23 Red Ink Tattoo To Stand Out


Are you thinking of getting a red ink tattoo? Today I am sharing with you twenty unique tattoo designs. Black is the most popular color but today I want to show you twenty ideas for red ink designs. Red looks good on all skin colors and totally not boring, you can choose from different shades of red. Inspired Beauty wants to help you get some ideas such as flowers, cool animals, butterflies, and more trendy looks.

People are experimenting without just black in for tattoos anymore. People try out other colors such as red, rainbow, and even white ink tattoos. Read Tips on how to make red ink tattoos stay on the skin longer at the end.

Best Red Tattoo Ink Designs

You will find in this post a red back tattoo, flowers, and small red ink tattoos to choose from.

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1 . Flower falling Red Ink Tattoo

This has a unique story, it seems like a flowering is blooming and also some leaf falling. This design will look good for women.

red ink tattoo


2. Pretty floral tattoo design

If you are looking for a floral ink design tattoo. The one below looks great, you will look great with this. The different shades of colors are really special, you can choose similar designs and ask for these shades.

red ink tattoo


3. Red ink tattoo snake design

This design is bold and if you like reptiles. I dont like snakes personally but I think this design is pretty sweet. Also, it’s in a hidden spot so unless you want to flaunt some skin no one needs to know.

red ink tattoo for women

4. Small Red Ink Tattoo

I like how small and meaningful these tattoos are, here are more small tattoos for woman with meaning. You can create your favorite quotes and give them a permanent mark on your body.

5. Let it be tattoo

This let it go tattoo is a simple but powerful meaning. If you are looking for a design to remind you that sometimes you have to “let it go”.

red ink tattoo


6. Red Ink Tattoo Dark skin back tattoo

Back tattoos are interesting and stunning. if you are looking for a tattoo that surprises people when you move your hair or when it’s in a bun check this one out. It’s big and bold but still feminine. This is a trendy tattoo design in the back.

dragon tattoo, red back tattoo

7. Large leg tattoo

Large creative tattoo for women. This area used to be more common with men but more and more women are getting large leg tattoos now. If you are looking for something like that then this is worth checking out.

red ink tattoos

8. Red Ink Butterfly Tattoo

Next up is a butterfly tattoo on the armed. I love this design because I have a thing for butterflies. I love them in vibrant colors but this red design is cute and modest.

red ink tattoo ideas

Source: @maxim_rtatt

9 . Interesting Single Red Ink Rose Tattoo

This other red ink tattoo is on the lower leg.

red ink rose tattoo


10 . Snake tattoo

This is good for you if you dont want something to extra. Simple design to just appreciate.

red ink tattoo

11. Red ink tattoo Snake Design

Next up is another snake tattoo with patterns. What I love most about this tattoo is how the mix of red ink tattoo. This design is quite fun and the location below the ears is trendy right now.

red ink tattoo

12. Large flower on the tummy

Last up is this large flower design on the stomach, great for you if you like showing some belly every now and then. This tattoo red color looks bold and bright perfect for the body and bold personality.

red ink rose tattoo

13. Small Red Ink Tattoo on Shoulder

This rose mini tattoo is another perfect example of different color ink. Red and green look good together. We love this red ink rose tattoo its super feminine and delicate.

red ink rose tattoo

Image Source

14. Snake and Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Beautiful tattoo that is hidden, and can be revealed when you want to show and stun the world. Snake red ink tattoo with beautiful cherry blossom around it. This would also look great in your back as well.


15. Dragon Red Back Tattoo

Looking for a peekaboo idea, then you will like our next pick. This tattoo design has a large Chinese dragon which is a popular tattoo design. Back tattoos red ink with a dragon design.

Red Ink Dragon Tattoo in the back

Image from @_primeday

16. Cute Behind the Ear Tattoo

This next design is a small flower behind the ears, super feminine and cute. This small tattoo is cute and behind the ears are a popular choice by influencers and celebrities today.

small red ink tattoo

Image from@mooncake168

17. Arm Tattoo

A large snake tattoo is an exciting choice for anyone. However, if you work in a certain field try to keep it covered so you’re not breaking any dress code.

Red ink tattoo large

Image from here

18. Red Rose Tattoo

Up next is a super cute red rose tattoo, this would look good also with additional colors.

red ink tattoo healing


19. Thigh Tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for women, red ink #tattoo

20. Snake wrapped in flowers Red Ink tattoo

Looking for something with a blend of flowers and snakes then this is it.

Snake wrapped in flowers  Red Ink tattoo


21. Wrapped around the Arm

This is beautifully done, I love it.

Red ink Snake tattoo


22. Red dragon back tattoo

This back red dragon tattoo looks like a baddie option, right? The design is bold and cute the dragon letting off fire. The back is a great spot to place large tattoos because of the details you can put in.

red dragon back tattoo

23. Snake in Red Rose Ink

snake tattoo idea

Which of these designs was your favorite?

How to Make Red Tattoo Ink Stay on Skin Longer

Red ink tattoo healing

Black and deep blue are classic tattoo colors and they usually last longer. Red ink tattoos are beautiful but they are the first to fade, this is a tip to make them last longer.

  • Clean the tattoo with antibacterial soap and let it dry.
  • Apply petroleum jelly or other tattoo creams you may have for up to two weeks, while it’s healing.
  • Keep the area of the tattoo moist
  • Always apply sunscreen over your tattoo once you go in direct sunlight, the sun will cause your tattoo ink to fade faster and become pink
  • Your ink will look brighter when you keep the skin moist so practice that
  • Also, another tip you can choose to get a deeper red line around the border of your tattoo or even a black outline

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