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Bright Multicolor nails That are Perfect (20 Photos)

Bright Multicolor nails That are Perfect (20 Photos)

Next time you wnat to try a new nail design, check out these trending multicolor nails. Why not try all these colors? Feeling your solid color are a little boring? just bring all the colors next time. 

Choosing multicolor nails to add a little pop. 

1 . Multicolored Nails

Neon color popping , let your nails do the talking. Long bright multi colored neon nails for your next summer manicure. 

Multicolor nails

Halloween Candy Survey (US)


2 . Pink Ombre color Nails

pink ombre Multi color nails


3 . Glitter Nails

Multicolor nails

4 . Multicolor nails with Gems

Multicolor nails with gems

5. Blue Ombre Multicolored Nails

blue nails design

6. Stiletto Nail Colors

Wear these with matching stiletto heels. If you cant handle high heels maybe you could try these instead.

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7 . Pink Donuts Stiletto nails design

Pink Donuts Stiletto nails design

8. This acrylic design is so cute

Pink, yellow and purple solid and ring finger has flower pattern

9 . Multi color Nails on coffin shaped nails

If you want a manicure that will stand out this multi color nail will do that for you. The blue tip stands out with a difference from the other colors. Multi color patterns on all other fingers make this design special.

long coffin nail designs muti color nails

10 . Light Gradient Long Multicolor Nails

You love pink but dont want to go full solid pink? Then try blending pink with some other colors that compliment each other.

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