22 Dark Purple Nails to Elevate Your Style Game: From Classic to Edgy

Purple nails mean you are right on trend with these fabulous nail colors. The dark purple nails will give a certain regal feel without sacrificing your femininity. The stylish color has made its way into many of our hearts in the last few years.

Doesn’t matter what style you choose with purple nails you will always be in the trend and your nails will stand out. These nails make perfect prom nail art and another occasion also.

Purple is a diverse color choice for nails, can be light and delicate or dark and bold. Choosing purple nails means you are planning for any occasion. Choosing your design to match your personality.

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With over thirty selections here you will well be on your way to finding that perfect design. Whether it’s for a night out, work, or play these ideas won’t fail you.

Remember your personality and outfit will play a part when choosing your design. For a romantic night out and a serious look, maybe darker shades of purple will suit you more.

If you are looking for something fun a cute then choosing lighter shades of purple can bring that out. You can be as creative as you want with your entire outfit and design. You can complement your nails by mixing your wardrobe colors up. Play around with colors such as white, pink, and black, and even go bold as yellow.

Best Dark Purple Nail Ideas

Fade Pink into Purple

This design fades from pink at the tip to purple and a lighter shade at purple. This overall color design is cool and interesting all on its own. The color combination is so beautiful. A perfect example is that your purple nails will look against colors such as pink.

Fade Pink into Purple nails

Source ; neon.aholic.nailz

Dark Purple Nails Mix

Nails on fleek with mixing your design with other elements and colors. Pink, glitter, and royal purple come together so nicely. Gold rhinestones and gold tape down the pink nail make such a difference.

dark purple nails

Spooky Deep Purple Nails

Wanting something for the spooky season, rich purple nails with webs and rhinestones? Fabulous nails designed for a costume party that you can actually pull off all spooky season.

deep purple nails

source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBDhi0Hy9TI

Metallic Purple Nail Art

Dare to try some metallic designs? These types of nails are usually good for clubbing raves etc. You can choose to do these on long or short nails that will look good on any shape of nails.

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Metallic Purple Nail Art

Cute Purple Nail Design for Wedding

Wanting something elegant for a wedding? This nail design is just right for that. A bride or bridesmaid would be a suitable choice.

purple nail designs

Purple and Gold Nails

Trendy nail design for stylish women who are bold and confident. Purple plays well with gold and black so play around with the different colors. This nail design has a different design on every finger. The nail shape design is good for these types of designs. With multi-colored ideas and styles to compliment the purple.

purple nail designs

Color mixing Deep Purple Nail Designs

Sometimes it is hard to choose which color you really want to go with. Sometimes you have to meet in the middle of your favorite colors and shades. These turn out great so why not give it a shot?

deep purple nails

Source: sonailicious_boutique

Dark Purple Nails With Glitter

Adding these chunky glitters on the nails makes them appear edgier.

Dark Purple Nails With Glitter

Dark Purple Nails

I love how these look, stylish but modest and sleek. If you are looking for a fabulous manicure that stands out give this simple one a try.

Dark purple almond nails

Purple Galaxy Nail Design

Purple nail designs with interesting feel, sure this makes you think about space more.

Purple Galaxy Nail Design

source beautystudionika

Jeweled Coffin Dark Purple Nails

Adding a little bling to your nails can help elevate a flat look. We love that the rhinestones create accent-type nail art.

coffin dark purple nails

Beautiful Bold Ballerina Nails

Coffin dark purple nails such as these are pretty and the different textures such as marble look alike, matte, and neon compliments each other.

Beautiful dark purple nails


Cute Lilac Purple Nail Designs Ombre

This cute witchy design is good all year round. If you want something fresh this little interesting design is worth trying. Gold stars on purple ombre sky perfect execution of color blends.

lilac nail designs


Deep Lilac Nails with Chunky Glitter

Up next a subtle touch of glitter could elevate your design, on the tips of your nails or a single glitter accent nail like this one. These looks can make your dark purple nails stand out.

lilac nail designs

Black and Purple Nails

Glossy black nails that fade into a deep purple. Nail care is important so don’t forget to add your cuticle oil.

black and purple nails


Simple Gorgeous coffin purple nail designs accent

Mauve’s shade of purple is sophisticated and elegant without much effort.

coffin purple nail designs

source https://www.instagram.com/p/Boagfohlzdy/

Spooky Christmas Nails

Creepy acrylic nails are most popular during the fall season. You can save these so when that time comes around you can show these off.

Spooky Christmas Nails

Pointy Nails With Skull Design

Skull nails are spooky and we love these. The naila rt features black and purple matte nails, glitter ombre, and a nail that features a skull head. So if you are looking for a dark purple nail art then this is worth trying.

black and purple nails

source Via Nails_bylily

Long Square Nails Ombre Pink into purple nails

Purple to pink ombre with chunky glitter. Circle, stars, and moon glitter. These extra-long coffin square shape nails are not for everyday wear but whenever you do they will stand out even more.

dark purple nails


Royal Purple and Glitter Design

Another design that would make a nice fall nail design choice. Here is Inspired-beauty.com we appreciate it whenever we can get a short nail design that is not boring. We love how these are perfect for everyone, they dazzle, and they are charming and unique.

dark purple nails


Elegant Nude Purple Nails

Dark nude purple nails are chic and you can see from this next idea. The design features three solid shiny purple nails and two with a nude base and purple tips.

Elegant Nude Purple Nails

Coffin dark purple nails

Shope these on Etsy

Dark purple nails are elegant and a truly mature and feminine color to choose from.

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