35 Best Winter Makeup Ideas 2023

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Winter isn’t all about cold and gloom. There is a lot to look forward to – the holidays, parties, and the beautiful color palettes outside. Couple this with trendy winter makeup ideas to bring in some glamor and fun.

During the winter we look for Christmas makeup looks to attend various events. We have rounded up 30+ winter makeup ideas to brighten your days this coming winter.

1. Frosty inner corners

Baby blue or your favorite pastel eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes spices up a cat-eye look and adds that frosty look to your winter makeup look. 

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Winter Makeup Ideas

Source: Tumblr.com

2. Gold glitter and Shimmer

A mix of deep gold glitter, with rich burgundy in the crease and outer corners, would be a great choice as a winter makeup idea. Match it with burgundy lips for a more glamorous look. 

Winter Makeup Ideas

3. Light gold glitter with red lips

Glitters and shimmers are for winter. More like the frosty and snowy glitter outside. For that winter makeup look, go for light gold and complete the look with a bright red for the lips.

winter makeup ideas

4. Bright Gold Eyes Makeup For Winter

For a more intense look than the previous one, go for a shiny, deep gold on the eyelids. Complement it with metallic lips.

Bright gold eyes makeup for winter

5. Golden shimmer winter makeup ideas

Brighten up a gloomy day in winter with a golden shadow of pinky-nude lips, peachy blush, and champagne highlighter.

winter makeup idea with gold

6. Black smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are a winter’s classic, and your go-to smokey shade is black. Layer up a few coats to achieve a full lash, dramatic effect for the winter makeup look.

7. Two-tone eyes Green Makeup

Two tones equal twice the glam. Add the second tone in the inner corners or go dramatic with a tone for each eye.

Source: @by_makeupbabe

8. Major wing Winter Makeup Idea

Winged eyeliner brings out a pretty look and accentuates the beauty of the eyes. Go major for that major party on your list.

winter makeup ideas with wing

9. Minimalist winged eyeliner

Small triangles drawn on the outer corners give a good drift from the full cat eye. You can go wrong with minimalist ideas for the winter makeup look styled with the right outfit.

minimalist winter makeup ideas


10. Rosy cheeks and red lips

Red lips are a great way to pop some color into your day. Liven up your face some more with a rosy blush.

red lips winter makeup ideas

11. Neon eyeliner Winter Makeup

One of the easiest looks to achieve, and the trendiest this year. You can have it in your favorite color. This winter makeup idea can match well with your colorful winter outfits.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas makeup

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

12. Winter Makeup Purple smoke

Shades of purple were a major trend last year and are likely to make a major comeback. It is a good color for smokey eyes this winter.

Winter Makeup Purple smoke

Source: @vivianeirismarie

13. Brown smokey

Rich deep brown smokey eyes are another way to add intensity to the eyes and glamor to your look, away from the usual grays and blacks.

Brown smokey

14. Burgundy lips

A favorite for winter and a fantastic reminder of the holiday décor. Wear it two-toned or give a metallic twist to spice things up.

winter makeup ideas

15. Blue glitter accent

Blue adds a little excitement to the glitter trend away from the usual white and gold shimmers. For this makeup look, use a lighter shade in the inner corners and a darker one on the outer.

blue glitter makeup

16. Embellished eyes

Crystals and pearls are a dramatic way to accent your eyes. Choose a glitter eyeliner or shadow for the winter look. Add this to your creative Christmas makeup collection for modern women.

Embellished eyes

17. Metallic eyes

If glistening lips are what you are looking for, metallic colors are perfect to give you that shimmer. Opt for a silver wash for that subtle shimmer and a cool icy feel.

silver glitter makeup

18. Statement blush

Make a statement with a rather visible blush this year. If you want to tone it down, choose a blush powder that blends in well with your skin.

natural makeup looks

Image via @oliviaphillipps

19. Fluffy brows

Ditch the overly drawn brows for full and fluffy ones to give you that natural look.

winter makeup ideas

Source: @armanibeauty

20. Extra-fluffy brows Clean and Pretty

Still, on the fluffy brows, this makeup trend makes them bigger, more drawn out, and definitely better. Just brush them up with eyebrow gel.

clean winter makeup

Source: @emmachenartistry

21. Cat eyelash lift

This lifted, flared cat-eye look lets you experience a different way of rocking the cat-eye. A lot of cutting, curling, and gluing are involved. 

You might need the help of a professional. A good hair stylist can help you achieve this look. Pop into one of the glamorous Las Vegas hair salons for that expert touch.

cat lashes

22. Kitten eyeliner winter makeup ideas

Cat-eye is a go-to look for winter. But, if you are after a subtler version, the kitten eye is the way to go.

cute winter makeup ideas

Image via Instagram/emmachenartistry

23. Reverse cat-eye

Or, go reverse with the cat-eye. It is a great way to flatter your eyes especially if you have little lid space.

Reverse cat-eye

24. Classic red makeup for winter party

You can never go wrong with classic red lips for this winter makeup look. Go bold with this shade and rock every party that you are invited to.

bright red lips

Image @marinaruybarbosa

25. Thin eyebrow deep winter makeup

Thin eyebrows are back and will feature widely this winter. Just use a brow gel to weave your brows together rather than tweezing.

deep winter makeup

Bella Hadid

26. Green eyeshadow

Greens are finally having a place in the current trendy eyeshadow colors. You can add more magic with any variation including mint, lime, and army.

deep winter makeup

Source:  https://www.instagram.com/p/B_5XTUiDjna/

27. Lined lips

For an ombre lip look, a major trend for this winter, lining your lips holds the key.

28. Glowy cheeks

Soft shades of blush are likely to be a top trend this winter. Opt for shades that blend with your natural glow.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com

29. Negative space eyeshadow

This look is an obsession among makeup enthusiasts. This ‘almost opposite’ of a cat-eye flick will take your makeup game a notch higher.

cute winter makeup ideas

30. Monochromatic softness

If you would rather stay away from too many colors on your face, the same color palette on your eyes and lips is the way to go this winter.

31. Full-color eyes

Extend the eyeshadow to the surrounding areas of the eyes for a full pop of color. Accentuate it with the same color on your lips.

winter makeup look

32. Metallic emerald-green smokey eye

This shimmery green shade creates a variety of dimensions as they glisten in the light. A perfect mix of grunge and glam.

green makeup idea for winter

33. Matte classic look

Matte lipstick, shadow, and blush spell the 90s. Add in brushed-up brows, shimmery eyes, and diffused wings to give it a modern feel.

natural winter makeup idea

34. Glossy lips

Glossy lips never go out of fashion regardless of the season. Follow this trend with ultra-glossy lips that are likely to feature this winter.

winter makeup look

35. Voluminous eyelashes

Dramatic and bold eyelashes are a good old-school look that never gets old. Combine that with a red lip for a splash of color on the makeup look.

winter makeup look

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