15 Best Halloween Bat Makeup Ideas For 2023


Halloween is not fully covered until you have some bat decor right? So how about adding this to your Halloween bat makeup?

It’s a classic creepy Halloween look and adding it to your makeup may just be the amount of creep you need. To show you how awesome bat makeup for Halloween can be creepy and cool. These bats look creepy, glam, and interesting so take a look at all the best ideas we have gathered.

Halloween bat makeup


1. Creepy Makeup on the Lips

If you want a very scary and creepy look this is the one. Her eyes are very dark with black eye shadow and a bat design on her lips. Her lips are painted black with bats surrounding it as if they are leaving her mouth. The black and white hair is also perfect for the whole look to come together.

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Creepy Halloween bat makeup

2. Cute Bat Makeup For Halloween

This bat makeup look has two of the trendy elements of this year. The cloud makeup goes well with the bat idea in the night. Dark gold eye shadow and black eyeliner make a dramatic look. The White contact lenses really take the look to another level also the red ones should make just as much impact.

Halloween bat makeup

3. Adorable Bat Makeup For Halloween

The next makeup look is cute and adorable and will require very steady hands to copy this look. This look is clean face and not as scary perfect for girls who want to embrace Halloween but still cute.

Bat Makeup For Halloween

4. Unique Bat Makeup Ideas

Want to mix with your favorite color pink? This unique look is not like the rest on this list, with a large bat painted on her face with a drip effect. This is also a nice design for a vamp look, it is creepy but at a minimum.

pink makeup drip

Image from: instagram.com/sareeeb

5. Bat Cave

The illusion of this look makes it one to remember because it is so cool. Her face was painted all over with bad and the one on the eye really stands out. With her eyes closed, it looks like a dark bat cave. Also, I have to mention how good the bat eyeliner is.

Bat Makeup Cave

Source: @amynicolemakeup

6. A Cute Idea for Kids

Bat makeup for kids with her adorable smile anything would look great. Large bat across the eyebrow and forehead. We love this style and it’s a nice way to let the kids join in on the fun.

makeup idea for child

7. Simple Bat Makeup Ideas

This next bat makeup for Halloween has a cool illusion. The lips and around it have the bat, and the eyeliners are painted with bat wings design. This creates a sense as if the bat was originally on her lips before it flew away and left that nude spot on her lips.

On the Lips and Eyeline

Source: @kerena_ve

8. Cute Creepy Illusion

This is one of my favorites, love the blush under the bat under the eyes. This is quite a cute design with pink eye shadow and pink lips. The illusion is painted on her body, it is like she opens her skin and the bats are flying out. This is not as easy as some of the others but there are a few tutorials online.

Cute Creepy Illusion

Source: @meganrobinsonmakeup

9. Glam Bat Makeup Ideas

The next bat makeup for Halloween is a stylish glam Batman design. This look covers the eyes with golden eye shadow that reminds me a bit of Wonder Woman’s color.

bat makeup ideas


10 . Bright Vibrant Bat Makeup

Products used: Banana shade color pallet, Fit Me concealer shade 110, Fit Me powder, chocolate bronzer, Here

Orange makeup look


11. Bat makeup look

This Spooky bat makeup for Halloween is one of my favorites. This is not one of the simple makeup so you will need a talented artist to recreate the look.

creepy Halloween makeup

Image @katiifirecat

12. Halloween bat makeup

Orange shadow and black bats in different sizes. The extra-long eyelashes are also fierce matching the black lipstick.

Orange and black lips with large lashes

13. With Full brows and Pink Lips

This next bat makeup idea is also giving me pumpkin makeup ideas for Halloween with the orange shadow. The look is cute with bat-shaped eye wings the matte lipstick.


Image via sarahanne616

14. Purple and Black Makeup Ideas

This next look features purple and black color theme. The look has very dark eyeshadows that outline with purple to cerate a drastic contrast.

purple and black shadows

15. Cute Around The Eyes

If you are looking for a cute makeup idea then this option is a great choice. The look features two bats on the side of the eyes, light gold eyeshadow, and burgundy color lips.

cute look with dark red lips

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