20 Stunning Black Wedding Hairstyles That Will Leave You Breathless 2024

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Picking the right hairstyle for such a big day is sometimes not the easiest. Wedding hairstyles for black women come in many varieties. Choosing from a variety of ranges from simple to more complicated ones. Black wedding hairstyles for natural hair and altered/relaxed hair.

Wedding updo hairstyles for black women go well with natural textured curls and waves. You can choose buns, updos, elegant twists, and braided hairstyles. If you have wavy hair try swirls and veils. You can add accessories to your hair to give it a more luxurious look. We are giving you great ideas that look great with women for your dark skin.

Best 20 Black Wedding Hairstyles

Updo Black Wedding Hairstyles

Updos are lovely for brides to keep the hair off their back and in place. You can have to define wave curls and really sculpt your face. Updos are elegant and any woman will look great in them. We have examples of the best styles for different textures hair, color, and length.

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Smooth Curl Chignon

Chignon is not new to formal looks but the modern smooth take on this particular one is breathtaking. The touch of soft natural brown tone and dark roots really makes the look even more pretty.

The defined flow to the back is where the elegant curl bun is. The style lets your face really show and makes your eyes pop.

wedding updo hairstyles for black women

Credit: IG @aubridalhairdesigns

Elegant Tuck wedding hairstyles for black women

Pulling the hair back then rolling and tucking it under, this is a beautiful and elegant alternative to a bun. Wedding hairstyles for natural black hair and would also look good on relaxed hair. I love this style because of how it draws attention to the eyes.

 wedding updo hairstyles for black women

Wedding Hairstyles For Natural Black Hair

If you are thinking of an elegant updo in natural texture this next style can fulfill all that. If you have natural curls that define when wet, you can also achieve this look with a refined twist.

Pull the hair up on the top of your hair like a bun, and let small hair fall out at the front for a more romantic look. This wedding hairstyle has laid edges that make it more laid back.


Wedding Updo Hairstyles for Black Women With Headband

This next hairstyle has a fantastic headpiece, an alternative to a tiara or veil. Headpieces and hair accessories always help to make the wedding feel a bit more special. The relaxed texture of the hair is pulled in a low elegant style. The earrings matching the headpiece are beautiful.

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wedding updo hairstyles for black women

Photo credit : instagram/joyadenuga

Gorgeous Black Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

With the wedding looks everything will take longer no matter how simple the style is. Choosing to pull your hair back in a bun or let it down with a veil paired with drop earrings.

african american wedding hairstyles with weave veil


Black wedding hairstyles with veil

Whether you wear sleek hair or flowy hair updos with your veil. The color will and style will look great with your dress. Doesn’t matter if your dress is white, creamy, or even black dress like for a spooky wedding.

black women wedding hairstyles with veil


Short Hair with Veil

If you have short hair your wedding hairstyle can look great with a veil. The next hairstyle is to pull under the veil to let your beautiful face shine.

veil black wedding hairstyles


Charming Black Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers

During the summer and spring seasons, flowers are among the most popular hair accessories. It doesn’t matter how you want to wear your hair updo, all out, wavy curly. For classic brides, try tucking a single flower into a chignon or high bun, and for more edgy brides place it in your crown like the example below.


Sassy flowers 4c natural hair wedding styles

If you love flowers why not have them on your wedding day? With your lovely natural texture, you will have no problem pulling this next style off. This wedding hairstyle for natural black hair is styled with flowers and crown rocking at the side. It is so pretty and sassy as hell.

black women wedding hairstyles

Image: instagram/stanlophotography

Small Flower Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Black Hair

 Bohemian brides-to-be should try a flower crown, you can add tiny flower accessories like the picture below. This simple accessory just made a normal hairstyle more delicate and luxurious.

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Black Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Black Hair With Flowers

If you are bold and you think you can rock multi-color flowers it is your day. This hairstyle is done on natural 4c texture hair. It is just letting your hair out and letting it shrink and represent the natural you.

natural hairstyles for black brides

Image: @efikzara

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

Wavy hair is the definition of a romantic hairstyle. Why not make those waves speak for your big day? You can create waves on any length of hair. The veil will never go out of style at least not in our lifetime.

Wavy Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Wanting some inspiration for wavy texture well you will like the next couple of ideas we put together. This look is simple but it’s very elegant, wearing your hair down in a wavy texture. This look is adorable and will have your guest staring with adoration.

Wavy Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Half up Half Down

Long loose waves with romantic appeal. The simplicity of adding zero accessories to the look makes it even more lovely.

wedding hairstyles for relaxed hair


Side Swept Bangs & Snow Flake Wedding Hairstyle

Long loose waves with snowflake hair clips add charm and elegance to the look. This hairstyle would look good also on medium shoulder-length hair.

african american wedding hairstyles with weave

Wedding Hairstyles for Relaxed Hair Black Brides

This wedding hairstyle has a modern and chic look. Every bride wants to look stunning on their big day. The hair color is flattering on all skin colors and frames the face beautifully.

wedding hairstyles for relaxed hair

Black Women’s Wedding Hairstyles With Accessories

Princess hairstyles for black women on her big day. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess or a queen on such a special day right? You can go for a high bun with a crown accessory or add waves to your hair.

Wedding style with Tiara

Tiara is one of the basic wedding hair accessories as it let you feel even more special. The next black women’s wedding hairstyle focus on the face, the hair is pulled on top to create large strands of braids. The sparkly tiara compliments the updo but doesn’t take away all the attention from your face.

princess hairstyles for black women

Accessory headband

Next hairstyle you will love if you ever picture letting your big luscious curls out. These curls have amazing volume and are not too tight which makes them more glamorous on your shoulder.

You can achieve these curls using a curling wand or maybe old-school Flexi rods.

 princess hairstyles for black women

From: instagram/joyadenuga/

Smooth Minimalist look

When it comes to a chic look this black wedding hairstyles hits all the mark.

african american wedding hairstyles with weave


Natural Hairstyles for Black Brides

Hairstyles for natural texture hair black women. You can add an extension to create a big puff that will create stunning hairstyles.

Updos are a no-fail choice when it comes to wedding hairstyles and this back updo is no exception. This updo is lovely for any bride and goes well with the hair accessories, and would still go well if you decide to wear a veil.

You could wear this with a birdcage veil to have the hairstyle show. Wearing updos with a veil is a timeless look.

natural hairstyles for black brides

Wedding hairstyles for natural black hair

For a smooth easy wedding hairstyle, the bun is the ultimate go-2 style. Creating the bun with an almost donut’s puff and twist at the side. This look is elegant and pretty and will help you feel even more special on your big day.

natural hairstyles for black brides

Image: @efikzara

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wedding hairstyles for black women

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