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21 Acrylic Nail Coffin Designs

21 Acrylic Nail Coffin Designs

Acrylic Coffin Nails

When getting your next manicure you can show your favorite picture to your stylist. Instagram has made coffin nails even more popular , this trend is going no where too fast. Its usually hard to grow your nails long enough to get this style so Acrylic is one of the best option.

1. Acrylic Coffin Nails Perfect for wedding

acrylic nail coffin

2 . Nail Stripping ideas

acrylic nails coffin

3 . Matte nails

acrylic nails coffin

4. Black Mate

5 . White Acrylic nail coffin with touch of silver

6. Yellow Spring/summer fun nails

acrylic nails coffin

Nails from @nicolethain_nailtech   , @jennxonails  , @_professionails_

7 . Long Yellow Coffin Nails

acrylic nails coffin

8 . Red Acrylic Nail Designs

9. Long Glossy nails

10 . This next design is good for falls

acrylic nails coffin

11 . Beautiful Luxury nail idea

Acrylic coffin nails

12. Long baby blue Coffin Nail

coffin acrylic nail designs

13. Formal looking dont you think?

14. Long Nails with gems

acrylic nails coffin

15 . Black blue with ring accessories make it pop

acrylic nails

16 . Acrylic Nails Coffin

acrylic nails coffin

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17 . Video

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18 . Long Green , black and glitter, I love this!

acrylic nails coffin

19 . Many Shades of pink and glitter

20. Long White and glitter nail design

acrylic nails coffin

21 . Solid color acrylic coffin nail design

acrylic nails coffin

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