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8 Stunning Bridal Hairstyle Trends for 2019

8 Stunning Bridal Hairstyle Trends for 2019

bridal hairstyle for 2019

Hello to all you brides to be. If you are looking for some stunning inspiration for your wedding day, here are 10 trends for 2019 that will be a head turner.

# 1.  The New Half-Up bridal hairstyles

Now instead the hair pulled back and laid flat with a few bobby pins. Are you into this trend for your wedding? This style will work best for woman with straight hair or willing to have your hair straighten in a non humidly climate.

#2 . Slick and Pop Curls

Slick down front of hair and let your curls pop behind an headband. This is a pretty hairstyle for girls with natural curls. Here is a headband I love and think would be great recreating this style, shop it on Amazon bridal headband for $16.98

#3 The Undone Chignon

Simple and relax hairstyle thats just a knotted bun.

#4 . Play with your natural texture 

Instead of changing your texture completely let it work for you. Let it be the main attraction , more brides embracing the texture they are blessed with.

Curls with grown being the queen you are on your day. This hairstyle is perfect for wedding.

Flowers to enhance big curls, making it pop

#5. Elsa inspired hair

Who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess on their  wedding day!? This look will definitely give you that feel and always a popular choice.

#6 Vintage Glam Waves

The glam waves will never go out of style and becoming more popular trend for 2019 brides. These finger waves hairstyle adds drama.

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#7 . The Relaxed Bohemian

These hairstyle are effortless fantastic for  beach or those rustic barn weddings.

# 8 . Soft & Structured

Beautiful romantic hairstyle, this is structure and soft  and the same time. These bridal hair is always a stunner. Lots of details but soft.

Play with texture and colors, beautiful wedding hairstyle.

bridal hairstyle for 2019

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