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Perfect Sporty hairstyles for your workout (15 Photos)

Perfect Sporty hairstyles for your workout (15 Photos)

Sporty hairstyles for your workout
Sporty hairstyles for your workout
Sporty hairstyles for your workout

Pull-Through Braid for workout

Hybrid braid and ponytail, securing your hair while you workout.

Tutorial here Babble


Tight Low Bun

This is perfect hairstyle for long hair. You want to keep your hair in place and off your neck. This hairstyle is perfect for swimming, the hair is pull from the face and tightly pull under control.

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French Braid Pigtails

This is a cute tough girl hairstyle, great for working out.


High Ponytail and Headband

Ponytail is one of most go-to workout hairstyle. Because this hairstyle is so easy and common less time to worry about your hair and more on your workout.


Turn-n-Twist Braid

If you want a more protective style than the regular ponytail.


Thick Cornrows

Do some thick cornrows to the back, keeping the hair from the face and also tucked under at the back. If you are looking for a effortless style that will keep the hair from your face this will do it.

Split Ponytail

You want something a little more creative than the usual ponytail.


Side Braid

Long single braid to the side

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High Bun


This bun is sleek and it is great if you are looking for a style to keep hair off your face and neck as you workout.


Two Braids

Braids with loose ends, just like regular;ar braid but leave the end out to show some personality.


Moon bun + Braids

This is cute, fun and also keep your hair off your neck and face while you sweat.


See Also

Loose braid ponytail

Fluffy fishtail braids , chic and ready for gym.


Two Braids

Sweet , loose, messy two braids hair.


Fishtail Braid Updo

Chic and sporty hair for working out.


Cornrow Fishtail Side Braid

Tight cornrows and soft braid at other side

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