24 Gorgeous Emerald Green Nails For The Winter

Looking for an elegant nail color to enjoy all year round? we found the best emerald green nails for your next manicure. These Emerald green acrylic nails will have you feeling elegant and chic. Matte emerald green nails are among some of the most elegant color designs to choose from.

Although these nails look great for any season they are perfect with your winter outfits. These gorgeous green nail designs are perfect for the winter holidays and spring season.

What makes this color so interesting is the sophisticated look it gives. If you are ever feeling like rocking an elegant look, emerald green nails

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are at the top. It goes so well with most colors also, some gold, white, and a dash of black polish and you are ready without any over the top colors.

Long or short green nails are so pretty and will leave everyone talking. Green is a timeless color and looks flattering alongside any skin color as well. These timeless nail designs will last a long time, beyond the holidays. Green Christmas nails are a holiday special but these will go beyond this.

Gorgeous Emerald Green Nails

In this article, I have gathered both ideas to help you in getting inspiration as well as have press-on nails to save you the hassle. These press-on nails can just be put on immediately and are also great for the girls who enjoy doing it themselves.

Press-on nails are very affordable and will save you money from those pricy weekly manicures. These nails are so lovely, you can even add some glitter and they become gorgeous New Years Nails.

Most of these nails are going to be shoppable so if you see something just click on the retailer link or image. Also if you are just looking for inspiration we got you covered. You can save and pin the images you like best for future interest.

Deep Green Gold Flakes Marble Print

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This nail design features three different nail art. Plain matte green on three fingers, the ring finger has a black and white marble design and the index finger has a clear base with gold decals.

Amazing Shiney Green Chromatic Design

Shiney Green Chromatic Design

Image from mejzi

The next design is dazzling, done on coffin shape nail which is in right now. Long nails have more room to make an interesting design.

Different shades of gel Green Hue

Different shades of gel Green Hue

Gel nails are some of the most popular types of finish. The next example we have are these different types of green hues. We love the simplicity of this design without moving away from the theme.

Pretty Matte Multi Color

Matte emerald green, black and white marble

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This is an elegant way to style your manicure. This design is one of my personal favorites because I feel it can go with anything.

Trendy Earthy Tones

Matte emerald green nails

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Fashionable nails with neutral colors and green that a lot of people will love. We are in the neutral era so for many ladies this is worth trying out.

Cute Swirly Patterns

Emerald green acrylic nails

Image from @labeaute4

With swirls in three different green tones that complement each other. These emerald green nails are just elegant and gorgeous.

Accent Design with Clear and Gold foils

Accent Design with Clear and Gold foils

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Emerald green nail designs with accents that help the style stand out even more. I love how you can shop these to save time or try recreating the design.

Gold And Green

emerald green acrylic nails

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We love the simplicity of this next look, the design is lined with gold foils to help elevate the design. We think it’s a job well done goes well for the professional ladies.

Stiletto Green Marble Nails Design

Stiletto Emerald Green Marble Nails Design

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Marble manicures you can’t live without are some of the most elegant designs you can choose. We love that this design speaks for itself.

Dark Forest and Marble

dark green nails

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I love the square shape nail art and they offer you a lot of space to create design. The color tone is lovely and can go all year round.

Sharpe French Tips

green frenc tip nails

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Choosing something classy such as our next option, the design features green French tip nail art.

Touch of Gold with Marble Finish

Touch of Gold with Marble Finish

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Up next are these stylish and delicate nails with gold and marble finish. The design is unique and will fit every complexion.

Give a little shimmer

Emerald green acrylic nails

Nail from Nailart4u.com

Shimmer is always a plus for nails when you want an easy way to stand out.

Animal Print Nail Art

green and animal print nails

These beautiful nails by fabysnails 

If you are looking for a beautiful and eye-catching design, these are top picks. These emerald nail art are alongside animal prints that complement each other well.

Cute and Sweet Touch

Emerald green nails

Our next emerald green nails are stunning and choosing a matte finish is a top elegant choice.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Shop these emerald stones here

These nail art are quite pretty the extra large rhinestone alongside tiny ones. We love the almond shape design they work for everyone and the shape is practical too.

Extra Long Coffin Nail Designs

Extra Long Coffin Nails

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Next up these amazing nail art with design, patterns, and rhinestones.

Mermaid Colors

Green mermaid nails

Emerald Green nails with shades of purple, glitter, rhinestones, and studs. The colors and tones complement each other so well.

Emerald Green Nails with Plaid and Flowers

Green Plaid and Flowers

Beautiful green Christmas nails from @nailedbycleo

Pointy With Chunky Glitters

Pointy glitter stiletto green manicure that you have to try someday.

Short Natural Look

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Short mani can be quite charming such as these, with simple designs, with clear patterns and green.

Long Coffin Nails

Emerald matte n plaid

Plaid and matte emerald pattern design nail art.

Glossy with Gold

Glossy with Gold

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Chrome Ombre and Black

Chrome Ombre and Black

Get these metallic foil here

green & gold

green & gold

Image via @nailsbypaulin

What To Wear To Match Emerald Green?

Emerald green is a bold and beautiful color, and it can be tricky to know what to wear with it. But don’t worry, I’m here to help! Here are some tips on what to wear to match emerald green:

  • Neutrals: Emerald green looks great with neutral colors like black, white, and beige. These colors will help to balance out the boldness of the emerald green and create a more classic look. For example, you could pair an emerald green dress with a black blazer and nude heels, or an emerald green top with white jeans and brown sandals.
  • Other jewel tones: Emerald green is also a great color to pair with other jewel tones, such as sapphire blue, ruby red, and amethyst purple. These colors will create a bold and glamorous look. For example, you could pair an emerald green skirt with a sapphire blue blouse, or an emerald green blazer with ruby red pants.
  • Metallics: Emerald green also looks great with metallic colors, such as gold, silver, and bronze. These colors will add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your outfit. For example, you could pair an emerald green dress with gold jewelry, or an emerald green top with a silver necklace and bronze clutch.

Here are some specific outfit ideas for matching emerald green:

  • For a casual look: Pair an emerald green t-shirt with white jeans and sneakers. Or, try pairing an emerald green skirt with a black tank top and sandals.
  • For a work look: Pair an emerald green pencil skirt with a white blouse and black blazer. Or, try pairing an emerald green blouse with black slacks and nude pumps.
  • For a night out: Pair an emerald green dress with gold jewelry and black heels. Or, try pairing an emerald green top with leather pants and a statement necklace.

No matter what your style is, there’s a way to wear emerald green that looks great on you. So don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it!

Which of these emerald green nail designs are you thinking of saving? I know all are beautiful so feel free to save as many as you want for any occasion.

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