16 Easy Hairstyles For School To Save Time

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Time for school and you want something cute but also easy to do. If you are looking for cute easy hairstyles for school you will love this post. One of the best things about these hairstyles you can do them yourself in a short amount of time. When going back to school you want to look all new and shiny with some nice hair. 

We all have those days when we may have to rush or just don’t have enough time to get the best look.

Five Strands Braid Hairstyle For School

Brush and detangle your hair properly. Use your leave-in or detangler if needed. Five-strand braids have a more romantic feel to them than regular braids and also add a special touch to them. Although this braid looks difficult it’s not after you get some practice. You can do two braids or one big braid. 

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Five Strands Braid Hairstyle

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Half up Half down double Top Knot Bun 

Up next is this cute hairstyle and Ariana Grande does it justice. Cute double knot but, letting the other half of your hair out. This hairstyle looks bomb on long hair but if you have medium-length hair you can enjoy this look as well. 

simple hairstyle for school girl

Baddie Instagram-inspired Space Buns

The high double bun is from the ’90s but is still fashionable today, so trending right now. One of the fun parts of this is that if you don’t want hair on your face this is for you. This look will work on all hair types as well, so don’t worry enjoy. 

space buns

For a tutorial check out eonline

Two Puff Hairstyles for School

Looking for a soft beautiful curly hairstyle this one is for you. A high double messy bun is another version of the previous style. This messier version is cute and you can lay your baby hair like this picture-perfect hairstyle for natural curly texture girls. 

cute puff style

You can also fake this look until you make it 

Half Up Half Down Easy Hairstyles For School

The half-up-half-down hairstyle will never go out of style. If you are looking for something sweet and super easy this is for you. Pull the top half of the hair create a bun and secure it with an elastic. The color would look great with your spring outfit for school.

simple hairstyle for school girl
Cute Hairstyles for School Easy

Loose Braids Hairstyle

Double braid in the middle section of your head. This hairstyle is quite quick, this can be done in less than 5 minutes. Fast under 5 minutes hairdo and you can use a finishing hair spray to get a shiny soft look. 

Braided Hairstyles for School Easy

Fast and easy Braid

High ponytail with braid, upside-down braid. This hairstyle is most suitable for teenage girls. It’s fun and cute and it’s quick and easy. You will be happy to learn how to braid this year. This is a twist to the usual ponytail. You can choose to keep the ponytail straight or create loose large curls. 

simple hairstyle for school girl

Cute Headband and Natural Curls

Wet your hair add your leave-in conditioner and let your hair just be in its natural form. Brush your hair back out of your face and use your headband to keep the hair away from your face the rest of the day. You can get a different type of headband here

You can use a holding spray to help your hair stay in place, this is if you have unruly hair or fly away. TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Level 4 Hold Hairspray on ( Amazon )

fast and easy hairstyles for school

Braid Hairstyle with Undone ends

Finding cute easy hairstyles such as this one may not always come to our mind. The hairstyle is cute and super easy to do by yourself. It has two large braids and the ends are left undone to save some time if you have long hair. You can use an elastic band to secure that part.

fast and easy hairstyles for school

Low Double Pony Tail Easy Hairstyles For School

Sleek hair back with gel or hair mousse, whichever holds your hair best. This is more important for curly hair as the hair doesn’t always stay sleek down without products. This hairstyle can be done on short hair and add an extension if necessary to give it that extra bounce. A nice ponytail weave extension is this one and it’s for less than $10. ( Amazon )

black girl hairstyle for  school

Easy hairstyles for school for short hair

Here are some school easy hairstyles short hair. I know a few people who have trouble finding hairstyles for short hair. This will help my friends to have some new ideas for their next hairstyle. I will be sure to include some step-by-step hairstyles that you will

Effortless Twist for short hair

I told you this list is perfect for quick hairstyles. Those mornings when you oversleep, this next style just wants you need to still slay the day. Cute simple hairstyle for a school girl that also looks elegant and effortless.

Easy hairstyles for school for short hair

Source: sayyes.com

Perfect Retro Bouffant easy hairstyle for School

Here is another perfect example of a pretty hairstyle for short-haired girls. The style seems more mature or sophisticated compared to others on this list.

Easy hairstyles for school for short hair

Source: stylecaster.com

Simple hairstyle for school girl large front braid

This quick easy hairstyle for school is one of my favorites. I love how it looks and for every girl who dont has long hair, this one is for you. This simple hairstyle for school girls can save you lots of time during the morning rush.

simple hairstyle for school girl

Source: abeautifulmess.com

Half up Hald down Easy Hairstyles For School

This next hairstyle is super popular and everyone knows it. Adding accessories to the style brings it to life. Suitable for everyone of all ages and I can’t think of an occasion it wouldn’t look good for.

Easy hairstyles for school for short hair

Source: www.shutupilovethatshirtonyou.com

Simple Easy Hairstyles For School

For girls with medium-length hair, this hairstyle will look adorable on you. Hair length already makes the style easier to manage. Make a small moon bun half up half down with side bangs.

simple hairstyle for school girl

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