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This trend has been around and it seems to be gaining popularity among teens and college girls. Hair glitter comes in different forms and now gives us other ways to wear these. The first and most obvious trend is to put glitter on your roots which are very Coachella festive. But good for use, there are more wearable versions such as glitter hair strands.

The most fun part, lots of different ways to wear glitter on your hair, my favorite is Tinsel Strands. We are always in the mood to change up our looks and glitter is such a fun way to indulge. The trend seems to be here are will take some time to go away.

Also, I have added some glitter sprays you can use to achieve some looks.

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10 Glitter Hair ideas and Sprays to make them your reality

Tinsel Glitter Hair

tinsel hair Glitter hair strands

I love these glitter hair strands because of how subtle they are and you can be a working-class girl and enjoy glitter in the office. You can choose multi colors are just one color that compliments your mood and the occasion.

Ocean Glitter Hair


This is a really beautiful hairstyle that is like the ocean, mermaid hair colors. The chunky hearts makes such a beautiful accessory. I love the gold star glitter, really makes it feel like under the ocean. If you are looking for a chunky glitter hair idea this is worth trying. Image from monarchhairco.

Lovely Pastel hair color

hair braid
Braided hair

This side braided with a touch of glitter gives a whole fantasy hairstyle theme. This is a nice aesthetic, with cuteness overload.

Ponytail in Glitter

glitter hair

This style image is from chiriac.ionela, beautiful glitter ponytail is perfect for any day or night look. Use different colors of glitter around your root and round your ponytail leaving the rest untouched.

Pretty Slick Hair Look

glitter hair ideas

How to wear glitter hair trend with, the spray recommend is the easiest way to get the look IRL. This is a fun way to wear this trend and be subtle.

Leaf Glitter Hair

With good hands, you can carefully place these in the hair. This enhances the short hair and gold eye shadow bring the look together.

Short Shaved Hairstyle


Shaved hairstyles such as this are quite edgy, shaved side, and low mohawk. This mix of silver glitter on the blonde short hair looks really cute and edgy. You may not be able to do it all by yourself because need careful placement.

Spark Glitter Roots Part

party glitter hair idea

We love this right!? cute way to play around with the trend with a double bun style. Totally DIY-worthy, part the hair right down from front to back. Apply your glitter down the parting then had chunky heart shape decals. This brings out a more fantasy to the hair.

Colorful Stars on hair

Colorful Stars on hair

The pretty pastel pink hair looks great with the stars’ accessories. This would look with any hair color so give it a try. The chunky stars are amazing to look great on her hair.

image @monarchhairco 

Dandruff White Look

Braided hairstyle

The hairstyle technique is like those of dandruff but in a more bold way. This would look on on all hair colors, red and black would make a bigger contrast. The hair has a large flat braid in the middle and then lays down at the sides.

Glitter Hair Sprays

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