20+ Marble Nails That You’ll Want To Get

When choosing a nail design technique, you may have come across marble nails. These look really pretty from white marble nail design, and bright colors to dark marble.

Marble is great whether you are looking for wall design, furniture, or nails. I am here to share some of my favorite marble nail designs whether you are looking for inspiration or just want to do these yourself at home.

You can find a lot of amazing designs on Etsy to fulfill your desire. The price is affordable and the application is easy. You can find it practically in any color and design.

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I have done the work for you to save you time. Let us get straight into the post now.

Cute Marble Nails and Designs

purple nail with gold decals

Image via LauraBadura

The light purple and gold designs are quite pretty. These nails are cute and perfect for the spring season.

Acrylic Matte Finish

black and white design

Image via Instagram/annamaria_nailartist

I love these, they are so interesting, with almost a unique visual on every finger. Matte nails are so pretty and sophisticated too.

Pink and Gold Details

These marble nails are done in beautiful shapes almond with white tips, and designed with chunky gold. These are pretty and they look elegant and girly.

White Coffin Shape

White marble nails are a classic that will never fail you. I love white nails and the mix of marbles makes it look even more glam.

Black Elegant Nail Art

black marble nails

Black marble nails are cool and glamorous and they will pretty much go with anything. By choosing these you will get a lot of compliments because they are gorgeous obviously.

Red and Black Vamp Nail Art

marble vampire nails

Image via lenavitch.nailz

These remind me of vampire nails which are good for Halloween. I love the sleek edgy look of these stiletto shapes with little rings.

Soft Pink and Glitter Touch

If you want feminine style, elegance, and modern nail design all in one? These nails have all of that, glitter, rhinestones, and charming designs.

Classy Pattern and Trendy Style

Classy Pattern and Trendy Style

This is one of the best black and white marble nail designs for minimalists. If you just want two colors on your design these are lovely.

Elegant Matte Navy and Neutral Color

Image Via @NailsbyViv

Almost every marble nail designs give me instant sophistication and glam but this is a little extra. I love all the colors, this is pure inspiration for your next manicure.

Cute Manicure

With the right blend of soft pink and white, these marble nails are the best fit for any occasion.

Fashionable Red and White Combo

Source: paintmecrazynailbar – instagram.com

Here is another stunning design on short nails. The white nails are decorated with gold and silver which make this look glamorous.

Like a Galaxy of stars and Milk

Like a Galaxy of stars and Milk

Image via Pinterest.com

These look like start nights and yet are so minimalistic. You can wear these to your prom instead of the obvious soft pink colors.

Neon, orange, glitter glam style

Neon, orange, glitter glam style

Sometimes you want a pop of color here is a beautiful neon inspiration to get you looking confident. The neon orange marble nail design is done in solid color, glitter nails, and accent marble nail art.

Blue and Glossy

blue glossy, almond shape nails

Get these on Etsy

Beautiful deep ocean blue designs with this elegant shape. I love these so much and I find the color quite unique. Proof that your nails don’t need to be the same color on every finger.

These almost look like oyster nails that are quite trendy right now as well.

Short Baby Blue, Grey Marble Nails

short nails in grey, blue and gold stripe

Image via Rosebeauty.nl

Blue nails are some of the easiest to copy which goes really well with black. Short manicures are some of the cutest and these are proof of that.

Elegant Black and Blue Stiletto Shape

Elegant Black and Blue Stiletto Shape

Get these on Etsy

Here is an elegant black and blue marble nail design with gold accents. These press-on nails are super beautiful, I recommend purchasing at least two packs.

Nude or Neutral

Nude marble nails

If you are not one for white, then you can go with this neutral tone. A lot of people choose this color because they are practical and look modest and bold all together.

Neon Water Color Nails

marble nail designs

Get these nails on Etsy

I love how bright these nails are and they are giving me summer vibes. So perfect choice for the festival right?

White Nails with Marble Design

white nails with marble design

I actually love the length of this nail art design. You can style these with basically any other color.

brown long nails

Image via @nailsbyviv

These long brown nails in marble look amazing. Everything works well together and this design would look lovely against dark skin tones.

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