21 Halloween Wedding Cake Ideas


It’s fair that when most of us picture Halloween, we don’t always picture a romantic event. After all, how could it be beautiful and so scary at the same time? Some of the most epic love stories are not only about romance, they are about similar interests and passion. You may find passion in a country wedding, or a beach theme and others may want to have their wedding during the spooky season and have a fancy gothic wedding cake. We have gathered twenty Halloween wedding cake ideas for those couples who want to embrace their quirkier side and have a Halloween wedding.

Just like any wedding, Halloween theme weddings can be expressed in a wide number of ways. It’s a season to be really creative and have fun with the colors that are associated with it. Popular Halloween colors such as orange, black, purple, and vamp red. It is really cool to have your wedding be the way you picture no matter the season. The wedding cake is a big part of the wedding it really pulls it together. Couples get the opportunity to really express their wedding theme through their cake.

Halloween wedding cake

What makes Halloween wedding cakes so interesting is the part where you don’t have to hold back. Your wedding cake can be as weird as you want it to be. After all, it is your wedding and you should make it as fun as you like.

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Some of the wedding cakes on our list are gory and others are just really weird, scary, and even elegant. What you can’t say about these cakes is that they are forgettable. Your guest will have a hard time forgetting your wedding cake.

Halloween Wedding Cake Ideas

Dark and Deserted Woodland

Nothing says scary than dark wood, this cake has two-tier and is large enough for your guest to enjoy.

Elegant Halloween Wedding Cake

Image: fall_holiday_treats/Instagram

This cake is a perfect example of how elegant and delicate your wedding can still be. Although the skulls and spider webs say Halloween the color says bridal.

Black upside-down Fall Wedding Cake

Image : Inspired beauty

When it comes to black cake it’s not the first choice for a wedding but look how beautiful this one is. This is elegant and the flower decoration elevates the look while sticking to the theme.

Black & Red Creepy Cake Idea


This four-tier wedding cake is dramatic but subtle in many ways. The black crow as wedding topping is super creepy and just right for the spooky wedding.

Gothic Halloween wedding cake toppers

Gothic Wedding Cake

Image: u/nessbake

Black and white theme with cool toppers. This Halloween wedding cake is elegant and would do great for any wedding if the toppers should be removed.

Skull Topper Halloween Wedding Cakes

Gothic Wedding Cake


This all-black cake may seem relatively simple but it sure stands out. The red Rose and white skill give it enough to creep you out.

Beetle Juice

Credit: unknown

Now, this brings me back and I would like to bite into this spooky cake. This Halloween wedding cake topper with bats is creepy and unique, right? The colors are totally fitting and the snake shedding its skin.

Gothic Wedding Cake

gothic wedding cake

The Halloween season fits well with a Gothic wedding cake. Four-tier blue and black cake and black moon topper to give more creep.

Bird Cage Elegant Cake For Fall

Elegant Halloween Wedding Cake

This wedding cake doesn’t look all terrifying but still does give some creepy vibe. The cake looks elegant and creative to complement your wedding in the best light.

Sugar Skull Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers

Gothic Wedding Cake


This cake is not forgettable if you want a striking glory cake. The skull and the dark drip design look amazing.

Cupcakes Halloween Cake

Halloween Wedding Cake

This is another fun reason to have a Halloween wedding. All the cupcake toppers look great, rat bats, r i p . ghosts, and pumpkins that are all Halloween staples.

Haunted House Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers

Halloween Wedding Cake

Halloween pumpkin wedding cake toppers are really extravagant. This shows how much passion this couple has for creating something memorable.

Bone Wedding Toppers


The color is a classic color for Halloween, the skeleton toppers are a fun addition to the whole look. This will put a smile on your guest’s faces.

Hay and Pumpkin Wedding Cake

Halloween  pumpkin wedding cake

MadHouse Bakes

For a true fall wedding with just enough creep, this cake is unique and memorable. If you are having a barn Halloween wedding this creepy cake with a black cat will fit right in.

Night Before Christmas Spooky Cake

Halloween Wedding Cake

Going for a movie theme to get interesting ideas to create a cake around. We all need inspiration from somewhere so why not check out some of your favorite Halloween movies to create the perfect Halloween wedding cake?

Skeleton Halloween CakeToppers

For an elegant Halloween wedding cake, this is simple, the skeleton toppers and black flowers add enough spooky to it.

Maleficent Inspired Cake

Sweet Tooth Confections.

If you happen to be a Disney fan, well this maleficent cake can be your Halloween wedding inspiration. This is an interesting take on the cake the artist was recreating Disney characters as cake and it’s yummy.

Pretty Cake For Halloween Wedding

This cake is one of my favorites, it’s really pretty but still has characteristics for Halloween. If you want a minimalist version of your scary wedding cake then this is a good option.

Unique five-tier Cake

Although this cake is gloomy it is pretty and has good enough creep elements to stand out.

Dark and Lovely Fall Wedding Cake

For a fall wedding, this vampire cake looks spectacular. Gothic-inspired wedding cake.

Full Red and Black Halloween Wedding Cake Ideas

Made by Anna Cakes out of Orlando, FL

Red and black are popular among anti-valentine but for Halloween, it’s pretty cool. The color is bright red and decorated with black.

Elegant Halloween Wedding Cake

Halloween Wedding Cake

The cake stand is decorated with fruits that are matching the color of Halloween. The cake is for couples who aren’t afraid to be perky. The gray color is a bit unique as well.



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