22 Gold Nail Designs For Elegance and Sophistication

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Gold nail designs are some of the most elegant, trendy, modern, and eye-catching. You can have your gold nails in full gold, subtle nudes, metallic finishes, and sparkling gold which is never out of season.

We have much more than the norms but other nails to get you out of your comfort zone for your next occasion.

These design just has a pull that says glamour no matter which way you choose to wear them. If your regular nails not doing it adding just a touch of gold can make it look way more sophisticated. You can wear gold nails with almost anything, they look good on mate nails as well.

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I love wearing gold nails for my formal events like Christmas parties and New Year’s. These make awesome gel nail designs if you don’t like matte. Wearing your nails in gold chrome is another popular finish.

Gold nails are so on trend with all the top icons rocking them. Choosing the right color for your manicure can be the hardest decision you have to make.

1. Gold French Tips

Image: olgamasnyuk

With a French manicure, there is no limit, this gold nail idea is a perfect example. The gold pops beautifully on top of the neutral base.

2. Molten Mixed Metals

The mix of silver and gold on a beige background. We love how the artist plays with both statement colors.

3. Modern Nude French Manicure

source: magzz28

The nail has a sweet romantic look to it and makes the classic French manicure proud. These nails have a lot of dazzle to keep things more interesting. The classic style will never get old with modern butterfly foils in gold.

4. Winter Design For Dazzle

Perfect Winter Gold Dazzle

Gold nail ideas such as this one have winter elements which is perfect for those occasions. You can enjoy these winter manicures worth getting at any time. Each nail has its own patterns and embellishments.

5. Glitter Glam Nails

gold nail ideas

Coffin shape nails are among some of the most popular shapes. The design is so packed with bling that shows how confident the woman who wears this is. These nails are for girls that demand attention.

6. Pretty Elegant Look

Simple White and Gold

Squoval nail art is stunning and for those who prefer to have a medium-length design. The designs have a lot of interesting patterns that blend with the white and gold.

7. Gold Chrome Nail Idea

Image from: safinailstudio

This black and gold nail is lux, it’s also minimalism. The black tip over the gold and below just natural-looking nails. The designs are done on not too long nails which makes it practical.

8. Simple Gold Flecks

Simple Gold Flecks nail art

source: safinailstudio

These short nails can compete with longer gold nail designs. This glamorous nail art stands out, especially in the light it will sparkle. This design is perfect for when you want something that stands out but also seems naturally done.

9. Pretty Black and gold leaves

black and gold nail designs

Image: nail.atelier.g

Gold nail designs such as this may seem basic but they are quite eye-catching. If you are new to nail design this is beginner friendly. A black regal manicure that you can add gold foils to for an elevated look.

10. Acrylic Black White And Gold Nails

gold and black nail art with studs and flower pattern

Image from differentnaildesigns.blogspot.com

This next design is quite bold, the design has studs and flower patterns on the nails. The blend of matte black and Chrome gold polish. The design is also done on long coffin nails which is a popular choice as well.

11. Grey, Black, White, and Glitter Gold

Grey, glitter gold, whwite and black nail

The gold glitter and white nails are the accent nails. This is a simple nail art you can do yourself with your favorite nail polish just be sure that they complement each other well.

12. Stiletto Bold Nail Design

long stiletto nails

Bold white manicure you just need to try this year. If you want something for a special event save this image so you can have it professionally done.

13. Accent clear

Gold Nail ideas

Elegant and classy timeless design with a modern touch of accent design.

14. Short Elegant Color Block Nails

Gold Nail ideas

Short blocks with glitter with clear and black polish.

15. Accent Gold Nail Idea

Gold Nail ideas

Here the design is interesting the glitter gold is shining alongside the black glossy nails. To recreate this get black nail polish a gold glitter polish and a line tool to create the line cross.

16. Ombre Glitter nails

Gold Nail ideas

Glitter on glitter, this design is so pretty and gives queen vibes too. The ombre designs are decorated with medium size glitter.

17. Chrome and Glitter

Gold Nail mani

If you want a solid DIY gold design give these a try.

18. Dope Nail Design

Gold Nail Designs

Image from Nailsby_tony

19. Elegant Rose Gold Nail Idea

Gold Nail Designs

The nails are painted with a glossy finish, and the designs are sophisticated and glamorous too. The nails are painted with nude polish, the accent is solid glitter of rose gold, and others are decorated with small gemstones.

20. Creative Gold Ombré Nails

Gold Nail Designs

The beautiful blend of the neutral and the gold polish is beautiful and may require someone with some experience.

21. Glitter gold with Nude Polish

Image credit @nailsbypaulin

22. Henna Tattoo Inspired Nail Art

Gold Nail Designs with henna

Source: riyathai87 – instagram.com

Henna tattoos are quite popular and we see them now everywhere. Here is how you can incorporate these tattoos into your nail art. The matte polish with the black henna is stunning and the gold glitters.

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