16 Dragon Spine Tattoo For Woman

Dragon spine tattoo has to be some of the coolest body ink. Beautiful looks that are totally awesome, you will find both feminine and mixed larger ones. Different shape dragon back tattoos to get that will be super eye-catching.

Get a tattoo of your favorite dragon, style and size, and colors. Some people are fascinated with the G.O.T. mother of dragons in some anime. So if you are considering a dragon spine tattoo keep scrolling.

1 . Dragon Spine tattoo for Woman

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Dragon spine Tattoo

Image from @brush_tattoo

2. Dragon tattoo with Pink flowers

This next design is quite graphical, a nice unisex tattoo idea. This tattoo would look good in a spot of blue or green ink as well. You should consider some flattering colors for your design.

Dragon Spine Tattoo

3. Black Ink dragon spine Tattoo

This next tattoo looks as if the dragon has scale, the artist was really detailed. I love how this look and it is one of my top favorite.

Dragon Spine Tattoo

4. Very Large tattoo

Creative dragon spine tattoos

beautiful back dragon tattoo

5. Dragon tattoo on the upper back

Some people prefer their tattoos on the upper side of the body. This is done on the upper back and I think it is placed perfectly.

dragon tattoo on the back

6. Dragon Back Tattoo

This reminds me of the great dragon in my childhood anime Dragon Ball Z. If you are or were ever an anime fan.

dragon back tattoo

7. Tattoo on the lower back

So those who like their tattoo lower can be seen when wearing a mini top. This is quite a popular choice for younger girls.

dragon back tattoo

8. Chinese Red Dragon Tattoo on Back

A red dragon Chinese writing tattoo is a top choice. Dragon tattoos in red ink are beautiful and this one looks great.

red dragon tattoo on back

9. Dragon and Tiger on Back

The next tattoo has a little more color as well. In orange and black it stands out and in fact, looks unique. The dragon and the tiger are fighting.

japanese dragon back tattoo

10. Pokémon With a Small Ring

This dragon back tattoo female features some of us childhood characters. I love how the dragon is at the top and has a very long tail down the rest of the spine.

dragon back tattoo female

11. Dragon tattoo on dark skin

This next design has the dragon more on the upper spine and the Japanese words below it. Japanese dragon back tattoo on dark skin that looks bold and glam.

Dragon tattoo on dark skin

12. Amazing Design with Details

This dragon design is on fire and it is quite unique also.

Dragon tattoos for women

13. Dragon tattoos for women

This next option is quite large and full with beautifully detailed finish.

Dragon tattoos for women

14. Japanese dragon spine tattoo

I love tattoos with all black inked like this next Japanese dragon spine tattoo. The design is not only bold but it’s amazing.

dragon spine tattoo

15. Small Red Dragon

I like this next one a lot and it is perfect for girls that don’t want extra large tattoos. A little tattoo can be just as effective and it is also good for those who can’t handle too much pain.

red dragon tattoo

16. Lots of Flowers

We have this next dragon tattoo with a lot of flowers that pull popular elements together.

flowers and dragon tattoo

Which of these tattoo ideas are you willing to try? They are all beautiful and although they are painful to get they are kind of worth it.

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