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College Party Outfits Ideas That are Not Basic

College Party Outfits Ideas That are Not Basic

College Party Outfits

College has some of the wildest parties and they can get completely out of control. The girl world doesn’t excuse you from dressing your best and feel as most confidence. Here are some college party outfit ideas that are not basic you should be wearing.

College Party Outfits

Dresses Make a statement so check out these cute dresses. Heels may not be the right idea but if you can pull it off why not. There is no rule you cant dress in flirty dress just because its college.

Dress like a baddie

Crop top and Timbs you can also swap out the brown to other colors of your liking.

baddie college party outfit

Get This look:

Dont overthink it

Black and beautiful will leave you looking stunning

Pink Skirt and Sheer Top

This will look comfortable and still stunning.

College Party Outfits
College Party Outfits

Get this sheer top at Zaful

Ripped High Slim Fitted Jeans with Tube Tops

Your jeans may be distressed but your outfit is trendy. Show off a more rebellious side in these baddie outfits.

College Party Outfits
College Party Outfits
baddie College Party Outfits

Copy the Look: Forever 21 and Amazon

Denim pants or Jeans Skirt

Cut jeans and blacktop

College Party Outfits
College Party Outfits

Try Oversize Jacket and Mini Skirt

Everyone has their own style so just put something together sassy and fun

College Party Outfits

Suede Skirt

This Beige skirt will spice up your look, goes well with black or white top. Figure fitting with a little flirty touch to it.

Copy the Look:

Knee High Boots are Welcome

College is the time to let lose and party, these boots gives good coverage. This is a good choice especially in the fall season.

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kawaii outfit

College Party Outfits + boots
College Party Outfits
College Party Outfits

Copy The Look:

Sneakers with loose distressed jeans for college party

Want to wear something more comfortable then what about some sneakers and loose jeans. This outfit shows that you know how to relax while still being feminine. Who says you cant do both.

College Party Outfits jeans

Copy The Look:

Party outfits dont stress over it too much, most people will be too drunk to remember.

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