40 Trendy Coachella Outfits and Ideas 2024


Are you looking for cool Coachella outfits for women, that you can recreate? If that is what you want we have you covered. These style ideas will help you look your best at one of the most popular festivals of the year.

Even if you are not planning to attend these outfits can still make great social media photos. You may already have your Coachella makeup plans now let us get to some inspiring outfits.

This may seem like we are talking about it too early but some of us are already excited. We want time to plan our look and budget accordingly. To help you stand out don’t forget your face glitter and your hair glitters.

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This post will compile some outfits to shop and others are outfit ideas. Also, I will list places where you can shop for face gems and metallic glitters for a cheap price.

1. All-Black Coachella Outfit Look

A look that will stand out and be appropriate for such an event. This is not too hard to put together and if you like leather here is a cute top to wear.

Coachella black Outfits

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2. Stars Outfit Set Ideas

Show your star side, with this pretty see-through robe over your outfit. This is a [popular option for many of our readers and you can see why.

Coachella Outfits

3. Duo Festival Rave looks

You and your friends can dress and impress the yin to yang.

Coachella Outfit ideas

4. Living Life Coachella looks

I think everyone can copy this look, it’s something practical we all can find in our wardrobe.

coachella looks

5. Fun and Sequin Skirt With Sparkle

Glitters on your face and on your clothes are a sure festival vibe. Black is a beautiful color that is super versatile, the glitter only enhances it.

coachella outfit looks

6. Carefree Inspired outfits

Just playing around your closet there you will find simple carefree looks like this next one. Modern cowgirl Coachella-inspired outfits with denim shorts, corsets, and laced boots.

coachella inspired outfits

7. Chill Jeans and Plain Top

I love how clean this look is, it’s a plain black top with jeans and shorts. You should be able to copy this look on a budget. The gladiator slippers look good but you can switch them out and go for knee or thigh-high boots.

Coachella inspired outfits

8. Mini Festival Outfits Boho Dresses

Try out a cute comfortable dress with a nice stylish look. The festival carries so many fashion trends these are a good option.

Coachella Boho outfits

9. Fringed Swimsuit Festival outfits

The color is so pretty and the hat looks so good with it. You can make this outfit your own or draw new fresh ideas from it.

Coachella Outfits

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10. Cute off-the-shoulder top and skirt set

This look is another casual comfy choice, with nice sunglasses, and a hat. You can choose to wear it with sandals or flats. We think this will match all body types and that’s the reason it is so popular.

cute festival fashion

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11. Sheer Mesh and Swimsuit

This outfit I love the sheer dress that covers the swimsuit. You could wear this just as in this photo or with a two-piece swimsuit. There are a lot of ways to accessories this outfit for the festival.

festival fashion

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12. White and Pink Festival Outfit Ideas

These two festival bikinis are a nice and easy choice. The pink swimsuit with glitter is wrapped, and the crochet is in white and has a nice hippie look.

Coachella festival fashion bikini

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13. Free Spirit Boho Music Lovers Outfits

Here are two outfits you can copy and have a really good time with. These looks are boho chic and accessories with glitter on the face and flower crown.

boho coachella outfits

14. Crochet lovers

This outfit is cool, casual, and pretty colorful. The look features a skirt set crochet style, headscarves, and cool shades. The look can be worn to various occasions such as festivals and pool parties.

festival fashion


15. Cool Retro Festival Fashion

Cool retro look, she tanks top over a black lace bra paired with red baggy pants.

Coachella outfits

16. Hot Red Look

Red is striking and will surely get you to notice this festival.

Festival clothing

17. Boho Style Fashion

This look is chic and also appropriate for the festival.

Festival clothing

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18. Modern Bright Color

This look is a trendy see-through biker shorts style.

coachella outfits for women

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19. Rhinestone Crystal Sexy Top Skirt Set

If you are ready to party this set can be purchased to save you time.

Coachella outfits

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20. Lovely White Coreset Bikini

This look is so pretty and charming and it’s a modern way to wear the corset.

Coachella outfits

InstagramGabby Epstein

21. Rhinestones on the face

When attending Coachella it’s always ok to add some face gemstones as I mentioned earlier. This next look really goes well with all the glitter and you can shop on Amazon.

Coachella look

Image from  Caroline Einhoff

22. Cute Print Dress Casual Style

This next look is a midi leopard print dress, a wide belt, and black boots.

Leopard Print dress

Image Source: Pinterest

23. Cute Mermaid Style Glitter Me up

This look will surely get anyone to notice, the top is made out of large and small glitters. I think if you are feeling frisky and bold then this may be worth copying.

Coachella outfits

24. Stunning dress and boots

A look for the modern girl, platform combat boot for women.

Party look with leapord print dresss and combat boots

Image via fashioninflux

25. Long Flowy White Dress for women

Find your inner peace when rocking this lovely outfit look. This gives a majestic look and white dresses such as this one can be worn to other places.

dress Coachella outfits

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26. Rhinestone two-piece fishnet

I love this because I feel it would be good to wear to any beach party after you are done with the festival. A white Coachella outfit idea that is versatile and can be worn with anything.

coachella outfits

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27. Rhinestone Embellished Two piece

The Baddie outfit idea is for all the girls who show up for a good time and make a statement.

Baddie coachella outfits

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28. Influcners In Pink and Blue Festive Outfit Idea

You can recreate this look and really make it yours. Wear your cowboy boots with this modern bad bunny look.

bad bunny

29. Simple and good to go

Here is a comfortable look that won’t break the bank.

White skirt and sexy top

30. Knee-high cowboy boots

These boots are very high and a nice way to show off some legs. The look is balanced with minimalism and bold.

Coachella outfits with cowboy boots

31. White Gold Star Dress + Booties

I love that this next look is covered up and still fun.

coachella inspired outfits

32. Shredded Denim Shorts and Fishnet Tights

Get your light sweater and pair it with some cute denim shorts.

coachella inspiration

33. Cute Groovy Look

This makes an amazing music festival outfit. This outfit can be paired with any accessory and looks good.

coachella inspiration

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Instagram @amberharrelsonn

34. Bringing the heat

Have you ever wanted to try crochet? then look no further give this outfit a try and you can buy it.

coachella costumes

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35. Crystal Rhinestone Sequins

The next outfit features faux leather shorts and a see-through blouse with small rhinestones all over it. If you don’t like shorts you could replace them with leather pants.

coachella costumes

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36. See-Through Ribbed Bodycon dress

If you are feeling like a rockstar and demand attention get this whole style. Add a leather jacket to this look and you have a night style as well.

coachella outfit women

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37. Sweet Sunshine Yellow outfit idea

This is the sunshine yellow look for that country girl style.

coachella outfit women

38. Lots of Fringe Coachella costumes

denim shorts and crochet top

39. Checkered Cropped Top

Coachella festival outfit ideas

40. Boots, mini skirt and coolness

Coachella festival outfit ideas

Which of these Coachella outfits for women would you shop for or recreate? Will you copy any of these looks to attend the festival this year or for social media pictures? You can use these to give you ideas when coming up with something of your own.

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