top and a sweater vest is no different. Wearing a white skirt with another neutral color is a safe combination that always works.

5. All Neutral Colors with Sneakers

How to Wear Sweater Vests all neautral color

Image credit Getty

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For a casual look that you can wear to the office, this next outfit idea is a good fit. Loose pants for comfort and the sneakers add the lay-back casual vibe. Women over 30 will appreciate the ease and elegance of this look.

6. With Denim Pants

with blue denim pants

Image credit @rachelgracewilson

Denim jeans are some of the most versatile pieces of clothing you will ever own. Denim looks great with almost everything so we recommend styling your vest with denim pants, black blue, or white.

You can choose to go with baggy jeans or slim fit, you have a lot of good options.

7. With Snakeskin Boots

brown vest and snake skin boots

Image credit @kristylesbykristen

This sweater outfit with your bold boots and matching shoulders purse. The denim is close fit and tucked into the boots, the vest and a white button-up is a classic styling. This style also feels effortless if you are not looking for too much of attention-grabbing.

8. Leather Coat

Black and white with Leather Coat

Image credit @sharazamann

Wear your sweater vest with a coat, the time gets chilly but you still want to wear your mini outfit. We have to admit this makes a great social media look, sure a baddie style.

9. Or All Black And White With Mini Skirt

black and white

Image credit @corryntimm

You may first think black and white may look boring but here is your proof that they are not and worth giving a try. You can choose to add some colors if you are feeling inspired as it all comes down to your personality.

10. With High Top Sneakers

oversized vest pair with sneakers

Image credit @prissymaae

A more youthful look this oversized vest with high-top sneakers. If you are not worried about the cold here is a bold way to enjoy this trend.

11. With a Leather Pants

copper color leather pants, chunky boots and white sweater vest

Image credit @i.am.sarah

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Fall gives you the opportunity to take those leather pants out for a spin. The season is perfect and the copper color pants with brown chunky ankle boots complement the season and the outfit well.

12. With Pastel Trousers

women in light green Trousers, brown handbag, white button down shirt and sweater vest

Image credit @rachelnoelleclark

This next look is an office wear for those more casual days. The look is cool and it would also make a great transition outfit with the chunky sneakers. The wide-leg pants are cool and Gen Z-approved.

13. Cute Chunky Knit Sweater Vest

Image credit @rebecca_handley

This has to be one of my favorite looks on this list. We love the skirt is cute and flirty, the color sweater vests, and the neutral-tone boots. A preppy look is one of the best ways to style these. We love that this white T-shirt sleeve is so big it stands out.

14. How to Wear Sweater Vests on Its Own

blue sweater vest

Image credit @laura.marie.xo

Althought sweaters are a Fall and Winter staple they can also be worn during spring and season. As you can see they don’t have to be layered to be stylish. Emily shows us you can appreciate a nice sweater outfit with a color that compliments your skin.

15. Try Them With Flared Jeans

style your sweater vest tucked into jeans

Image credit Pinterest

Flare jeans are also a trend that returns so combining two 90s trend can be tricky, adding modern accessories help to take the look from decades ago to modern time. The pointy two shoes or you could swap those out for flats.

16. Cute Pretty Sweater Vest Fall Outfit

cute style with black skirt and pink top

So next we have a rose pink v-neck sweater vest over a black turtleneck and a black high-waist skirt. I love the schoolgirl look but with an elevated elegance to it. If you are considering a fall date night outfit this is a good one.

Which of these sweater vest styles are you thinking of giving a try? You can pair them with skinny jeans basically anything and you will look cute and confident. Hope we were able to help you decide how to wear sweater Vests for all seasons.

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