33 Fresh Eye Makeup Looks That’ll Blow You Away


In this post, we have collected some of the most amazing eye makeup looks found on the internet. We have lots of combinations so I’m sure you will find something matching your mood and style.

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1 . Yellow, black and gold shimmer

Eye Makeup Looks

This color is perfect for a summer event and features bright mustard yellow and black shadows on the outside parts of the eyes.

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2. Pink Red Eye Makeup Looks

eye makeup

This is a festive eye makeup look with rhinestones under the eyes and an ombre shade of red.

3. Perfect look for hazel or brown eyes

Elegant makeup for eyes

This is one of my favorite looks to do when I am feeling extra and want to stand out. The brows are well done, the shimmer of gold in between the eye’s corners.

4. Blue Glitter Tip

blue glitter makeup looks for eyes

If you know us we can tell you that this is a popular choice by readers. With cut crease royal blue glitter is what a girl needs for an impact.

5. Sparkle Eye Makeup Looks

Sparkle Eye Makeup Looks

This fantasy makeup idea is so pretty.

6. Classy Makeup for Wedding

Eye Makeup Looks

This makeup is quite minimalist with a soft touch of gold powder and brown eyeliner. If you want eye makeup fr your wedding day this could be it.

7. Brown Glitter

These days not all smokey eyes are trendy but you can add a little touch to it to give it a modern look. You can use glitter and bright colors to create a more modern and trendy look.

8. Smokey Glitter Looks

This trendy makeup looks stunning and sophisticated, the matte lip stain completes this look.

9. Cat Gold Liner

The soft shiny gold looks amazing and the black liner adds contrast. You can choose another color that goes better with your eye color.

10. Bold Lashes

The brown color under the eye with brown and burnt orange powder over the eyes.

11. Bright Neon Color

bright eye shadows

This elegant touch of purple eyeshadow with orange pop together.

12. Gold and Orange

This next look is timeless and features soft gold over the eye that goes out into an orange hue.

13. Glam Makeup

Bright colors are now acceptable for any season. Some colors represent a season more than others and we used them to embrace the seasons. Yellow and orange give a spring and summer feeling.

14. Purple Eye Makeup

purple eye makeup

This makeup look will grab everyone’s attention, the hint of the white liner is stunning.

15. Wine Red Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

If you want a valentine makeup look that is clean and pretty this is a good option.

16. Stunning Eye Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes

17. Pretty Eye Makeup

Gold glitter cut crease to create a bold line with the two eyeshadows.

18. Sophisticated Look

This whole makeup look is amazing with a chrome style.

19. Multi Color

pretty makeup looks

If you want a spring makeup look try this multi-color eyeshadow look.

20. Sunshine

soft tone makeup for eyes

There are many different ways to wear yellow and green makeup. The yellow/green eye shadow palette looks good on all skin tones and eye colors.

21.Bright and Bold

If you have these colors you can try recreating this look for a special day.

22.Green and Orange

Full Dark makeup is still a popular choice, you can choose dark grey if you dont want jet-black eyes.

23. Glitter Eye Makeup

Who doesn’t love some glitter eye shadow looks to glam everyone?

24. Pretty Glitter Line

This look is perfect for bright blue and green eyes.

25. Vamp Eye Makeup

Super long eyelashes with green under-eye makeup. There are many techniques now women are using to achieve the perfect look. You can add extra lashes to get that darker shade.

26. Dramatic Makeup Look

Recreate the sharp cat eye look with black, grey, and emerald green eye shadow.

27. Piercing Look

If you are a spring baddie, then this next makeup look will inspire you.


This next look features bold lashes with subtle brown makeup shadow over the eye.

29. Gold Line Wings and Black Pencil

30. Wings

31. Musky Style

32. Smugged Eye Shadow

33. Smokey Black And Nude Lipstick

Choosing smokey eyes with nude lipstick allows you to slay the camera with a seductive look.

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