20+ Trendy Short Gel Nails To Copy

Trendy short gel nails are pretty stunning and can be cute for all women. When it comes to these I especially love summer nail art with a gel finish when looking for something cute.

Short summer nails with a playful design can brighten your day. Nails come in all shapes and lengths so why not embrace your love for short nails?

Get manicures to use gel-based nail polish, which requires UV light to dry. These types of nails usually last longer so worth the effort getting.

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If you are looking for good manicure investments these don’t usually chip like regular nails. Usually, you have to go to professionals to get gel nails but I have also gathered some pre-made ones on Etsy.

Also, we have tips on how to remove gel nail polish at home. Now let us get into this post.

Short Natural Gel Nails

Short Natural Gel Nails

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Choosing a natural nail design is not only cute but they are elegant and worth getting. If you want a design that can go with any other clothes in your wardrobe these are a great option.

Cute Pink and White Nail

cute pink and white nails

The design on this nail is unique and pretty. These lovely cute short gel nails is not only stunning to look at but memorable.

Gel manicure short nails

Trendy Short Gel Nails

Image via kbpamperme

Rainbow nails are so cute who doesn’t like these summer short gel nail ideas. Choosing colorful summer nails is not a bad idea when you want something popping.

Short Classy Nails

Short Gel Nails

The creamy soft pink nails are super cute and they complement any skin tone. If you want a feminine manicure you could consider these short pink gel nails.

Summer Smile Heart Face Design

Summer Short Gel Nails

I love smiley face nails and they are popular, especially in the spring and fall. They simply bring joy to whoever sees the,m.

Summer Short Gel Nails

Short color full summer gel nail designs, with interesting patterns and bold colors.

Fun Summer Gel Nails

summer gel nails

These nail art designs have a playful and engaging vibe to them all. Each nail carries its own design which is quite a popular trend in modern nail designs.

Bright Yellow Gel Short Nail Designs

gel short nail designs

Ever consider yellow manicure? A mix of bright yellow nail polish and other flower nails.

Orange Summer Gel Nails

orange gel short nail designs

Orange may not be at the top a few years ago but this color is now a hot trend. We love orange and this simple design is easy to copy.

Pink Ombre Gel Nails

short cute gel nails

Short cute gel nails that you can wear to school and will not be breaking any dress code. This design even the younger pre-teen can take part in.

Some Sparkle

cute short gel nails with silver

Image via amyjoynails

I love sparkle nails and these would make lovely New year nails. You should use a base coat to help make your gel polish last longer.

Halloween Inspiration

cute short gel nails with bats

Image @ninanailedit

These next looks are cute Halloween nails that we can all enjoy. The short nails embrace the season but still maintain a cute aesthetic.

Pink and Silver Accent Nail

short pink gel nails

Light pink nails with a silver accent design to add personality. Short nails are gorgeous when they are done with colors that work well together.

Doodle Nails 

cute short gel nails


That childhood thing you love doing in your notebook? here is how you can recreate those on your nails.

A minimalist Feel

simple short gel nails

Image betina_goldstein

The most trendy nail designs can be as simple as this one. The minimalist nail and ideas have been a trend for the last few years.

Trendy Outline Nails

cute short gel nails

Madeline Poole / @mpnails

I don’t know if you have tried these yet but they can be really lovely. Creating a contrast with dark outline around your favorite color.

French Manicure

This is a modern black and gold version of the french nail design.

Multi Color in Almond Shape

gel short nail designs

These short almond nail designs are giving us pure inspiration for our next short nails manicure mix n match colors. Be inspired by these nails and save them for your next nail appointment.

Black and White

gel short nail designs black and white

Image from @id_nails_space

I love black and white nails because of the elegance they have. The glossy finish makes these nails even more special.

Orange fruit Press on

gel short nail designs

I love these because they are girly and pre-made.

Pretty Soft Design with Rose

gel short nail designs

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The look is so sweet and the rose giving me cherry blossom. Choosing these are your spring or summer short gel nails.

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