35 Simple Almond Nail Ideas To Copy

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There are many ways to shape your nails, almond nail designs are soft and really classy. Almond nail ideas require touch-ups often, especially if your nails grow round naturally. Almond-shaped nails have an elegance to them we can’t deny.

These nails you can wear all year round, perfect for all seasons. The nail got its name from resembling the nut almond. A lot of women are choosing this nail type over stiletto shape nails.

Deep Red with White Shimmer Accent Nail

almond nails long

The first design, it is wine red and glitter white, super elegant. The design has a clean simplicity to it, with red polish on four fingers and white with glitter. If you are going on a romantic date this manicure may suit the occasion.

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Brown Matte Finish

Do you love matte polish? well, who doesn’t right? With all the matte trends going around, here is a stunning rich design. Three nails have a brown matte color, one of the middle fingers has gold glitter polish, and the other with a unique line design.

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 Different shade Purple

Almond Shaped Nails

Purple nails are popular and it is a good pink alternative. Shades of regal purple, light purple with a silver touch, and other fingers with full glitter silver.

Accent almond nail ideas

If you are a fan of pink here we have a soft romantic color nail art. All nails are in soft pink and an accent nail with glitter and diamond rhinestones. This medium almond nail is easy to do and looks lovely. You can recreate this look yourself or save this image and use it as a reference.

This look is a bit more complicated and you may need it done professionally. This is a chic almond nail idea that will look good for any occasion.

Light almond ombre nails

almond french ombre nails

This next nail art has an almond French Ombre nail pattern. Ombre nails look good on everyone and it’s one of those classic looks that never dies. The colors complement each other lovely.

Beautiful fall color

almond nail designs

When it’s fall we prefer dark colors on our nails and hair sometimes. If this is you then you may get some inspiration from the next design.

Cherry Red

red almond nail designs

The bold color red is dramatic and it pulls attention to your nails. Simple one-tone red but it is effective enough to leave an impression.

Burgundy Red

classy burgundy nails

The next design is pretty and it is matte polish. Almond gel nails in burgundy color and rhinestone.

Almond nails short

Pretty Nails

This is pretty and fun to do yourself, you can select any color of your choice. The nails feature pastel pink. rose gold glitter on the ring finger and tip.

Matte pink and shimmer design

If you like pink here is subtle color hue to help you feel confident and stylish. We love these stunning modest designs an the fact I can recreate them at home myself.

Nude Nails With Black Lines

Nude Nails With Black Lines

Simple design

chic nails for baddies

Navy Blue + White Rhinestone Nail

Almond Shaped Nails

Navy Blue on 4 fingers and a white gem on one. I love this accent design, the rhinestones are carefully placed with a blue stone in the middle of the silver ones.

A perfect blend of colors

Almond Shaped Nails

Trendy almond nail designs

trendy almond nail designs

This is one of the best-mixed sets of colors I have seen

Festive Nail art

Christmas nails almond nails

If you are looking for a Christmas nail design, try this in black and white.

Pastel Boo Nails

pastel almond shape nails

Try these cute pastel scary nails for your next Halloween. Also, check out more Halloween nails

Earthy Tone Nails

Sophisticated design for working women.

Earthy Tone Nail art

Brown Nails Almond Nail Ideas

Modern french Tip

French tip on almond nails in matte.

Cartoon design Almond Nail Ideas

This almond nail design is adorable and the colors look great together. If you like cartoon nail art then you should check our next nail idea out.

Textured Nail Art Designs

Spooky almond nail

The fall season is full of spooky and if that interest you then you will like this next idea. The base is colored orange with a scary face that brings enough scare to a chic nail.

Pretty awesome almond nail Ideas

almond nail ideas

Just like pink, black is a bold color and a statement piece. The dark nails create a beautiful contrast with the pink. This design would be pretty whether worn with gloss or matte.

Gold and Beige Almond Shape Nails

almond nail ideas

If you like flowers, and plants you may like this design. It would look good with a firm but playful wardrobe if that makes any sense lol.

Classy + Rhinestones

almond nail ideas

Chrome and gold spark Nails

This is awesome for a New Year’s party or if you ever need to make a statement.

almond nail ideas

Delicate pink

almond nail ideas

If love pink nails then you may like these with a minimal design to keep it soft and cute.

Classy almond nails

Orange almond nail

The different shades of orange against each other are excellent. Love this design and it’s totally worthy of copying.

Red and White Nails

Valentine nail idea, almond nail

Looking for Valentine’s nail inspiration? well here are almond nails to satisfy that thirst. I love the single little heart on the crown it’s cute and the accent finger has a lot of heart.

Spider web, star, moon almond nail ideas

almond nail ideas

This design is for girls who want to change things up or for the Halloween season. Halloween nails don’t have to be scary they can be as cute as this next nail art.

Adorable almond shape nails

almond nail ideas

Almond nails, grey and white polka dot design is super adorable.

I guess black nails

black almond nails

This black nail design is stunning and perfect for stylish girls. Black almond nails can go with anything in your wardrobe.

Scary Season Nails

almond nail ideas

These designs I bet would look good no matter what.

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