44 Trendy Pointy Stiletto Nail Designs to Inspire You

Looking for fresh nail shapes and designs that are new modern and fresh. These nails are trendy on social media TikTok and Instagram.

Long stiletto nails are most common but in this post, we will also include a few short pointy nails. Sometimes people will mistake an almond shape for a stiletto. Almond nails are a little more round on the top and stilettos are pointy.

What are Stiletto Nail Designs?

Stiletto nails are a similar shape to almond nails but they are a lot pointier. The nails are usually sharp and long so most people dont think it’s very practical for everyday wear.

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These nails need proper maintenance to be strong enough to do daily tasks so be sure to consider that when investing in these nails. The designs for these nails are on the rise as they are trendy beautiful and modern.

With so many press-on nails you don’t have to fully commit to acrylic or gel nails. We also have really cool tips on how to remove press-on nails as well.

We at Inspired-Beauty.com collected some of the best stiletto nail designs to inspire your journey.

Stiletto Nails Designs

Neutral Color

Tan and beige color nails are some of the best, especially with matte finish. Different colors are so common to do now and with subtle hues. These long extra pointy nails are eye-catching too.

different colors long stiletto nails

Image credit @CHAUNLEGEND

Green French tips

These are so pretty and summer-appropriate for women who want to show off their creativity. The stiletto nail shape looks so cute and the French manicure is a nice little twist too.

french tips

Image credit @chaunlegend

Goth Style Design

Black pointy is a popular Halloween color. The gothic look carries a certain flare we can’t deny that. Getting black Halloween nails you can jazz them up like this one. You can add intricate details and accents like glossy, sparkle, and metallic accents to help your mani stand out more.

Goth Style Design

Image credit @lenavitch.nailz

Thick Nails with Rhinestones

Elegant with a modern look that anyone will admire. These are pretty and the chunky rhinestones look amazing on the ring finger. Each nail has a set of rhinestones but all are placed at the right spot.

long stiletto nails with rhinestones

Earth Tone stiletto nail Designs

A mature design that is okay for the office as well. This color design is a good one for mature women over 40 years old.

Stiletto Nails Designs

Dark Purple and Black Ombre

If you want rhinestones with your stiletto shape and black ombre. Amazing purple nail designs with a lot of interesting crystals. Some of these nails feature nude accent nails as well.

black and purple stiletto nail designs

Image credit @lenavitch.nailz

White and Clear

This next nail idea is so interesting and seems so unique too. White nail designs have always been a popular choice by many so why not add some interesting art to it?

white and c;ear nails

Image credit @magicalnailspa

Medieval Inspired Nails

Looking for a creepy vamp red nail design for Halloween, this is perfect. The styles feature a lot of nail jewelry such as a cross, rose, and red rhinestones. You can shop similar jewelry on Amazon.

Medieval Inspired Nails

Beautiful Color and Broken Glass Effect

Claw-shaped nails soften up with feminine color. I love the color and design of these nails. The colors of these nails are so pretty and the broken glass effect.

Stiletto Nails Designs


Short Stiletto Nails

Here are some cute short manicures you can get if you are a teen who needs to go maybe a formal event. The design is super cute and the marble design is lovely.

short stiletto nails

Matte Nails’ bright color and black accent

The color combination is stunning, with pastel colors and black. All the colors are matte finish, light and bright blue, neon pink, and black lines in the middle.

long stiletto nails

Source: amyduclosnails via Instagram

Winter Nail Art designs

Choose the length of stiletto nails you desire then think of your designs. Long nails give more room for design but short nails can be just as elegant and creative.

long stiletto nails

The Gift of Nails

Playful pastel colors with Clare polka dot tips. This is a nontraditional design your hand will stand out.

Pretty long stiletto nails

source via @home_of_deva

Short Pink Pretty Design

Light pink nails with sugary accent nails. The length is lovely and can work for everyday style. This is perfect for any age of women although I can see more teens going for it.

short stiletto nails

Matte Black Goth

Perfect for Halloween parties. Consider these your next Halloween nail art or cosplay. The nail features a full black design with studs, a black cosmetic chain, and circle patterns.

Black Stiletto Nails

Black Nail Ideas for Stiletto Nail Art

If plain black is not your thing maybe adding some little colors to give it even more edge. Black stiletto nail with a lovely vibrant color mix.

Black Stiletto Nails

Color mix Marble Nails

These short claw nails are styled with multi-color patterns and elegant designs. The black pointy nails fits well alongside the colorful designs.

Color mix Marble Stiletto Nails

Source: helennails_yeg via Instagram

Multicolor Nail With Black

Long stiletto nail art with different design elements. Let this inspire your next mani. These are cool and would go well with your festival outfit.

Black Stiletto Nails

Ice Cold Touch Long Stiletto Nail

The blue ice color, stars, and thick rhinestones make it your next party design. You can enjoy these winter-looking nail art all year round.

Babky blue stiletto nails

Drip Design ideas

Matte color on three nails, loving the chrome pink on the ring finger. Rose pink is one of my favorite shades of pink.

Edgy Trendy Nail Designs

The black and gold nail color combination is flattering when done right. This is an example of having all the right elements in your nail design.

Black and gold Stiletto Nails

Frosty Pink Stiletto Nail Design

If you are feeling the Christmas vibe this could be for you without too much festive. Low-key loving Christmas all year round.

Stiletto Nails Designs

source Pinterest.com

Purple mix and pattern nail Art

Nails with a mix of royal colors like purple and black. I love purple nail designs because they always seem regal. This is the mature color of pink nail designs.

long royol blue pointy nail

source @kingstonnails

Light Pink Stiletto Nails

Its minimal design is perfect. If you don’t want much design, then this simple stiletto nail idea may be for you. I love the simplicity of this next look, it’s elegant and in a feminine color.

pink stiletto nails

Pointy Pink Nails

Get trendy-looking nails in your favorite delicate color like this one. This pink looks mature and everyone will compliment you.

pink stiletto nails

White and Clear Crystal Designs

When white nails are a bit boring try clear nails with white art. The clear accent rhinestone stone nail is a perfect addition.

cute Stiletto Nails

Purple Ombre Design

Dark purple and crystal stiletto nails for the modern girl. The crystal look makes the nail special.

Purple nails

Super Long Nails

Love the elements on this but not for everyday wear. You may see these types of designs a lot on social media. The color design is especially popular during the spring and summer seasons.

long stiletto Nails

Short Stiletto Nail Designs for Prom

Prom nails that go well with your special night. The frosty French tip nail design to that stands out. Like we promise we want to give you options the sparkle tips are wintery.

short stiletto nail designs

Pastel Gel Nails with glitter

These pointy pastels’ nail art shows a lot of creativity. They are giving us a good spring and summer party vibe. If you are not in the mood to be bold, do it.

long stiletto nails

Light Blue Short Stiletto Nail Ideas

Blue acrylic nails for women who love light colors. These will look great in your jeans and edgy outfits.

long stiletto nails

Stiletto Nail with Autumn Colors

Do you get a fall feeling from this as well? If you are thinking of burnt orange and brown shade with a clear acrylic mix this is a good option.

Stiletto Nail with Autumn Colors

Beautiful Nail polish

These next sets are super long and may not be the best idea for everyone. The design color is simple in ombre shades.

Stiletto Nails Long

Ombre multi-color nails

When you can’t choose which color you love best just go with it all.

Ombre multi color nails

Flame design

The colors look amazing together, with an ombre pink and orange nail design with a French tip mix.

stiletto nail designs

Long Stiletto Nails Trap

Love this next design it seems modern and clever and it will take great photos too. Each nail art has something edgy to create a baddie design.

stiletto nail designs

Red Claw Stiletto Nails

These glossy see-through red nails look amazing. If you want bold color nail art these are worth trying out. These are not overly designed solid red and that is enough to make a statement.

red stiletto nail designs

Eye Funky Nails

This next design is quite interesting, all the nail features are drawn on the eyes and lashes.

nail with eyes

Holographic Ombre Style

Here we have these stunning holographic nail art designs. The sparkle is so pretty and the horizontal ombre is unique.

cute holographic  nails

Image credit @vivianmariewong

Stunning Cream Marble

Nails with marble pattern has always been a great option for formal and other special events.

white marble

Image credit @nailsholick

Animal Print Nail Design

Animal pattern has always been popular and pairing them with your manicure is pretty sweet too. Stiletto nail ideas inspiration can come from your outfit, accessories whatever you are most comfortable with.

animal print nail art

Image credit @gallinaz_nail

Simple Delicate Design

I love light colors such as white because they usually compliment everything I have. If you want a simple nail art design you may like these, swirly white and silver on a pearl white base.

white silver stiletto nails

Image credit @gallinaz_nail

Silver and Black Nails

These black nails with silver glitter tips, speak for themselves. Classic black color that is elegant with stunning tips that a perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.

black nails

Royal Blue and Pointy

There are so many different styles and options when choosing your manicure.

blue nails

Which of these stiletto nail designs would you give a try? I know there are plenty to choose from so remember to bookmark or pin these for later.

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