20 Dreamy Star Design Nails For You To Get

During the holiday or whenever you are looking for some magical inspiration these will do perfectly. Star nail designs look amazing and enchanted could take us on a magical journey.

This may not be summer nail season but we don’t have to say goodbye to eye-catching nail art as yet.

1. Nude Nails With Star

This design is done with fairly simple techniques you can do yourself. DIY is always appreciated and they save you time and also can save you money. If you are a minimalist then you may enjoy this simple stunning design.

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nude nails with star

Image @amyytran

2. Chrome stars and Evil Eyes

In neutral shade with blue evil eye and small golden star that sparkle.

Chrome stars and evil eyes

Image credit @_by_shelley

3. Sky Star Nails

The night skies is another fasination for many of us, we often find ourself staring up into space. These nails will help us to imagine all those wonders.

Image @_by_shelley

4. With Galaxy Nails

Galaxys tar manicure are not the most efforthless design but they sure worth the time. This bright color ombre style is jaw dropping, with wonderful color scheme  that flow together. Medium-length almond nails with muticolor and pattern.

galaxy nails

Image credit @learnahstarbuck_nailartist

5. Emerald & Ruby Starbursts

This manicure is not simple and we love that it gives a lot of festive spirit. Christmas gel manicure worth getting with small colorful stars in green and red.

Emerald & ruby starbursts

Image credit @learnahstarbuck_nailartist

6. Pink Color

Sassy non barbie color pink french tip nail deisgn for you to give a try. This nail is in no way basic you will be making a manicure statment with these studs.

pink star coffin nails

Image credit @f3rnsnails

7. Rainbow Nails With Star

Not just for luck these rainbow nails will take you somehwere speacial. With the swirls of muti color lines and small detail help to make this one specail.

Star Holiday Nails in Rainbow Design

Image credit @superflynails

8. Blue Gradiant

I love how the blue went frm very light to more deeper tone. With a lot of the winter season favorite characters such as snowflakes, shooting star, christmas stocking and Christmas tree.

Blue Color With Star for Christmas

9. Y2k Nail Design

If you are trying to finish up a last-minute design you can go ahead and draw these big stars. These  nail art designs are perfect if you are looking for a bold but subtle statement.

large star nail art designs

Image credit @so_nailicious

10. Gel Star Nail Inspo

We love to keep the design simple because it makes them more versatile. Althought this next one is playful and yet bold to stand without much distraction.

Image credit @nailsby.syd

11. Star Nail For Halloween

Black Halloween nail art with gold stars. The nails are short and the finish is matte with gold that are a lovely touch.

12. For The Fourth Of July

Up next these 4th of July nail art designs will stand out. The colors are bright and vibrant just what you need for the festivity.

4th of July star nail art design

Image credit @nailsby.syd

13. White tips Nail With Gold Nails

Almond design with French tip modern flare. If you want short French tips this is a nice choice and they make great formal nails.

white tips french nails with star

Image credit @nailsbyamyf

14. Nude Gold Star

If you want a cute design that is not only minimalistic but amazing. We found this design to be an elegant touch and a beautiful almond-shaped nail.

minimalist woman nail art design with moon and small stars

15. Independence Day Nail Inspo

This next nail art will complete your 4th of July outfit. These nails are done on natural nails, with a clear base with the color of the flag you will feel in touch with the celebration.

Independence Day Nails

Image credit @meganrnails

16. Short Nails

This is a lovely fall nail design idea as well. With elements such as spider webs, pumpkin, and multi-color stars worth replicating for a spooky event.

short fall nail design

Image credit @nbnailart

17. Short Square Holiday Design

Here are square-shaped blue and gold nails with a unique design on each finger. This design features, solid glittery gold, a French tip with a navy blue top, one with a small gold line, and blue nails with stars in gold with small dots.

Merry Christmas nails

Image credit @by_hannahtaylor

18. Glittery Silver Tip

If you want something for the season we are in, these next-star design nails are worth getting. So book your next appointment with these in mind for something simple and magical.

silver tip winter nail

Image credit @thehotblend

19. Unique Design with Cats

I know a lot of people love their pets and these nails are something special. On these star-designed nails, each thing is unique and amazing.

cute little design nails

Image credit @amyytran

20. Bright Neon Color Stars

The stars are placed in a good position they are bright and pretty. We love how colorful they are reminded me of some old disco party.

colorful nail with black base

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