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16 Essential College Dorm Room Ideas Girl Will Love

16 Essential College Dorm Room Ideas Girl Will Love

college dorm ideas for girls
college dorm ideas for girls

Getting ready for college? This is one of the most excited time to plan and shop for your college essentials. Whether you are a senior in high school or even the parents of a college student. The next year is a big part of your life and the planning is excited and important.

We have gather some of the best products from amazon for college dorm rooms. disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. you can read my policy here.

1 Dorm room organization

It’s important to keep organized in a small space. This is a foldable storage bag you can use to store your clothes and other essentials. Comes with a three part compartment with handle you can carry easily. 

2 Over Bed Shelving Unit

This is easily one of the best way to fit more space in your tiny dorm room. Use the shelves over your bed to show off your favorite stuff without mounting anything to the wall.

3 Mattress Topper

College Dorm Room Ideas

In college mattress has been used by many different people over and over. This is highly recommended investing in a mattress topper like this memory foam with gel infused. This will put your mind at ease if you are like me and give you a good night sleep.

4 Power Strip With USB Ports

You may have to share the dorm room outlets with at least one roommate. With this you don’t have to worry about where to plug your device. Enough outlet just for you and this is better than the regular sockets.

5 Alarm clock with time projector

This alarm clock design is beautiful and modern. If you want a modern alarm clock, then give this one a try, the projector shows the time in the ceiling so you can see the second you open your eyes. The fact it looks so good it’s a nice room decor as well and bonus it charges your phone.

6 Shower Caddy

Another important essential you will need for your college dorm room. With this mesh shower daddy you can organize all you need for the bathroom . Keep your things organized while in the bathroom and carry stuff easy. This particular caddy has great rating from buyers.

7 Pretty Bedding set

My first option would be pink or peachy colors, but in college I think darker shades are better. This gray bedding set is perfect and you can get a cute small throw pillow. Colors I would recommend are, grey, dark blue and deep red. This bedding set has almost perfect five star rating, its eye catching and practical.

8 Laundry basket

Laundry is something we can’t get around in our lives and college is no different. Durable bag to carry your laundry around easier than plastic basket. This is the best type of basket to choose from.

9 Coffee Machine

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Most colleges will have a coffee machine. If you rather stay in your room and use your own get this mini machine for your dorm.

10 Folding Lap Desk

This is roomy and sturdy and will save you space. This is great for moving around in a small space. This particular desk contains extra storage space and divider, fold easily as well.

11 OCM College Dorm Room Essentials 27-Piece

This is really great if you just want everything in one shop. Save you the hassle and time too. You can buy this but go throuugh to make sure you want all these items.


 Photo Clips with String Lights 

Magic Hangers Space

Shower Sandal Slippers

Mini Fridge

Compact Steamer

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College Dorm Room Ideas
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