20 Chic Rhinestone Nail Designs to Copy

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If you are looking for more dazzled then how about these nails? These Rhinestone nail designs are perfect for special occasions.

Stunning coffin nails with diamonds are about glam and glitz that you demand attention to your manicure. Some may feel crystals on nails may be a bit too much but there are elegant ways you can incorporate them into your manicure.

Bling Nail Designs To Copy

If these may be something you are interested in then get prepared for some wonderful inspiration.

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1. Emerald Green

Image credit @minea.nails

Bling nail designs to copy with modern taste, the forest green is so pretty too. If you want something with true elegance this manicure is for you.

2. Stiletto With Snowflake and Reindeer

Snowflake and Reindeer Winter nail

Image via @beautiful_in_light

Lovely winter holiday nails with sequins, reindeer, and snowflakes with crystals in between, top, middle, and bottom.

3. Stunning Formal Designs

Chic white pearl nails

Image credit @minea.nails

These next manicures are not overly complicated, with two matte ombre nails with dark brown blending into white pearly tips, and the other two solid pearl white nails.

I love how romantic these nails look, charming and stunning if you want a chic nail design.

4. Festive Gemstones

Festive rhinestones

You can buy Gemstones on Amazon | Image credit @sansungnails

Here is an example of how you can style rhinestones on the tip of the nails. With a lot of Christmas color nails, such as green, red, white, and a mix of small white pearls.

5. Rainbow and Orange crystals

summer rhinstone manicure

Image credit @victorianatdha

When choosing crystals to decorate your nails, you don’t have to use clear ones. These gems are so pretty with multiple colors. These are playful and stunning if you are looking for a summer manicure that you can do yourself.

6. Star and Rhinestone

Image credit @phoebesummernails

If you are looking for a vibrant and girly design, this pink manicure has a mixture of soft pink and light pink tips. The style also features small golden stars with ruby-red crystals.

What made this nail design stand out the most is the different shades of pink.

7. Silver and Grey Nails

Image Credit Instagram

Rhinstones look classy with nails when done correctly. The design has a light grey base with clear rhinestones. Going for short manicure are practical and the little floral accent nail is a nice touch.

You can choose to copy this look or choose a personal color palette that fits your taste.

8. Ombre Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

ombre coffin Nails with Rhinestones

Soft pink ombre tone with sugary rhinestones on all nails with different styling. The light pink with added crystals is such a cool design. You can recreate it with this soft pink or go for any color of your choice.

9. Hot Pink Nails With Crystals

Hot Pink Nails With crystals

Bright pink manicure with shimmer base and tiny cute rhinestones. I love how the base nails shimmer in the light and the crystals are placed delicately. What we also love about this style is the ring which helps make the design look even more edgy.

10. Sparkly Nails with Rhinestones

Sparkly Nail Design with Rhinestones

Image credit @zhenya__borisova

Almond wedding nails with silver crystals all over. Althought all the nails were covered with small crystals placed perfectly. With a pearly white base and then decorated with jewel-toned rhinestones which makes the design even sweeter.

11. Neon Yellow Bling Manicure

Yellow Tips Maicure

Image credit @nailartbyqueenie

Here is how you can wear yellow nails which is already a bold color with rhinestone and still keep it classy. Neon-yellow manicures make a good summer mani idea.

12. Olive Green

Olive Green Nails

This color is elegant and soft tone of green that makes it go well with anything in your wardrobe. With such a pretty design, you can add them to your wedding or prom nail inspiration.

13. Micro French Tips with Rhinestone

Micro french tip

Image credit @zhenya__borisova

Short french tip nails are not only elegant but they can also be sassy. This design we love so much, all the nails have neutral color white tips and single heart rhinestones and three small ones.

14. Christmas Manicure with Rhinestones

During the festive season, we want to have a fresh look on our nails. Pretty acrylic festive nail design to jazz up the party. This design features red, clear nails, silver glitter, and small rhinestones.

15. Square Solid Green with Accent Mani

Short Green Square Nails

Earlier we had many different designs but here is another interesting spin on this. Elegant bold green color with dazzled bling accent nail art design.

16. Dark Nails

Black french tip nails with crystals

Image credit via @mydumbnails

Dark nails with a wonderful sky look that is just so irresistible. Two fingers have a shimmer solid black polish, the index, and middle fingers have a dark French tip with green crystals, ring fingers clear base with jeweled decoration.

17. Cute and Girly

pink base nails with colorful bling

These nails remind me of something sweet, and maybe also Y2K style. Trendy nail art design. I recommend this design for teenage girls or any woman who is feeling youthful.

18. White & Glitter Manicure

White Coffin Nails With Crystals

Image credit @nailsbykatrins

White nail designs don’t have to be boring or predictable. Each nail has its own unique look, french tip, ombre style, solid white, and glitter white nails. These nail art have a little charm and bling to them.

19. Lilac Color Rhinestone Nail Designs

nail designs with rhinestones

Image credit @nailsbykatrins

This lavender nail color is vibrant and cute with a marble accent. The nails have a soft lilac tone with shimmer glitter and tiny rhinestones. Purple bling nails with a soft professional look as well.

20. A little Fall Inspiration

Fall Rhinestone Nail Designs

Image credit @chellys_nails

Still, looking for that autumn vibe mani design? well, you probably love this amazing design. Coffin rhinestone nail gem designs with elegant leaves and earthy tone matte polish finish.

We hope you love these rhinestone nail gem designs that are perfect for all seasons.

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